Corner Desk

Just like their name suggests corner desks are desks which made to fit nicely into the corner of a room.  Why would you want to put your desk in the corner?  To save space!  Corner desks allow you to use a part of your room that is normally overlooked.  They can be a lifesaver, especially for students in dorms or anyone else dealing with space restraints. Some people just prefer the coziness of working in a corner! Whatever your reason a corner desk is a great way to go.

Some Other Reasons To Choose A Corner Desk

Handsome Good Looks

Corner desks can be really gorgeous. They can easily match and complement your existing décor and can really work in any room of the house whether it’s the home office, kitchen, den, or bedroom.  Anywhere there’s a corner they can function to bring beauty into your home.

Corner Desk

So Convenient

Whether used for your laptop, full sized computer, writing, homework, studying, reading, or gaming, corner desks work unbelievably well.  They can also double as a great looking accent piece and work double duty as a vanity, end table, or just a convenient place to put some picture frames and work as a desk if you need it to or not.

They’re Very Affordable

Because they are smaller than other types of desks they are also much cheaper.   For this reason corner desks are a favorite for parents purchasing a study desk for kids and teens along with anyone just looking for good value.  It’s easy to find top of the line desks which are fantastic quality for way less than standard models of other types which is always a bargain.

Corner Desk

The Many Faces Of The Corner Desk

Whether you are looking for something just for writing or to be used as a computer desk, there are quite a lot of options to choose from.  Unlike other desk type of desks, corner desks are unique in the fact that they are conveniently built in a triangular shape so that they can fit directly into any corner.  They are also often times marketed or described as small corner desks because they are smaller in size than many other varieties of desks including l shaped desks which are also sometimes used in corners.   Regardless of what you call it however a corner desk is the best choice if you don’t have too much space as they provide a very compact work area that won’t get in the way and are available in many of materials, styles, colors, and types. For example:

A Wood Corner Desk

As with most other desks, wood is always a popular choice.  However, there are many different wood options.  The cheapest corner desks are made from particle board with a plastic laminate on top that looks like wood however for a little more money you can find some gorgeous looking desks that are very durable.  Most of these will have sturdy solid wood legs and a desk surface made from heavy duty particle board with an attractive wood veneer.  Some are so good looking that you can’t tell the difference between them and ones which are all solid wood and can really make for a fantastic looking piece of furniture.

Corner Desk


There are many different woods and finishes to match any décor and every personal preference.  Oak corner desks with their clear finish for example, can really portray a sense of natural beauty.  There are even desks made from bamboo!  Finishes like cherry and espresso are also very common.  Black corner desks are also extremely popular as they can look very upscale.   And for someone who likes more of an antique style, a white corner desk could be the perfect addition to any room of the house.

Corner Desk

A Glass Corner Desk

For those looking for a modern corner desk, glass is a fantastic choice.  These are normally very simple in design and look both sleek and high-end. The majority will have aluminum or metal legs which can also really add to their good looks but when combined with a thick glass desk top makes them really sturdy.  While most are clear, you can also find frosted and even black glass if that’s what you prefer. Even though glass corner desks don’t usually offer as much storage as wooden ones that is part of their simplistic modern appeal.  Some glass desks even have unique looking curved designs.

Corner Desk

Corner Desk Storage Options

Other than material, how much storage you need will also determine what desk you purchase.  Many modern versions like ones made from glass may have only a writing surface with no storage. However most will have at least a single shelf underneath to store books and office supplies. Many of these are ideal for someone who does not need too much storage and will be using their desk to write, pay bills, or use with a laptop. The Ikea corner desk shown below has more storage than average.

Corner Desk

A corner desk with drawers is another option and one which can help to keep your things organized.  Many drawers can hold your keyboard inside and even have a drop down top to make typing easy. Some desks have a front section with legs on wheels that roll out and allow you to place your keyboard on top of the front drawer as opposed to inside of it.

Corner Desk

If you need more storage and want to maximize your workspace to its full potential a corner desk with hutch could be the answer for you.  A hutch can be placed right on top of the desk surface and will give you extra compartments for your things and can often be used as a base or stand for a computer monitor as well.

A Corner Computer Desk

While many corner desks can accommodate a computer, a computer corner desk is designed to handle not only a computer monitor but all of the accessories that go along with it. At the very least they will have a sturdy shelf underneath to safely hold the CPU tower and a keyboard tray. Others have space for a printer, speakers, wires, and much more.

Corner Desk

Because they are meant to be used in the corner this means that their storage will be vertical as opposed to horizontal which is both below and above the writing surface of the desk.  For this reason they are also sometimes called tower computer desks.   Sometimes they are also advertised as small computer desks as they are not as large as l shaped desks which are also sometimes used in corners. While they might be small when compared to the width of other desks many are up to six feet high which can equal a surprising amount of storage space.  Corner computer desks can also have quite a decent sized surface area to do work on even when already using one computer monitor and sometimes two!

Corner Desk

A  corner computer desk is not only a superb idea for a home office, small apartment, or bedroom but also for dorm rooms where students don’t have too much space and will need to be using their computer.  And they can be used for writing, gaming, studying, or as a work desk.  They are also available in the same materials as standard corner desks, so there is quite a variety to choose from.

A Kids Corner Desk

If you are looking for a kids corner desk you will find that the vast majority are actually corner computer desks.  These really make fantastic functional gifts for children and grandchildren that will be used daily for homework and will keep their computer and its accessories all in an organized manner many with room to spare for books, picture frames, toys, and knickknacks.  Of course their compact size is also a great solution for children with smaller rooms that could not fit a larger size desk too.   One of the best features of kids corner desks is that they are also often available in many different colors which kids love, even pink.

Corner Desk

A  Large Corner Desk Might Be What You Need

Sometimes a larger desk and workspace is needed.  If this is the case you might need what’s called an l shaped desk.  Like their name suggests they are shaped like the letter “L” as opposed to a triangle and are made up of two rectangular pieces.  Because they also fit very well into corners and are large enough to be used for office work they are also sometimes called corner office desks.  This type of desk allows you to utilize your space in an efficient way yet have a work area which is very big.

A large corner desk will actually provide multiple areas to work on depending how they are designed and set up. Some people choose to use one side for their computer and its accessories while the other is used for writing and other tasks.  Another option is to place your computer in the center thus giving you both the left and right side spaces for other things.

Corner Desk

As with small corner desks there are different materials to choose from. The cheapest option being composite wood while the most expensive and luxurious are l shaped executive desks made from solid wood which can be unbelievably stunning.  Glass is also a popular choice and always makes for a very modern corner desk.   And you can choose from all types of different storage options as well from ones with almost none to ones with shelves, file cabinets, and tons of extras.

Large corner desks can be an excellent choice for someone who needs or prefers more space to work or uses multiple computer monitors at the same time for their job.  They are also a smart way to utilize one space for use as a desk for the whole family especially with multiple computers and there are many models that are made specifically as computer desks making them extremely convenient for both your computer and all its accessories.  For this reason they are very popular with gamers as well. But, because they are larger, they are also typically more expensive than normal corner desks.

Corner Desk


By choosing to go with a corner desk you will finally be able to make the most out of any space.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a cramped studio apartment, child’s bedroom, or dorm room these desks are designed to work in any corner. Incredibly convenient and unbelievably inexpensive you can’t go wrong with a space saver like this!

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