Feng shui is the Chinese belief of harmonizing the elements of the surrounding environment. This belief has ancient Chinese roots but has recently found its way to the western world. Today everybody wants peace and harmony and even office spaces are not safe from the feng shui master. The great thing about feng shui is that there are basic principles that everybody can follow. These are so easy even those who are uninitiated can do them. Let’s start small. Here are some simple ways to feng shui your desk:

Position Your Desk

The best way to start is by positioning your desk in a strategic location. According to the masters, the best position for your desk is to have a commanding view of the door, a beautiful view out a window and a solid wall behind you. A commanding view of the door gives you authority. If possible place your desk on a diagonal across from the door. If there is a window behind you, place a plant to give you stability. It is also important to have a good view you can look out to. If you don’t have a view, avoid blank walls or a chaotic view. These will contribute negatively to your work. According to the experts a blank wall can lead to lack of ideas or missed opportunities. Chaotic views obviously lead to chaotic thoughts.

Arrange Your Desk A cluttered desk signifies procrastination and mental confusion. De-clutter your desk not only to get thoughts flowing but also to make work flow efficiently. The items found in your desk should be the ones you use every day. If they are not used daily, put them inside drawers and cabinets. It is also best to hide wires and cords.

Many masters suggest the 9-point grid but in order to simplify, focus on these three things. The back left corner of the desk represents wealth and prosperity. This spot should target abundance. Place a plant or something of value like a jar of change or a working computer. The fame portion of the desk is located on the top center. Put your business cards, name plate or motivational images in this area. It’s cliché to have a family picture on your desk but this practice is actually in-line with feng shui principles. The perfect spot for family is on the middle left side.

Desk Size

Your desk size should be proportional to the size of the room. It should not be too big it dwarfs the whole space or too small it becomes insignificant. Choose a small desk for a small room to make reaching for things easier. A  large desk conveys power and productivity but it should not be too big that you can’t easily reach for things you need.

Desk Color

According to feng shui experts, color plays a great role in harmonizing your office space. A white desk can energize the mind. A black desk on the other hand can move energy down and in and encourages introspection. Choosing muted desk colors increases mental focus while bright colors activate the mind.

Using the quick and easy tips above, anyone can add some peace and harmony to a place many of us need it most, our desk and work space. Applying only one or two of these may be all you need to experience tranquility!
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