Folding Desk

Realistically it is not always convenient or practical to have a large heavy desk.  In fact more often than not, a desk which can save space and is easy to move is much more desirable.  A folding desk can makes work, studying, and play much more convenient, comfortable, and affordable.

The Top Reasons To Choose A Folding Desk

-Make Anywhere Your Office

The fact that the majority of  folding desks are portable can be a huge advantage over other types of desks, tables, and other work surfaces. It allows you the option of being able to work anywhere you like and make any room in the house your office.  You are no longer limited to a single space, which many times does not have the best view or feel to help you become inspired and more productive. For example you could enjoy the morning view of your garden but then maybe in the afternoon switch it up to a different spot.  It’s up to you!  You can even use one when on the move, as they are also the “go to,” choice of many RV owners, vacationers, and business people who travel.

Folding Desk

-The Best Gift For University Students and Young Professionals

Every student and young professional needs a place to work, study, and use their computer when at home.  However, the vast majority of young people will end up moving quite a few times which can be incredibly be not only costly if you have a heavy desk or work table, but can risky to deal with on your own as you could not only damage your desk but even worse hurt yourself trying to move it.  A folding desk makes things simple, just fold and go!

-The Look Of More Permanent Furniture Without The Price Tag

Luckily many folding desks are so attractive they allow you to be able to own furniture which look and feels like much more expensive than permanent options.  Many models, especially ones made from wood, can look very luxurious and really work to accent or complement any space.  This means you can enjoy both their function and their beauty.

Folding Desk

-Perfect Answer For Vacation Homes

If you own a vacation home, cottage, or condos a folding desk could be your perfect furniture solution.  The fact that many are portable and of course foldable means you can easily store them away when leaving for the season and open them up again when you come back.  This along with the fact that you can really find some good looking pieces that look much more expensive than they are means you won’t have to drop a ton of cash to furnish your second home.

-Sizes and Types For All Needs

There really folding desks to fit every need whether you are a working professional, student, young child, or anyone else.  And also in many materials to match your décor, style, and preference.  From folding laptop desks to ones mounted on the wall you are sure to find one that not only fits your needs but that you love.


Folding Desk

-Easy Storage Means Less Clutter

While some people don’t have the space to deal with a full size desk, others just don’t want to deal with the clutter they know will be sure to accumulate on it if it is left out.  These problems are both easily solved because folding desks can be kept under the sofa, bed, in the closet, or even under an existing table or desk.

-Not just For Work

Folding desks are not only for working, they can be actually ideal for many other activities and uses as well.  Many models make an excellent choice for use as a table for eating dinner while watching your favorite TV or a movie with the family.  A folding desk also can be used for gaming consoles and even as a TV stand.

Folding Desk

Folding Desk Options:

A Folding Office Desk  / Folding Writing Desk

While the term folding desk can encompass really any type of desk that has the ability to fold usually it is used to describe a folding office desk or folding writing desk as they considered to be the same thing.    Almost all of these are made from wood.  There are many very attractive 100% solid wood options like beechwood  for example.  You can also find a variety of finishes from the natural color of the wood itself to warm brown, espresso, and even darker depending on your taste.  A great feature of many of these is that they come fully assembled so you won’t have to waste any time on your hands and knees putting them together.   And of course the most important thing is that they can quickly and effortlessly be stored away usually by flipping the top of the desk back and folding the legs inward.   When folded desks are normally only a few inches wide which is ultra-convenient for storage. Some even have lockable wheels to make storage even easier.

Folding Desk


A Folding Computer Desk

To be considered a folding computer desk there are no strict requirements which means that many of the desks that are advertised as a “folding desk with a pullout tray” could really be considered to be a computer desk too.  So if you are searching for a folding computer desk don’t overlook one which is not advertised as such, as many folding writing or office desks might be just what you’re looking for.  Many folding office desks even have extra shelves underneath that would easily fit a computer tower or any other equipment.


Folding Desk


Folding computer desks are usually made from wood or wood with a steel frame, but also sometimes other synthetic materials too.  The main advantage of purchasing one is that it is specifically designed to provide space for your speakers, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and more.  Many allow you to use your mouse right on the desk without any pad.   While some folding computer desks don’t have as much room for writing as a folding office or writing desk, many can be even lighter in weight and more portable than other varieties.   Just like other types of folding desks, a folding computer desk often will come pre-assembled so you can start using it, or store it away right out of the box no tools needed.  While some desks require the top to be taken off to be folded (which is very easy) others don’t it just depends on the brand and model.


Folding Desk


A Folding Laptop Desk

A smaller way to go especially if you are going to be using a laptop or tablet is a folding laptop desk.  Most of these are also made from very handsome looking woods and have lockable hinges to keep the desk legs secure.  These are a very popular option for many other uses besides work, such as a tray for eating while watching TV because they are not only bigger than other TV tray options  but are more stable and classier looking. They are also fantastic for kids who like to draw or do homework while sitting on the couch and are made to fold up very slim so they can slide right under your sofa or bed.   Many people use them for all of these things.  Portable and functional is always convenient whether in the home, on a trip, or somewhere with limited space.

Folding Desk


A Folding Lap Desk

Folding lap desks are the most portable and inexpensive folding option and that also makes them the most popular.  You can use them in your bed, the car, while sitting on the couch, floor, or even outdoors.  A folding lap desk can also make an excellent standing desk when placed on top of another table or desk top.  They are also ideal for placing on top of low coffee tables or desk surfaces which you would normally have to bend down to work which can saving you a ton of back pain.   Folding lap desks are also always a smart backup desk for when you are stuck sick in bed but don’t want to lose out on a day’s work.

Folding Desk


There are many different types, colors, styles, and materials to choose from as this group has the widest selection.  While some desks have legs that fold under others have ones which fold up on either side of the desk surface, it all depends on what you prefer.

Some are made specifically for laptops and tablets and will have ventilation holes to keep them cool. A few even have built in fans to do so. This type of folding lap desk is perfect for reading books and travelling and the majority are made from aluminum alloy.  The best are lockable in many different angles and heights to allow you to work comfortably and safely wherever you choose to do so.  If you need more room to use a mouse, there are also detachable mouse pads you can purchase as well.

Folding Desk

A storage folding lap desk lets kids enjoy the perks of having a portable surface to write, draw, and play on too. Because they are usually made from plastic they are lightweight and easy to clean. The top can open for safe storage of all kinds of items including papers, notebooks, pencils, crayons, and more while the legs fold under for easy storage.  And course young students or anyone else can use a small folding desk like one of these too for any number of school, work, or fun tasks.

Folding Desk



A  folding bed tray can also work exceptionally well as a lap desk.  This is because quality ones are sturdy and easy to clean.  They also can just be gorgeous!  And you will always have the option of using it  for it intended job which is to allow you to eat a meal comfortable in bed.


A Wall Mounted Folding Desk

A wall mounted folding desk also called a folding wall desk is yet another brilliant choice for anyone who needs a desk but has limited space. Like the name suggests they are mounted to the wall so they aren’t portable like other types of folding desks, but you won’t have to store them away anywhere either. There are some really stylish and functional desks to choose from particularly what are called fold-out convertible desks.  This type is usually made from wood and fold out to reveal a desk top sometimes with legs, and some models even include handy items like shelves, bill organizers, drawers, and even corkboards to post photos and important reminders. When you are finished the desk simply folds up into a chic looking wooden storage box on the wall.

Folding Desk


There are also many wall-mounted desks that are even simpler in design with just a desk or table top that folds up or down depending on the brand or model. They come in many different materials even polished stainless steel.  Some are marketed as both desks and tables because they can function as both while others are called drop-leaf folding tables. The Ikea folding desk below is a good example.

Folding Desk


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a something small to travel with, a more permanent desk, or a surface which could double as a table, folding desks are the answer.  So get ready to save some space, reduce your clutter, and stay comfy, because having a desk doesn’t have to mean big, bulky, expensive, or stationary.  A folding desk is your solution for freedom.

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