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Desk accessories come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and functions.  They can be anything from tape dispensers to letter trays but they all have one thing in common, they are made to make your life easier.  We compiled a list of the most commonly searched for categories of desk accessories to help give you some ideas and hopefully find what you are looking for. But first be sure to read the tips below before checking out these outstanding products.

5 Quick Tips To Help You Find The Right Accessories Fast

Keeping the following 5 tips in mind will help you to narrow down your search very quickly by weeding out the desk accessories which don’t work for you.

Think About Function

Probably the most important factor is function. What job do you need it to do? Maybe it’s just to make you smile on a stressful day, for some serious storage, or both. Decide first on what you need the accessory to do for you and choosing will be much easier.

Think About Your Décor

Certain colors, materials, and styles obviously go best with others.  Accessories can actually really go a long way in making your work space more attractive. So look around you and think about what would go well with your desk and work area or office.

Think About Size

Not everyone’s desk is the same size and neither is every desk accessory.  Honesty look at your space and decide what size accessories your desk can handle given what you’ve got.  You might need something to keep your things organized but that can only take up a very small amount of space or you might just prefer or need larger desk accessories. While most are made to be pretty compact anyway, being realistic about how much space you have will save time in shopping and having to return an accessory which is too big.

Desk Accessories

Think About Yourself

Take a few minutes and think about what you like.  Your desk is a place you will most like spend at least a few hours a day if not more.  Why not choose accessories that make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired.  Do you like fashionable accessories, ones that remind you of nature, or ones that are your favorite color? Everyone is different.  Thinking about what you like or what you know works for you as an individual and choosing accordingly can make you way more productive and also happier in general.

Don’t Think Too Much

Don’t be paralyzed by thinking too much about what to buy.  The majority of desk accessories, even the most expensive ones are relatively cheap. It’s not like buying a car. So don’t be afraid to make a mistake.  Make a decision and if it doesn’t work on your desk then at least it will help you to narrow down what you’re looking for even further. Plus, you could always give it to someone else in the office!

So here are the top desk accessories we found for the categories most people are looking for:

Office Desk Accessories

A Mesh Oval Supply Caddy

Every desk needs a place to keep pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, paper clips, and other small tools that are used daily.  A sturdy metal caddy makes this a cinch with multiple divided compartments that are mesh so they are easy to see through and also very attractive.  Having a spot on top of your desk which is always at arm’s length where all your necessary supplies are kept, means you’ll save time and frustration.  Another great feature is that they are so compact that they leave such a small footprint on your desk (take up so little space) which can be very important especially as the work day progresses and your desk gets even more crowded.  Very inexpensive especially for the daily value and use they provide they also are perfect for students.

Desk Accessories


A Mesh Desk Organizer

To keep your desk clear of files, papers, folders, notebooks, binders, and books which would all take up a large amount of space on your desk top a mesh desk organizer is an easy solution. Not only will it free up space but keep these items organized too.  By using a combination of both vertical file organizers and horizontal letter storage you get the benefit of being super space efficient.  And metal mesh is sturdy enough to hold even heavy textbooks and binders.  They also can be used to store your tablet and make one of the best desk accessories for teachers who need to keep class papers separate and in order.


Desk Accessories


Cool Desk Accessories

Quirky Cordies

Not having your cables organized can lead to annoying tangles and even damaged cables which means having to waste money purchasing new ones.  These not only keep your cables separate and damage free with their rubber grip but are also heavy enough to prevent them from falling to the floor when unplugged, which as anyone who uses any type of cables with their desk knows can be a problem they deal with daily.  The best part is you can use them with any type cables like:  power cords, USB cords, audio cables, phone chargers, internet cables, and more. You can also choose from quite a few cool looking colors too!

Desk Accessories


A Mug Warmer

Having a hot cup of coffee or tea always on hand can be a lifesaver especially for the sleep deprived.   Not having to get up and go to the microwave or make a new cup will add up to a lot of saved time especially over the course of a few months.  This gives you more time to stay focused and on task all with an added caffeine boost of course!  All you have to do is place your mug on the warmer and it will stay just as hot or warm as when you poured it, and all day long.  A mug warmer is one of the coolest desk accessories despite the warmth it creates because it is so functional that it will be sure to get used every day. After having one many people feel like they can’t get by without it and it’s actually quite common to purchase more than one for the office and home.

Desk Accessories


Cute Desk Accessories

A Cat Post-It Dispenser

Anyone who uses a lot of Post-It notes knows that they need a good dispenser, so why not make it a cute one?  An adorable cat like the one shown below makes for a great gift for anyone who loves cats, uses a desk daily, just appreciates cute desk accessories, or all three.  Heavy enough to stay in place when pulling out a single note, it can also double as a paperweight.  The cat will automatically hold out the top note for you to use at all times, just remember though that for it to work it requires Pop-Up Post-Its which are connected like an accordion as opposed to the traditional variety.


Desk Accessories



A Gogroove Pet Penguin Speaker

So cute and so functional, these are also available in other delightful little creatures like koalas, owls, pandas, tigers, and polar bears.  You can use them with your computer, smart phone, tablet, mp3 player and more by simply plugging them into the headphone port.  They can be powered by USB or three AAA batteries and their LED base lets them function as a night light as well.  This means that not only are they a great desk accessory for adults but for kids also.  In fact if you do purchase one for yourself you’ll most likely end up purchasing one or more for your children as soon when they see how cute it is.  Their small size also makes them really portable and very handy for trips.


Desk Accessories



Desk Accessories For Women

A Purse Post-It Dispenser

Any woman who loves fashion or purses will go crazy for this one.  With a crocodile print this 3” x 3” durable hard plastic dispenser is sure to please and makes an easy “go to” gift for co-workers, friends, wives, and of course yourself, if you are female.   It really looks like the real thing. Using accordion style Pop-Up Post-Its, this little dispenser will have a note conveniently ready to be used at all times and is heavy enough that it won’t move when you pull out a note and can definitely works as a paperweight if you need it to.

Desk Accessories



A High-Heel Shoe Tape Dispenser

Available in quite a few colors and styles, this makes the perfect pair for the purse dispenser above.  It also is a gift any woman with a desk will appreciate for sure, particularly if they are a shoe fanatic.  Kids and teens also really enjoy these.  Very inexpensive, there is no reason to go for a traditional tape dispenser if you love fashion and are looking to instantly add some stylish décor to your work space.  Because they are manufactured by 3M you know they are excellent quality and will last for at least a few years. When it comes to desk accessories for women this one is hard to beat and sure to receive a ton of compliments!

Desk Accessories


Desk Accessories For Men

The NFL Riddell Mini Speed Helmet

This 5” tall mini helmet complete with interior padding and chin strap, will make any football fan proud to show his team pride in the office.   Not to worry as they are available for all teams in the NFL.  These would work perfectly on a desk but also for office shelves, and of course the man cave at home.  And don’t forget the kids or grand kids if they are football fans.  This mini helmet is actually manufactured by Riddell who makes the full-sized helmets for the NFL which guarantees you are getting a fantastic replica in one of these.  Simply choose your team and enjoy.

Desk Accessories



A Stress Buster Desk Top Punching Bag

Sometimes work can be extremely stressful and it feels like you just need to hit something, and now you can.  You can relieve your stress instantly with a few blows to this mini desk top punching bag.  Suction cupped to the desk it will bounce back when you hit it, so you can keep on going if you need to.  A desk top punching bag is a fun and possibly necessary desk accessory for a high stress office environment and will probably mean co-workers will be visiting you so they can have a whack also.  While typically it’s been one of the top desk accessories for men; women can enjoy this one too.  Don’t let bad meetings, obnoxious customers, or impossible deadlines ruin your day, simply release your stress on this and get back to work.

Desk Accessories



Fun Desk Accessories

A Hand Cell Phone Holder

Losing your cell phone amongst the items on your desk is annoying! Having a cell phone holder eliminates this problem and when it uses two hands to do so it’s also fun.  These hands will hold your phone when charging or just to keep it safe. And because your phone is up off the desk and in your field of vision you will be able to clearly see who’s calling.  It can also hold any other hand held device or even business cards.  This holder can work for both men and women, kids and teens, and is heavy enough to work double duty as a paperweight too.

Desk Accessories


A Mini Trash And Recycle Can Set

When normal organizers seem a little boring you can always opt for fun desk accessories like these.  Able to hold all your pens, pencils, and small items you use daily, these cute cans even have lids and wheels.  Whether for adults or kids they are a fun option and a nice change from the ordinary.  Many people even use them to throw away small items and scraps or they could be used with kids doll houses and garbage truck toys as well.  Regardless of what you choose to use them for they will always be a conversation starter because they are just so fun and useful.

Desk Accessories



Modern Desk Accessories

A Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

This #1 best-selling lamp looks amazingly sleek and modern.  At the same time it uses 75% less energy than an incandescent lamp which equals savings in electricity, and the bulb’s lifespan is 25 years.    With 5 levels of brightness and 4 lighting modes: reading, study, relax, and sleep, it is engineered to provide the perfect amount and type of light for each activity. It even has an auto-timer and USB charging port so you can charge other devices. The compact foldable body has a wide range of motion and will take up very little desk space which enables you to use it even in tight spots.  All of these features also make it a very popular bedside lamp as well and an overall excellent buy.

Desk Accessories


A Rolodex Laptop Stand

Modern desk accessories are often simple in design and so is this one.   It works without a fan to keep your laptop cool with its ventilated fine gauge metal mesh platform.  Because you can adjust it to many different angles it can help prevent neck fatigue and allow you to see your keyboard much more clearly.  This also means you can adjust it to a setting that is much more comfortable for you when typing as opposed to having your laptop flat on the table which many times can cause wrist pain,  while also keeping your laptop much cooler in the process. Rolodex always makes fantastic quality products that are made to last and this no exception.

Desk AccessoriesAcrylic Desk Accessories

A Clear Acrylic Desk Top Organizer

Clear acrylic can make for some remarkably lovely organizers if they are heavy duty and thick like the one shown below.  Being clear really makes them appealing because it’s possible to instantly see the items inside and know where they are, no looking around and shuffling things about is needed.  For this reason acrylic makeup storage containers are unbelievably popular, and this organizer can be used for makeup too!  While most often it is used on the desk to keep tablets, phones, books, magazines, papers, pens, pencils, and phones many people use it in the kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom to store any number of things such as remotes, makeup, eyeglasses, and unpaid bills. This one also saves quite a decent amount of space wherever it is used because the storage is vertical.


Desk Accessories


An Acrylic Double Letter Tray

Another acrylic option is a double letter tray.  Why use one? Because it can match any décor, looks very high end and functions to keep your paperwork in order.  The one shown below manufactured by Kantek is thick and tough. It also has non-skid feet to keep it firmly in place and can be both stacked and used as two separate trays for whatever your individual needs require. Like all acrylic desk accessories it provides the looks but in a simple way.

Desk Accessories

Unique Desk Accessories

A Desk Top Aquarium

You won’t need to leave your desk anymore to relax with a desk top aquarium.  Instead your work space will be transformed into a place of natural beauty.  Not only will the sounds of the water soothe you but you can work in view of your underwater pets at all times.  The Tetra Crescent Aquarium kit shown below comes in both three and five gallon sizes.  It includes everything you need to get started like 16 LED lights and a Micro Whisper Filter.  With a curved front you’ll have a panoramic view of your underwater world all day long.


Desk Accessories


A Fanimation Retro Desk Fan

While standard desk fans are hardly unique desk accessories, retro ones are.  And really high quality ones like the model made by Fanimation are even more so.  This fan is not only a work of art for your desk, office space, or home but a very high quality machine that will keep you cool for years to come. Because the craftsmanship is so outstanding and it so closely exemplifies Art Deco style you will be asked many times if it is actually from the 1940’s.  Available in both bronze or matte white it has 3 speeds, oscillates, and can be wall mounted for further convenience.

Desk Accessories


Pink Desk Accessories

A Pink Calculator

Everything is cuter in pink and that means calculators too.  It’s actually pretty remarkable how the color of any ordinary desk accessory can change its appeal,  and the pink calculator below is a perfect example.  It’s adorable and really works to add a girly feel or a much needed dash of color to any space.  Kids and teens particularly love these and they always look amazing when used in children’s bedrooms that also have pink bedding or other pink decor.  You can’t go wrong with big keys, a bold color, and a display that is easy to read.

Desk Accessories


A Pink Plastic Storage Clipboard

Some jobs require the use of a clipboard, so why not make it a pink one?  One with storage will open up to give you a place to keep extra papers, writing tools, tablets, and can definitely hold a lot despite their slim profile.  Purchasing a pink model also means you won’t have to worry about your clipboard being confused with someone else’s.  It will save time, keep your documents items safe, clean, and of course organized.   From young children using them to draw and keep colored pencils and crayons to professionals using them daily in a work setting pink plastic storage clipboards are a winner.

Desk Accessories

Gold Desk Accessories

A Set Of 6 Kate Spade Gold Dot File Folders

Talk about stylish.  There is no other color that exudes class as does gold and these folders look extra luxurious.  Why not have your files and papers look great and stay organized at the same time.  These Kate Spade folders will really add a sense of elegance to your desk and that makes them a superb gift idea for anyone who appreciates fancy looking desk accessories.  But they are not all looks as they are very durable too.  If you prefer another design Kate Spade also makes these folders with gold stripes instead of dots.


Desk Accessories


A Kate Spade Acrylic Gold Letter/Paper Tray

Kate Spade makes some really attractive looking gold desk accessories and this is another one.  Heavy cast acrylic makes for an extra durable product and when mixed with a little gold color it really looks fabulous.  It has non-skid feet to keep it firmly in place on your desk top while adding an elegant touch that no other standard tray can match.  To go along with this tray and the folders above Kate Spade also offers a gold: stapler, tape dispenser, paper clips, and pencil cup.

Desk Accessories


Purple Desk Accessories

A Purple Gel Mouse Pad With A Wrist Rest

There is nothing worse than dealing with the wrist pain from using your mouse and knowing you still have tons of work on the computer to do.  Using a mouse pad with a wrist rest will help prevent the problem before it starts, and is much more comfortable too.  Whether you work on the computer all day or just occasionally, you might as well do so with your hand in a relaxing position, and you definitely need to if you already are suffering from wrist pain.  An added benefit is the mouse pad is made from gel which means you won’t have to worry about peeling fabric and it’s a cinch to  clean because it is both water and stain resistant.  And the fact that it’s purple is not only visually appealing but will add a splash of color and style to your work area.

Desk Accessories

A Purple Stand Up Stapler

The top purple desk accessories are functional along with attractive and this one certainly is both.  Not only does it stand upright using less space on your desk but it is also 70% easier to use than a traditional stapler which equals less stress on the hands if you are doing a lot of stapling.   It can staple up to 15 sheets with one easy squeeze yet it is small enough that it can fit into any size hand.  You can also choose from green, blue, or black and gray.  This light yet powerful stapler really makes stapling effortless because it is spring powered.

Desk Accessories

Executive Desk Accessories

A Mahogany Desk Organizer

Executive desks are all about being top of the line and remarkably elegant which means that the desk accessories that go with them need to be as well.  If you have a mahogany executive desk this is for you.  A high end desk demands an organizer which can complement its beauty and this will do so, adding to the look of your desk and office while keeping your pens, pencils, papers, and other small items neatly contained and close by for easy access.  A wooden organizer like this one portrays a look of professionalism and class.


Desk Accessories

A Bonded Leather 6 Piece Desk Set  

Virtually everyone who owns an executive desk will also use a desk pad to protect it and make writing more comfortable.  This usually means purchasing one made from leather, as leather desk accessories always go particularly well with the luxurious look of these desks.  However instead of purchasing one individually you will often find sets available which not only include a leather desk pad but every item you need to keep you organized as well.  Sets are often the smartest option when it comes to use with an executive desk as if you were to mix and match different desk accessories from different brands and materials you would most likely take away from the look of the desk. You are far better off with a leather set as opposed to purchasing individually as you will be confident that each piece will match each other and be sure to go with your desk as well.  A bonded leather 6 piece set like the one shown below will include such executive desk accessories as: a desk pad, pencil cup, memo holder, letter tray, business card holder, and letter opener all made with leather.   

Desk AccessoriesFunny Desk Accessories

The Butt Station

Funny desk accessories always make great gifts for friends and co-workers.  The Butt Station is the perfect way to keep your desk top in order while making you smile.  The sculpted person is sitting on a toilet seat which is funny by itself but what makes it even more so is how he keeps your desk accessories for you.  As he uses his mouth to bite down and hold your pen, his hands are holding a roll of tape (his toilet paper) and his feet serve as the tape cutter.  His butt is actually magnetic and in the toilet bowl itself is a space to keep paperclips, which will automatically stick to his bottom for easy grabbing when you lift him up.  And, the back of the toilet keeps extra pens and a notepad handy.  If that’s not a funny yet yet functional desk accessory I don’t know what is!

Desk Accessories


A Prescription Coffee Mug

Many people would actually consider their coffee mug their most important desk accessory of all.  This mug is shaped like a prescription bottle.  And what do you think the prescription is for? Coffee of course, and it even includes the dosage you need to take and all the other important details.  Microwave and dishwasher safe this cup holds a full twelve ounces of black gold and is guaranteed to make any coffee drinker happy. As you could imagine these are always a big hit with anyone who works in a pharmacy or doctor’s office as well and can be used to hold pens and pencils too.

Desk Accessories


Personalized Desk Accessories

A Rosewood Personalized Desk Name Plate

Rosewood is known worldwide for its handsome dark color and highly grained look.  That makes it an impeccable choice for luxurious looking wood products and perfect for use on a desk name plate like this one.  There is no better way to make your desk unique than with your own name. And of course it makes you and your desk look really professional.  A name plate like this one would also really work with an executive desk.   If you need to buy a gift for someone who is hard to shop for here is your answer.

Desk Accessories



A Laser Cut Acrylic Personalized Desk Name Plate

Another option as opposed to a more traditional wooden name plate is an acrylic one.  Precision cut with a laser these can portray a very clean modern look.  Because they are clear they also work with any desk material and style office.  And acrylic makes for a tough material that won’t shatter like glass and looks just as upscale.  One of these could work just as well for a younger person right out of college as it could for the CEO of the company, as its simplicity adds to its appeal making it gorgeous yet not over the top.

Desk Accessories


As you can see there is a huge variety when it comes to the many types, styles, and colors of desk accessories. Whether it’s to help you relax, for some serious organizing, or because it’s your favorite color, there are accessories for every need.  A little shopping around and keeping the 5 tips mentioned earlier in mind can go a long way to making your desk a fun and neat place to work or study every day!

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