Mirrored Desk

We all know that mirrors reflect, however this trait is only one of many which makes them one of the most unique and visually stunning materials to work with inside the home.  This is particularly true when used on furniture.  Many homeowners don’t even realize this is an option and overlook one of the most attractive and functional choices of all, a mirrored desk.

Why A Mirrored Desk?

There are many reasons to choose mirrored desk furniture over other styles and types. The best of which are:

-It’s Luxurious

A mirrored desk is one luxurious looking piece of furniture.  No matter in what room it is placed, or what function it is given, it will serve to add a sense of elegance and class to any space.

-It Often Looks Much More Expensive Than It Is

Like with any type of furniture, prices can vary.  However, one of the best things about a mirrored desk is that no matter what you paid for it, it will almost certainly look as if it cost much more.  And in many cases, much, much, more.

-It’s Incredibly Versatile

Whether you are looking to portray Hollywood glam style, something more classic, modern, or something in-between, it doesn’t matter.  A mirrored desk will go fabulously well with any style room or décor.  It also goes with any and every color scheme, and is gender neutral so it could work just as well for a man’s desk or a woman’s vanity.

Mirrored Desk

-It’s Timeless

You won’t have to ever worry about your mirrored desk going out of style because that is impossible.  It’s a timeless piece of furniture that will be just as chic today as in countless future years, no matter what styles are popular.

– It Can Add Light To Any Space

A mirrored desk can add light to any space unlike any other type of furniture can.  That’s because it actually can be used to reflect light into the room.  Many people choose one just for this reason alone.  There are many dramatic ways you can use this feature by the placement of your desk to increase the light in the room, how sparkly your desk looks, etc.

-It Can Be Used To Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Their ability to reflect and thus bring light into a room is a simple way to help create the feeling of more space, and doesn’t require knocking down any walls to do so. A mirrored desk can help to open up an otherwise cramped space or room as a whole by the light it brings in and also by the reflection you see when you look directly at it. This reflection of your flooring or whatever is opposite the desk, can trick your eyes into thinking you are looking into a much deeper space than is obviously there.   Don’t worry this won’t make a large room look enormous, but will definitely help a much smaller or narrower one feel larger.

Mirrored Desk

-It’s a Great Conversation Piece

Because they look so stunning, mirrored desks are always an instant conversation piece.  That plus the fact that they are just not seen as often as other types of furniture, means your guests will be instantly drawn to admire your elegant and light reflecting desk!  Prepare for many compliments.

 Types Of Mirrored Desk Furniture

Unlike with other types of desks there is not a huge range of styles when it comes to mirrored desks.  While the majority of desks are mirrored on all of their surfaces even the legs, some are only partly mirrored and incorporate other materials such as wood trim or an antique silver finish, it depends on the model.  Tinted mirrors and beveled edges are also options too.  The one thing to watch out for is the fact that even though a mirrored desk may be marketed, labeled, or advertised as serving one function such as a vanity desk for example, most can be used for other functions too.  Mirrored desks are also commonly described as mirrored consoles, mirrored console tables, and mirrored accent tables.  So be sure not to overlook one you like if it is not described as exactly what you are looking for. What’s being sold as a mirror accent table could almost always be used as a writing desk or vanity too.  Think about what you need, and if the product can work and the dimensions fit, go for it!

Mirrored Desk


A Mirrored Vanity Desk

Probably the most popular of all uses for this type of furniture is as a mirrored vanity desk or sometimes called a mirrored desk vanity.  Most often they are used in the bedroom or many times even a walk-in closet.  They make an absolutely perfect choice for anyone who wants a gorgeous looking desk to use when applying makeup and keep their cosmetics stored in a neat and organized manner.  Some of the best mirrored vanity desks like the best-selling one shown below are advertised as mirrored consoles.  A good one will have at least two large drawers below the desk top for you to keep a ton of makeup, jewelry, and odds and ends.

Mirrored Desk

There are also many which have more; normally this will be two narrower ones on each side of the desk and one wide drawer in the center for a total of five.   Although not as common sometimes you can find a mirrored desk vanity with drawers on top of the desk as well. Many drawers are actually velvet lined which makes them ideal for storing valuables and delicate items that need protection from being scratched or damaged.

Purchasing one of these is a smart idea if you already have a vanity mirror.  This is usually the cheapest way to go.  Or of course you could always buy your mirrored desk first and then get a matching mirror later, it’s up to you.

If you don’t already have a mirror yet, another option is to go for a 3 piece vanity set which includes a vanity, mirror, and bench.  While there aren’t many with surfaces that are mirrored as much as a mirrored vanity desk you can still find some really sensational looking sets that have mirror panel insets on the counter top of the vanity.

Mirrored Desk


A Mirrored Writing Desk

A mirrored writing desk can be phenomenal looking addition to any home office, bedroom, or really any room of the house.  And one which is not just for show but functional just like a normal desk would be, only much more attractive and lavish looking.  Just like with a vanity, depending on whether you need a little or lot of storage, there are desks which start with two drawers and up.  Some mirrored writing desks can even portray a very traditional style.  The one in the picture below uses antique silver scratch-resistant mirrored panels along with gold and silver leafing and graceful cabriole legs to create desk which is royal in appearance.

Mirrored Desk


Again, just because it’s not described as mirrored writing desk doesn’t mean you can’t use it as one.  All consoles can be used as desk and should have more than enough room for you to fit your lamp, computer, and more.


A Mirrored Desk Makes For A Glamorous Accent Table

Another really smart way to use a mirrored desk is as an accent table. You will actually see when shopping around for a mirrored desk, that most models will have photos of the desk being used in this way.  Why? Because it looks fantastic!  Because they can help to really open up a space, any entryway or foyer can make the ideal spot for one, especially if they are in need of some light.   Hallways as well can benefit immensely from using a mirrored desk particularly ones that are narrow or where other furniture pieces could not fit.  The living and even dining room can work extraordinarily well too!  Using one to complement other mirrored furniture always works too, and they make a unique bedside table which can always be used as desk if need be.   You can also place flowers, books, pictures, candles, sculptures, decorative bowls, antiques, or any number of accessories on top to display, it’s up to you.

The Top 3 Accessories To Go With Your Mirrored Desk

A Ghost Chair

Anything clear goes incredibly well with all mirrored furniture and a ghost chair is just that. Whether you choose a mirrored vanity desk or writing desk you will need a chair, and clear is one of the most attractive ways to go.  Because you can see right through it, it will not block your view of your desk as other types of chairs would, and won’t block the light it reflects either.   It’s really a win-win solution.  It provides sturdy seating, adds to the beauty of your desk and other decor, and doesn’t block its light or reflection in the process.  They are also just incredibly stylish looking!

Mirrored Desk

An Acrylic Makeup Storage Organizer

This is another clear option that won’t take away from your mirrored vanity desk, but add to it.  And of course it is a super functional and easy way to store your makeup and even jewelry.  The fact that you can instantly see where everything is will save you a ton of time whenever you sit down at your vanity to put on your makeup.

Mirrored Desk

Other Mirrored Furniture Of Course!

Mirrored desks obviously go great when paired with other mirrored furniture.  There are all types of mirrored drawers, cabinets, and tables for you to choose from.  Not only that but you can also use furniture that is partially mirrored,has mirror accent panels, or use mirror tiles to match your desk.

Mirrored Desk

Regardless of what you use your mirrored desk for, you’ll be sure to be amazed with the look, light, and reflections that only mirrors can bring.  Elegance, function, and stunning good looks along with the many other features of this special type of furniture will no longer just be words but what you experience on a daily basis.

3 Extra Mirrored Desk Furniture Tips

-Always be sure when screwing in knobs and drawer handles that you don’t do so too tightly as this is the most common way to crack the glass on the drawer panels.

-Another thing you need to remember if you are putting your desk together at home, is to always protect the face of your desk when adding the legs.  Putting it face down on the floor even on carpet without using a soft blanket or sheet as protection, can sometimes lead to scratches and scuffs. This never feels good especially if it could have been easily avoided.

Mirrored Desk

-Don’t forget to use its biggest asset: its reflectiveness, to your advantage.  Be sure to try your desk in different spots in the room to see how you can play on the different reflections created, you will often times be very pleasantly surprised with the end result!

Able to complement any style room a mirrored desk will add an unmatched sense of elegance wherever it is used. Timeless and versatile it will even add light to your space or make the room look even bigger if that’s what you need.  There really is no other  type of desk as unique,reflective, and glamorous.  Best of all with looks and functions like these you’ll always be guaranteed to get more than you pay for.

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