L Shaped Desk

An l shaped desk is a desk made up of two rectangular pieces that forms a shape similar to the letter “L”.  And it is this unique shape which gives them a wide array of advantages when it comes to creating a large work area.  With a host of different options, styles, and materials, l shaped desks can help anyone to have the space they need while being convenient to use, and looking great.

The Top Reasons People Choose An L Shaped Desk

Make Fantastic Use Of Corners

As a result of the “L” shape forming a ninety degree angle it makes them a really smart choice for use in a corner.  This means that you will be able to use your space much more efficiently and also allowing you to free up some floor space you would not have been able to otherwise using a standard desk.  These desks work so well in this application that they are often referred to as large corner desks or simply just corner desks although there is a smaller triangular shaped desk that goes by this name as well.

Double The Work space

L shaped desks can often times give you double the space of other desks or more.  This is because of the fact that you have two long surfaces to work on, one on either side, both left and right.  Extra space is often a necessity for certain professions and also for different areas of study.  Anyone who needs to use more than one computer monitor at a time is dealing with large plans, projects, or drawings should consider one of these.  Sometimes it’s also just nice to have a bigger area to work with regardless of what it is used for.

Extra Room For Computers and Accessories

Not only can you use an l shaped desk for multiple monitors, but also for all your computer accessories.  There are even l shaped computer desks that are made specifically to do so with extra convenient features.

More Storage

Many desks also provide much more storage than you would be able to find with other choices.  Depending on the model you choose this can include drawers, cabinets, shelves, and more.

L Shaped Desk

An Excellent Option When Sharing

While many l shaped desks are big enough that two people can use them at the same time, they are often an easy choice for families or couples that need to share a desk at different times.  The extra space allows for more than one computer and the storage lets more than one person keep their own personal work and supplies accessible too.

Their Attractive Appearance

With many different materials and styles there are a large number of really nice options to choose from which can significantly add to the look, feel, and beauty of your home or office.  From composite wood with appealing veneers or laminate, to more modern glass desks, or even high end l shaped executive desks made from solid wood, beauty abounds.


Typical Sizes

L shaped office desks can vary in size.  Just like the letter, “L” they may have one side which is shorter, and one side that is longer. It really depends on the specific model.  Lengths typically range anywhere from 60”-72” for the longer side and anywhere from 48”-58” for the shorter.   Some have two sides which are equal in length, if this is the case often times that means both sides are 60” in length although again it depends on the model.   If you are looking for a small l shaped desk there are ones that are more compact and usually below 55” in length.   An l shaped computer desk is always another option as well as some are pretty compact too. Just remember that if you are going to be using your desk in a corner it is always a smart idea to measure the dimensions of the space you have available first so as not to purchase a desk which is too large or small.

L Shaped Desk

Common Materials


The most common desks are made from composite or engineered wood with a laminate or veneer surface.  This could be the best choice if you are looking for a cheap l shaped desk however prices can really vary. While a very inexpensive one may be around $150 they often run up to a few hundred dollars depending on the model, brand, and how much storage they include.  They are much lighter and easier to move than desks made from solid wood and many are very attractive looking.  Most solid wood options fall into the executive desk category.

With all sorts of natural wood finishes from light to dark finding one that adds to the look of your space is not difficult at all. Finishes like oak, alder, cherry, cappuccino, and espresso can easily match any existing wood décor you already have or just make a statement by themselves.    Some are even a combination two different finishes.

L Shaped Desk

Black l shaped desks are always an extremely handsome option and are probably the most commonly purchased color desk for the home office because of this reason.  Many times you can also find composite wood desks that are a combination of black and a more natural looking wood finish as this can be strikingly good looking and also the contrast of the black can really work to bring out the color of the wood.

A white l shaped desk is also a very stylish option.  These can easily match most home décor and offer a nice change from other more natural looking wood colors.  They also make a top choice for any modern themed home or office.

 L Shaped Desk



Another fantastic alternative if you are looking for a modern l shaped desk is glass. Their simple yet functional design can look incredibly stylish and also very upscale.  Glass l shaped desks don’t have the storage that other choices normally do, but that is what modern style is all about, being sleek and uncomplicated.   They also tend to be lighter in weight than wood making them easier to move.

L Shaped DeskDon’t think that glass desks are only clear, because you can also choose from frosted and even black glass.  Most will have a metal frame and legs, usually powder coated steel which is normally silver, black, or white.  However some desk may use plastic or wood and quite a few glass l shaped desks even have a metal frame and wooden legs which can be a very good looking combination.

Extra features like beveled edges can also really add to the beauty of the desk.  Some desks are also made from tempered safety glass which makes them an even stronger option and much safer if they were to break.

L Shaped Desk

Extra Storage

While some desks may provide enough storage for your needs others may not.  A simple solution is often an l shaped desk with hutchA hutch is a storage solution that is placed on top of the desk to give you an extra space to store things but also easy access to them. They are perfect for office supplies, books, picture frames, and knick-knacks of all sorts. Hutches can really range in size and what they offer. Some are small and have a few shelves and cubbie holes while others are much larger and will provide much more storage including cabinets (many with gorgeous glass panels), multiple bookshelves, cubbie holes, and more which means room to keep a lot of supplies.

L Shaped Desk

Hutches are made from solid or compressed wood and will come as part of a set that is made to match.  Or you can purchase them separately but make sure you do so from the same company as your desk and preferably and model which is specifically made to go with it for the best result and look.  An l shaped desk with hutch is often a great way to go because it is usually a much cheaper option than purchasing other types of separate storage.  It is also offers a smart and efficient way to save space by providing storage vertically on top of your desk as opposed to taking up extra floor space in the room as a file cabinet or set of drawers would.


Other Options

An L Shaped Computer Desk

All l shaped desks can be used with computers.  But, some are designed specifically for them and their accessories.  Desks of this type will be advertised as l shaped computer desks or l shaped desks with workstations.  They can be made from all the same materials as other l shaped desks and they don’t need too many options to qualify as one either.  Typically if an l shaped desk has at least a keyboard tray it can be called a computer desk.  This is because of the fact that these desks have so much space they can easily accommodate printers, speakers, and multiple monitors without a problem so they don’t need to provide too many extras because they have so much space already.

L Shaped Desk

This is especially true of modern looking glass desks which will at most have a key board tray, maybe a raised monitor shelf for easy viewing, and sometimes a CPU stand so you don’t have to keep your CPU directly on the floor. Many wooden ones will have a storage cabinet for your CPU along with a keyboard tray and raised shelf but it depends on the model.  An l shaped computer desk with hutch is a great choice if you need extra storage. But, these are only available for models made from wood and not glass.

L Shaped Desk


Yet another choice is an expandable l shaped computer desk.  Ideal for someone who likes the shape of these desks but doesn’t have the space for a larger one, they make for an excellent small l shaped desk that can be used in many convenient ways and in places where a full sized one would not fit.  Despite their compact nature they really have a decent size space for your computer and its accessories and usually also have a large bottom shelf too.

L Shaped Desk


An L Shaped Executive Desk

Probably the most luxurious looking of all the l shaped options is an l shaped executive desk.  These are also one of the most expensive as they are usually made from solid wood, are very heavy, and extremely attractive.   Many have ornate carvings and are perfect for professionals as they portray a look of high class and authority along with a very large work space. There are also many made from heavy duty engineered wood which are also very handsome. While executive desks made from engineered wood are not as lavish as solid wood they are less expensive and much lighter in weight which can be very handy such as the Sauder l shaped desk shown below.

L Shaped Desk

 An L Shaped Reception Desk

Because of their configuration l shaped desks make for excellent reception desks as well.  There are quite a few alternatives depending on what your specific needs are.  Many people choose to go with a standard glass l shaped office desk as they can look so modern.  An executive l shaped desk could also easily work as a reception desk because they are so impressive.

L Shaped Desk

While these can function as reception desk you also have the choice of purchasing one which is made specifically for the job. L shaped reception desks will normally feature a riser which adds to the height of the front of the desk.  Some will also have a transaction counter on top of the riser and many will also come with a set of drawers.

L Shaped DeskL shaped reception desks are usually longer in length than standard l shaped ones, usually around 71  inches and sometimes much more. Quite a few are big enough for two people to use at the same time. Depending on the size and the material they can cost anywhere from five or six hundred dollars on the low end to well into the thousands and can help a lasting impression on your clients, customers, and guests.

If you are in need of a large work area, want to use a corner to it’s full potential, need more space for accessories or storage, or just love the look and feel of having a desk surface on either side of you, an l shaped desk is an unbelievable choice.  And with special types made specifically for computers and even reception areas they really are incredibly versatile too. An l shaped desk always makes for an attractive and intelligent use of space regardless of where they are used.

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