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The Ultimate Guide To Reception Desks

Reception Desk

A reception desk is a special type of desk normally in a waiting room, lobby, or in front of an office, that is used for anything from greeting customers, answering the telephone, and scheduling appointments, to dealing with transactions. This makes them one of the most important pieces of furniture in any business. There are plenty of different desk options, styles, materials, and sizes to meet any and all needs required.

An Incredibly Important Investment

A reception desk is unlike other types of desks in that not only is it used for work, but it also is like the face of your company. Depending on where it is situated it is normally the first thing customers and clients see when they walk in the door. And because it is the hub of interaction between employees and those customers and clients, it will make an impression.

And it is up to you what that impression will be. A good looking reception desk conveys professionalism, success, and generally a business or company that people would want to do business with. Therefore it is a wise idea to think of one as an investment, because it really is one.

Reception Desk


Questions To Consider

What Type Of Business Is It For?

The type of business it will be used for will greatly determine the reception desk you choose in style, function, and material. This is because different types of businesses generally have different requirements as for the look and atmosphere they need to create. For example a reception desk in a lawyer’s office probably should look upscale while for a home based business it wouldn’t have to be as high end.

But of course it is always up to the business owner or company and what atmosphere or look they want to ultimately portray. Just like each business requires a different type of atmosphere and look they also each will be using the reception desk in a different way. So it is very important to know exactly what functions the desk will need to perform so that it can do so properly.

This will make things easy for customers and employees alike and save many future headaches. Will it be a place to keep many files, exchange money, have clients sign documents, or simply somewhere for a receptionist to sit and answer the phone? Knowing what it will be used for will help you to quickly decide what features your desk will need.

Reception Desk

What Is The Size Of The Space It Will Be Used In?

As with any type of office or home furniture, the size of the space it will be used in will also be a factor. If you have a tiny office a really large reception desk probably won’t work so well as it will overpower the space. Just like a small reception desk in a very large room might not be very visually appealing either.   The best choice is always to create a balanced look. So make sure you measure your space and purchase accordingly.

What Will Be Its Primary Functions?

Just like each business requires a different type of atmosphere and look they also each will be using the reception desk in a different way. So it is very important to know exactly what functions the desk will need to perform so that it can do so properly. This will make things easy for customers and employees alike and save many future headaches.

Will it be a place to keep many files, exchange money, have clients sign documents, or simply somewhere for a receptionist to sit and answer the phone? Knowing what it will be used for will help you to quickly decide what features your desk will need.

Reception Desk

What Is The Style And Décor Of That Space?

You always want your reception desk to match your décor and the style of your space. If you are planning an office, what will that style be? Will it be modern, classic, or something else?  This will also influence the material and style of desk you choose. If you are adding a desk to a room that has décor already, make sure the desk matches it and the existing style of the room.

A reception desk that works with your room and décor will make both the room as a whole look fantastic and really allow your desk to standout at the same time.

Where To Purchase

When it comes to actually buying a reception desk you have a few options. Because they can often be a major purchase, you are of course best off always looking for a good deal. Looking in the newspaper you can sometimes find an ad for a “Reception Desk for Sale”Sometimes this can mean quite a lot of savings if it is from someone who has gone out of business, especially if they have not had the desk for very long.

These are definitely worth checking out but often can be hard to find. Also you should be wary of buying a used reception desk in an attempt to save money if it doesn’t completely match you décor as you don’t want it to take away from the look of your business.

Reception DeskThere are sometimes deals to be had at furniture stores if the desk is on sale. However the best place to find and purchase a reception desk is without a doubt online. You can literally save thousands of dollars.  Another smart idea is to find the model you like online, then find a local furniture store that has it or one very similar and check it out in person. And if you like it, then buy online.

For very large desks, desks that are of unusual shapes or dimensions, and for desks which require special materials, you probably will have to get one custom made. By searching online you can easily find both local companies and ones nationwide that specialize in custom made reception desks.

Typical Reception Desk Materials


Reception desks with a laminate covering are the most inexpensive choice as laminate is not real wood. It is actually a thin layer normally made of plastic which is glued on to the fiber board beneath. However, it can be made to mimic the look of real wood and even stone.  It is also seen in solid colors too.

Most black reception desks along with white ones are using a plastic laminate covering. There are hundreds of different laminates on the market if not more. Laminate is also very durable, scratch and stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Reception Desk

Wood Veneer

Similar to plastic laminate, a veneer is a thin layer used to cover what is usually fiberboard; however it is made from real wood. Many people prefer a veneer simply because of this fact. And because it is real wood you get the look, feel, and charm of that wood. The best part is other people won’t know it’s not solid wood so you get the look without the price tag.

It is available in many different types of wood from the standards like oak and cherry to the more exotic. Veneers can have a clear finish if you like the natural color of the wood or can also be stained to almost any color.

Solid Wood

A more luxurious option is solid wood.  This is usually a combination of both solid wood and veneers. These are much heavier than ones made with a fiberboard base and much more expensive too. However as with all things in life you do get what you pay for and a solid wood reception desk will make any office look extremely upscale.

Other materials

Many reception desks also use other materials in combination with the more common ones above. Stone, metal, glass, leather, and even cement can all be a very attractive addition to a reception desk. These can be used on the face, sides, or counter.

Reception Desk

Typical Uses

An Office Reception Desk

There is a huge array of office reception desks. They can be literally any size, shape, and dimensions, especially if they are custom made, and from any material. However, the typical office reception desk is made for a small or medium sized office and is around 71”-73” wide. Most are made from fiber board and covered with either laminate or veneer.

These desks normally have a large workspace because of the many daily activities that a receptionist working in an office has, and to accommodate the accessories they must use. A typical reception desk has ample space for a computer, keyboard, phone, and should also have a grommet hole to neatly contain wires and cables. There is also usually enough room for desk accessories like organizers and of course files and papers that are in use too.

Reception Desk

Most office reception desks will also have a counter for transactions. This will allow clients and to fill out paperwork, hand in forms, and complete other tasks easily and close enough to the receptionist that they can ask questions or get feedback while doing so. The front panel which is supporting the counter serves as a privacy screen for the receptionist so that they can keep focused on the task at hand without clients in the reception or waiting area watching them.

Some manufacturers sell these as accessories which can be very useful for adding on to an existing desk and transforming it into a reception desk, however they are usually made for specific models that are made by the same manufacturer. While most people assume that this type of desk comes with storage the typical office reception may come with a set of drawers underneath but most don’t.

This lack of storage under the desk gives the receptionist a lot of leg room which is often actually necessary as they have to swivel and move the position of their chair while answering phones, reaching for files, and dealing with clients.

And of course you can always buy file cabinets and other storage options separately which can fit under, behind, or on the side of the desk if you need to. You can often buy from the same manufacturer as your desk to ensure they will match.

Reception Desk


A Salon Reception Desk

A beauty salon reception desk is a little different than one made for an office. First of all, salons are not nearly as conservative as corporations and private companies in their décor and therefore you’ll often see a really wide choice of desk materials and shapes as their owners are usually not afraid to be stylish and bold. Modern reception desks along with materials like metal, glass, and leather are all very common.

And while there are many circular and even typical office type reception desks used. you’ll also see ones with wavy lines instead of sharp straight edges and a whole array unusual shapes that push style to its limits. While they can really vary in design and material the typical salon reception desk however, does need a few key features.

In a salon, customers will be dealing with the receptionist or stylist who is working at the desk, and that means you will need counter space. The counter doesn’t have to be huge but should provide enough of an area for clients to rest their purse or belongings on while paying cash, writing out a check, or making a new appointment.

Reception Desk

A beauty salon reception desk will also need to have enough room for the employee to sit and schedule new appointments in an appointment book and or a computer. A keyboard tray is also something to look for as it can really free up a decent amount of desk space for you. Space for a phone and a grommet hole for electrical cords is also a must. Room for typical desk accessories and organizers is needed too.

Because customers are making transactions don’t forget a lockable drawer to keep all money, checks, etc. Many salon owners will also insert a till (some of which that also lock) like the one below into the drawer as well to their keep money organized and so that they can make change for their clients quickly and easily. A small lockable storage box might also be a good idea.Reception DeskSome salons also sell hair and beauty products. If that is the case you might want to look for one with a front panel made for product display. A cabinet with shelving inside, or at least a few shelves would also be a great feature to have in order to keep extra products on hand. You might also want to consider a matching wall shelf to display even more products or as a place to do so if your desk does not have the space.

Unlike other types of desks, beauty salon reception desks usually aren’t very big. And that’s because they normally don’t need to be.  Most are very compact, and made for one employee to sit. But there are larger ones available too. As a result of being made specifically for salons the majority will include most of the convenient features above and sometimes even more.

Some salon owners also opt for a reception desk with wheels so that that it is easy to move it and clean underneath. It’s up to you and your specific needs and preferences.

A Spa Reception Desk

Spa reception desks are actually very similar to salon reception desks. That is because a receptionist at a spa normally isn’t doing tons of filing or dealing with the same responsibilities as they would in another business.Reception DeskUsually a spa receptionist is answering the telephone, greeting clients and new customers, scheduling appointments, giving tours, and taking payments. This means that a spa reception desk doesn’t have to be too big at all. And they usually aren’t unless they need to accommodate more than one or two employees. Most easily have the desk space for all of these activities plus a counter for transactions, brochures, and for customers to lean on while filling out forms.

Just like with the ones used in salons they will need a lockable drawer for money but also for items that members or clients forget at the spa. Many spas also sell supplements and other products so a product display panel on the front of the desk might be a feature to look for if this is the case. And of course shelving or a cabinet behind the desk to keep extra inventory would be a plus too.

In fact the because they are so similar in what they are used for, spa reception desks are many times marketed as a “Beauty Salon/Spa Reception Desk,”. Desks used in spas are also usually very stylish and modern. They many times use materials like glass and metal in their designs and on the counter.

Reception Desk

Other Reception Desk Ideas

An L Shaped Reception Desk

Another option and one that offers more space is an l shaped reception desk. These are shaped like a capital letter “L” with two work spaces as opposed to only one, which are set perpendicular to each other. While some have two desk tops that are equal in length, others are made up a longer desk and a shorter desk.

The majority of desks are somewhere between 60″-72″ long however they can often run up to a length of around 92″, it really depends on the model. You can often times convert a standard type office reception desk into one of these by separately purchasing what’s called a, “reception return”. A return is the smaller side of an l shaped desk.

This could be a fantastic choice if you already have purchased a desk and realized you need more space. However, returns are specifically made by manufacturers as accessories for certain model desks so that they accurately match and fit, so it would be smart to buy from the same company that made your desk. Some returns will also include a file cabinet or drawers.

Reception Desk

Most l shaped reception desks come as a set so you don’t have to buy any other pieces. There will be a counter that runs from one end of the”L” to the other for any transactions that need to take place. They also will usually come with at least one set and possibly two sets of drawers for easy storage of files. Just like with other l shaped desks, a common setup is to have the computer and its accessories on one desk area and use the other for a work and writing space.

A Curved Reception Desk/ Round Reception Desk

If you are looking for something a little different a curved reception desk might just be the answer. Also sometimes called a round reception desk, they can really make a fantastic first impression. These desks are curved outwards and can look incredibly modern. They are very popular in salons, spas, offices, lobbies, and really anywhere that a reception desk could be used.

Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook these thinking that they will be too expensive because of their curved features. Luckily despite how costly some may look, many can be quite reasonable in price and even cheaper than standard type office reception desks, depending on the material and size.

Reception Desk

Curved desks usually come in a few different sizes. A single unit is made for one receptionist and makes for a small reception desk that is anywhere from 43”- 65” wide. A double unit is larger and normally somewhere around 120”- 135” wide depending on the model and can accommodate two receptionists. Three are even five unit desks which are really large and almost complete a full circle.

All  desks regardless of size will have a curved transaction counter that runs along the top of the desk. Because they can be so attractive, a curved or round reception desk is often the top choice of many businesses and offices as it really makes them look like they are very design and trend conscious. They can also add to a more laid back atmosphere and feel as opposed to a more traditional one which is something that you may be going for.

Yet another extra benefit is that they work tremendously well in corner spaces and can transform a boring square space into the focal point of the room. Many employees actually prefer to work at a curved desk because they find them much easier and more comfortable to maneuver around at as opposed to desks that are l or u shaped. A popular idea is to choose a curved desk with a wood veneer as it provides a modern design yet the classic feel of wood.

 Reception Desk

A U Shaped Reception Desk

A u shaped reception desk gets its name because it is in the shape of the letter “U”. Why is the “U” shape a good idea? Because, unlike most desks which provide one work space, or even maybe two, a u shaped reception desk provides three. This means lots of room. Most desks are anywhere from 88”- 128” wide depending on the brand.

But of course custom made ones can be even wider. This makes them ideal for a business with a large waiting room or reception area. However because they are physically larger than other types they are also generally more expensive. But like all reception desks the price will largely depend on the materials used. And they are available in all types of materials.

Most often a u shaped reception desk is set up so the base or bottom of the “U” is facing out towards the center of the room.  This looks very professional and allows the receptionist for maximum privacy. However some u shaped reception desks are designed or set up so that one side of the “U” is facing towards the center of the room and the other is behind the receptionist.Reception DeskMany times people will arrange their desks so that each of the three work areas has its own function. Usually this means one is for the computer and its accessories, another for a general workspace, answering the telephone and helping clients or customers, and the last one for files, and folders. But of course it is up to the individual needs and functions of the business.

The amount of storage can really depend on the specific model you choose. Many u shaped reception desks don’t offer any storage at all; this means you must purchase it separately. Others may include one or two sets of drawers, some shelves, and even a hutch. It depends.

All u shaped reception desks will have at least one counter. Most will have a counter that runs the entire length of the desk on all sides of the “U” shape. Some will have two counters while a few will have three individual ones. Like other reception desks the extension or panels on the front of the desk helps to give the receptionist privacy but with these they do so on three sides.

Reception Desk


A Modern Reception Desk

Modern reception desks are often the choice of salons, spas, and business that want to portray a stylish look. Known for sleek lines and simple function a modern desk can make a big first impression and really influence the style of the room along with its feel.

While many modern reception desks are curved they can also be l shaped, u shaped, or shaped just like typical office desk but with a more modern take. High gloss finishes are very common as is the use of glass panels and counters of all colors along with the use of many other materials like metal and sometimes wood.  Some desks even have glass have panels that are lit from the inside.

There are many companies which actually only focus on manufacturing modern contemporary reception desks. And while there is a ton of variety most often you will see desks of this style in white or black color, and sometimes both.

Reception Desk


A White Reception Desk

Luckily for anyone who likes the look of a white desk, reception desks have a lot to choose from. This is because of the fact that most other desks (office desks not reception desks) are really limited to only a few materials. But with these desks you have many more white options. The most common use a white laminate or a wood veneer that has been painted white.

Painted solid wood is another choice too. A high gloss white finish on any of these can look super modern. There are even desks made with white leather and even tufted white leather. Frosted glass happens to pair perfectly with a white reception desk whether used as a decorative panel, on displaying shelving, or as a counter top. Normal transparent glass looks great too and metal can also really complement a white desk.Reception Desk

A secret many interior designers use to really make a white reception desk stand out and a focal point which the eye is immediately drawn to, is to simply to use it with its contrasting color: black. When used with contrasting black floor tiles, black flooring, black walls, or office furniture a white desk will always be the center of attention.

And of course white goes with all white office décor too. It’s a neutral color which means it really looks great with just about any color and this makes a white reception desk an easy choice.

A Black Reception Desk

Just like with white, a black reception desk offers many stylish opportunities and in all shapes and sizes.  Black laminate is an easy to clean and inexpensive option. A wood veneer or solid wood with a black finish like espresso can be really handsome as it allows you to have a black desk but you can also see the grain of the wood too.

Reception Desk

Leather is also choice and some very high end desks will even use stone like granite or marble which are extremely luxurious. A black reception desk often can be used to its full potential by contrasting it with white. White tiles whether on the floor or wall, along with white décor will make a black desk really attract attention.

You can also use the effect of the contrast of black and white to highlight your company logo by placing it in white writing or on a white panel using the black reception desk as a background. Many desks will also incorporate white in their design as well. Black desks can look phenomenal when combined with metal accents, natural looking wood, and glass.

The proper reception desk for your space and needs will make a lasting impression that will have customers and clients feeling like they are in the right place. So be sure to keep in mind the “questions to consider,” above and choose accordingly. With such an abundance of enticing shapes, sizes, materials, and styles you’ll be sure to enjoy the process.

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The L Shaped Desk Quick Guide

L Shaped Desk

An l shaped desk is a desk made up of two rectangular pieces that forms a shape similar to the letter “L”.  And it is this unique shape which gives them a wide array of advantages when it comes to creating a large work area.  With a host of different options, styles, and materials, l shaped desks can help anyone to have the space they need while being convenient to use, and looking great.

The Top Reasons People Choose An L Shaped Desk

Make Fantastic Use Of Corners

As a result of the “L” shape forming a ninety degree angle it makes them a really smart choice for use in a corner.  This means that you will be able to use your space much more efficiently and also allowing you to free up some floor space you would not have been able to otherwise using a standard desk.  These desks work so well in this application that they are often referred to as large corner desks or simply just corner desks although there is a smaller triangular shaped desk that goes by this name as well.

Double The Work space

L shaped desks can often times give you double the space of other desks or more.  This is because of the fact that you have two long surfaces to work on, one on either side, both left and right.  Extra space is often a necessity for certain professions and also for different areas of study.  Anyone who needs to use more than one computer monitor at a time is dealing with large plans, projects, or drawings should consider one of these.  Sometimes it’s also just nice to have a bigger area to work with regardless of what it is used for.

Extra Room For Computers and Accessories

Not only can you use an l shaped desk for multiple monitors, but also for all your computer accessories.  There are even l shaped computer desks that are made specifically to do so with extra convenient features.

More Storage

Many desks also provide much more storage than you would be able to find with other choices.  Depending on the model you choose this can include drawers, cabinets, shelves, and more.

L Shaped Desk

An Excellent Option When Sharing

While many l shaped desks are big enough that two people can use them at the same time, they are often an easy choice for families or couples that need to share a desk at different times.  The extra space allows for more than one computer and the storage lets more than one person keep their own personal work and supplies accessible too.

Their Attractive Appearance

With many different materials and styles there are a large number of really nice options to choose from which can significantly add to the look, feel, and beauty of your home or office.  From composite wood with appealing veneers or laminate, to more modern glass desks, or even high end l shaped executive desks made from solid wood, beauty abounds.


Typical Sizes

L shaped office desks can vary in size.  Just like the letter, “L” they may have one side which is shorter, and one side that is longer. It really depends on the specific model.  Lengths typically range anywhere from 60”-72” for the longer side and anywhere from 48”-58” for the shorter.   Some have two sides which are equal in length, if this is the case often times that means both sides are 60” in length although again it depends on the model.   If you are looking for a small l shaped desk there are ones that are more compact and usually below 55” in length.   An l shaped computer desk is always another option as well as some are pretty compact too. Just remember that if you are going to be using your desk in a corner it is always a smart idea to measure the dimensions of the space you have available first so as not to purchase a desk which is too large or small.

L Shaped Desk

Common Materials


The most common desks are made from composite or engineered wood with a laminate or veneer surface.  This could be the best choice if you are looking for a cheap l shaped desk however prices can really vary. While a very inexpensive one may be around $150 they often run up to a few hundred dollars depending on the model, brand, and how much storage they include.  They are much lighter and easier to move than desks made from solid wood and many are very attractive looking.  Most solid wood options fall into the executive desk category.

With all sorts of natural wood finishes from light to dark finding one that adds to the look of your space is not difficult at all. Finishes like oak, alder, cherry, cappuccino, and espresso can easily match any existing wood décor you already have or just make a statement by themselves.    Some are even a combination two different finishes.

L Shaped Desk

Black l shaped desks are always an extremely handsome option and are probably the most commonly purchased color desk for the home office because of this reason.  Many times you can also find composite wood desks that are a combination of black and a more natural looking wood finish as this can be strikingly good looking and also the contrast of the black can really work to bring out the color of the wood.

A white l shaped desk is also a very stylish option.  These can easily match most home décor and offer a nice change from other more natural looking wood colors.  They also make a top choice for any modern themed home or office.

 L Shaped Desk



Another fantastic alternative if you are looking for a modern l shaped desk is glass. Their simple yet functional design can look incredibly stylish and also very upscale.  Glass l shaped desks don’t have the storage that other choices normally do, but that is what modern style is all about, being sleek and uncomplicated.   They also tend to be lighter in weight than wood making them easier to move.

L Shaped DeskDon’t think that glass desks are only clear, because you can also choose from frosted and even black glass.  Most will have a metal frame and legs, usually powder coated steel which is normally silver, black, or white.  However some desk may use plastic or wood and quite a few glass l shaped desks even have a metal frame and wooden legs which can be a very good looking combination.

Extra features like beveled edges can also really add to the beauty of the desk.  Some desks are also made from tempered safety glass which makes them an even stronger option and much safer if they were to break.

L Shaped Desk

Extra Storage

While some desks may provide enough storage for your needs others may not.  A simple solution is often an l shaped desk with hutchA hutch is a storage solution that is placed on top of the desk to give you an extra space to store things but also easy access to them. They are perfect for office supplies, books, picture frames, and knick-knacks of all sorts. Hutches can really range in size and what they offer. Some are small and have a few shelves and cubbie holes while others are much larger and will provide much more storage including cabinets (many with gorgeous glass panels), multiple bookshelves, cubbie holes, and more which means room to keep a lot of supplies.

L Shaped Desk

Hutches are made from solid or compressed wood and will come as part of a set that is made to match.  Or you can purchase them separately but make sure you do so from the same company as your desk and preferably and model which is specifically made to go with it for the best result and look.  An l shaped desk with hutch is often a great way to go because it is usually a much cheaper option than purchasing other types of separate storage.  It is also offers a smart and efficient way to save space by providing storage vertically on top of your desk as opposed to taking up extra floor space in the room as a file cabinet or set of drawers would.


Other Options

An L Shaped Computer Desk

All l shaped desks can be used with computers.  But, some are designed specifically for them and their accessories.  Desks of this type will be advertised as l shaped computer desks or l shaped desks with workstations.  They can be made from all the same materials as other l shaped desks and they don’t need too many options to qualify as one either.  Typically if an l shaped desk has at least a keyboard tray it can be called a computer desk.  This is because of the fact that these desks have so much space they can easily accommodate printers, speakers, and multiple monitors without a problem so they don’t need to provide too many extras because they have so much space already.

L Shaped Desk

This is especially true of modern looking glass desks which will at most have a key board tray, maybe a raised monitor shelf for easy viewing, and sometimes a CPU stand so you don’t have to keep your CPU directly on the floor. Many wooden ones will have a storage cabinet for your CPU along with a keyboard tray and raised shelf but it depends on the model.  An l shaped computer desk with hutch is a great choice if you need extra storage. But, these are only available for models made from wood and not glass.

L Shaped Desk


Yet another choice is an expandable l shaped computer desk.  Ideal for someone who likes the shape of these desks but doesn’t have the space for a larger one, they make for an excellent small l shaped desk that can be used in many convenient ways and in places where a full sized one would not fit.  Despite their compact nature they really have a decent size space for your computer and its accessories and usually also have a large bottom shelf too.

L Shaped Desk


An L Shaped Executive Desk

Probably the most luxurious looking of all the l shaped options is an l shaped executive desk.  These are also one of the most expensive as they are usually made from solid wood, are very heavy, and extremely attractive.   Many have ornate carvings and are perfect for professionals as they portray a look of high class and authority along with a very large work space. There are also many made from heavy duty engineered wood which are also very handsome. While executive desks made from engineered wood are not as lavish as solid wood they are less expensive and much lighter in weight which can be very handy such as the Sauder l shaped desk shown below.

L Shaped Desk

 An L Shaped Reception Desk

Because of their configuration l shaped desks make for excellent reception desks as well.  There are quite a few alternatives depending on what your specific needs are.  Many people choose to go with a standard glass l shaped office desk as they can look so modern.  An executive l shaped desk could also easily work as a reception desk because they are so impressive.

L Shaped Desk

While these can function as reception desk you also have the choice of purchasing one which is made specifically for the job. L shaped reception desks will normally feature a riser which adds to the height of the front of the desk.  Some will also have a transaction counter on top of the riser and many will also come with a set of drawers.

L Shaped DeskL shaped reception desks are usually longer in length than standard l shaped ones, usually around 71  inches and sometimes much more. Quite a few are big enough for two people to use at the same time. Depending on the size and the material they can cost anywhere from five or six hundred dollars on the low end to well into the thousands and can help a lasting impression on your clients, customers, and guests.

If you are in need of a large work area, want to use a corner to it’s full potential, need more space for accessories or storage, or just love the look and feel of having a desk surface on either side of you, an l shaped desk is an unbelievable choice.  And with special types made specifically for computers and even reception areas they really are incredibly versatile too. An l shaped desk always makes for an attractive and intelligent use of space regardless of where they are used.

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Your Complete Corner Desk Guide

Corner Desk

Just like their name suggests corner desks are desks which made to fit nicely into the corner of a room.  Why would you want to put your desk in the corner?  To save space!  Corner desks allow you to use a part of your room that is normally overlooked.  They can be a lifesaver, especially for students in dorms or anyone else dealing with space restraints. Some people just prefer the coziness of working in a corner! Whatever your reason a corner desk is a great way to go.

Some Other Reasons To Choose A Corner Desk

Handsome Good Looks

Corner desks can be really gorgeous. They can easily match and complement your existing décor and can really work in any room of the house whether it’s the home office, kitchen, den, or bedroom.  Anywhere there’s a corner they can function to bring beauty into your home.

Corner Desk

So Convenient

Whether used for your laptop, full sized computer, writing, homework, studying, reading, or gaming, corner desks work unbelievably well.  They can also double as a great looking accent piece and work double duty as a vanity, end table, or just a convenient place to put some picture frames and work as a desk if you need it to or not.

They’re Very Affordable

Because they are smaller than other types of desks they are also much cheaper.   For this reason corner desks are a favorite for parents purchasing a study desk for kids and teens along with anyone just looking for good value.  It’s easy to find top of the line desks which are fantastic quality for way less than standard models of other types which is always a bargain.

Corner Desk

The Many Faces Of The Corner Desk

Whether you are looking for something just for writing or to be used as a computer desk, there are quite a lot of options to choose from.  Unlike other desk type of desks, corner desks are unique in the fact that they are conveniently built in a triangular shape so that they can fit directly into any corner.  They are also often times marketed or described as small corner desks because they are smaller in size than many other varieties of desks including l shaped desks which are also sometimes used in corners.   Regardless of what you call it however a corner desk is the best choice if you don’t have too much space as they provide a very compact work area that won’t get in the way and are available in many of materials, styles, colors, and types. For example:

A Wood Corner Desk

As with most other desks, wood is always a popular choice.  However, there are many different wood options.  The cheapest corner desks are made from particle board with a plastic laminate on top that looks like wood however for a little more money you can find some gorgeous looking desks that are very durable.  Most of these will have sturdy solid wood legs and a desk surface made from heavy duty particle board with an attractive wood veneer.  Some are so good looking that you can’t tell the difference between them and ones which are all solid wood and can really make for a fantastic looking piece of furniture.

Corner Desk


There are many different woods and finishes to match any décor and every personal preference.  Oak corner desks with their clear finish for example, can really portray a sense of natural beauty.  There are even desks made from bamboo!  Finishes like cherry and espresso are also very common.  Black corner desks are also extremely popular as they can look very upscale.   And for someone who likes more of an antique style, a white corner desk could be the perfect addition to any room of the house.

Corner Desk

A Glass Corner Desk

For those looking for a modern corner desk, glass is a fantastic choice.  These are normally very simple in design and look both sleek and high-end. The majority will have aluminum or metal legs which can also really add to their good looks but when combined with a thick glass desk top makes them really sturdy.  While most are clear, you can also find frosted and even black glass if that’s what you prefer. Even though glass corner desks don’t usually offer as much storage as wooden ones that is part of their simplistic modern appeal.  Some glass desks even have unique looking curved designs.

Corner Desk

Corner Desk Storage Options

Other than material, how much storage you need will also determine what desk you purchase.  Many modern versions like ones made from glass may have only a writing surface with no storage. However most will have at least a single shelf underneath to store books and office supplies. Many of these are ideal for someone who does not need too much storage and will be using their desk to write, pay bills, or use with a laptop. The Ikea corner desk shown below has more storage than average.

Corner Desk

A corner desk with drawers is another option and one which can help to keep your things organized.  Many drawers can hold your keyboard inside and even have a drop down top to make typing easy. Some desks have a front section with legs on wheels that roll out and allow you to place your keyboard on top of the front drawer as opposed to inside of it.

Corner Desk

If you need more storage and want to maximize your workspace to its full potential a corner desk with hutch could be the answer for you.  A hutch can be placed right on top of the desk surface and will give you extra compartments for your things and can often be used as a base or stand for a computer monitor as well.

A Corner Computer Desk

While many corner desks can accommodate a computer, a computer corner desk is designed to handle not only a computer monitor but all of the accessories that go along with it. At the very least they will have a sturdy shelf underneath to safely hold the CPU tower and a keyboard tray. Others have space for a printer, speakers, wires, and much more.

Corner Desk

Because they are meant to be used in the corner this means that their storage will be vertical as opposed to horizontal which is both below and above the writing surface of the desk.  For this reason they are also sometimes called tower computer desks.   Sometimes they are also advertised as small computer desks as they are not as large as l shaped desks which are also sometimes used in corners. While they might be small when compared to the width of other desks many are up to six feet high which can equal a surprising amount of storage space.  Corner computer desks can also have quite a decent sized surface area to do work on even when already using one computer monitor and sometimes two!

Corner Desk

A  corner computer desk is not only a superb idea for a home office, small apartment, or bedroom but also for dorm rooms where students don’t have too much space and will need to be using their computer.  And they can be used for writing, gaming, studying, or as a work desk.  They are also available in the same materials as standard corner desks, so there is quite a variety to choose from.

A Kids Corner Desk

If you are looking for a kids corner desk you will find that the vast majority are actually corner computer desks.  These really make fantastic functional gifts for children and grandchildren that will be used daily for homework and will keep their computer and its accessories all in an organized manner many with room to spare for books, picture frames, toys, and knickknacks.  Of course their compact size is also a great solution for children with smaller rooms that could not fit a larger size desk too.   One of the best features of kids corner desks is that they are also often available in many different colors which kids love, even pink.

Corner Desk

A  Large Corner Desk Might Be What You Need

Sometimes a larger desk and workspace is needed.  If this is the case you might need what’s called an l shaped desk.  Like their name suggests they are shaped like the letter “L” as opposed to a triangle and are made up of two rectangular pieces.  Because they also fit very well into corners and are large enough to be used for office work they are also sometimes called corner office desks.  This type of desk allows you to utilize your space in an efficient way yet have a work area which is very big.

A large corner desk will actually provide multiple areas to work on depending how they are designed and set up. Some people choose to use one side for their computer and its accessories while the other is used for writing and other tasks.  Another option is to place your computer in the center thus giving you both the left and right side spaces for other things.

Corner Desk

As with small corner desks there are different materials to choose from. The cheapest option being composite wood while the most expensive and luxurious are l shaped executive desks made from solid wood which can be unbelievably stunning.  Glass is also a popular choice and always makes for a very modern corner desk.   And you can choose from all types of different storage options as well from ones with almost none to ones with shelves, file cabinets, and tons of extras.

Large corner desks can be an excellent choice for someone who needs or prefers more space to work or uses multiple computer monitors at the same time for their job.  They are also a smart way to utilize one space for use as a desk for the whole family especially with multiple computers and there are many models that are made specifically as computer desks making them extremely convenient for both your computer and all its accessories.  For this reason they are very popular with gamers as well. But, because they are larger, they are also typically more expensive than normal corner desks.

Corner Desk


By choosing to go with a corner desk you will finally be able to make the most out of any space.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a cramped studio apartment, child’s bedroom, or dorm room these desks are designed to work in any corner. Incredibly convenient and unbelievably inexpensive you can’t go wrong with a space saver like this!

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An Executive Desk Is The Ultimate In Elegance

Executive Desk

Executive desks are known as one the most luxurious, if not the most luxurious of all of desk options.  And of course their name automatically makes you think of a desk which someone who is “high up,” or extremely successful uses. They also are sometimes called pedestal desks because of the way they are structured.  Normally they have two pedestals made up of multiple drawers with one pedestal being on the left of the user and another on the right. On top of and supported by these pedestals is a large work space.

The Top Reasons To Choose An Executive Office Desk

– Extremely Elegant

For someone looking to add an elegant look to their office an executive desk is the top option.  They are made to portray a lavish look that will add an upscale feel to any space.  And with many unbelievably attractive choices, it’s pretty easy to do so.

Perfect For Professionals

Their beauty and extravagant looks make them perfect for professionals.  Having an executive desk is a status symbol which will make customers, and clients feel confident that they are working with or for someone who is the best at what they do.   These desks portray success.


Executive Desk


Ideal For Anyone Needing A Large Yet Attractive Work Space

Another huge plus of these desks is that they offer a larger work space than conventional choices.  This makes them ideal for anyone who is working with architectural drawings or plans, uses two computer screens, or just likes or wants a bigger work space in general.

-Traditional To Modern In Style

These wonderful desks can actually run from traditional all the way to modern in style.  This makes it easy for anyone looking for an elegant, attractive, large, and professional looking workspace to find something they love.

The Big Question Solid Or Engineered Wood??

When shopping for an executive desk if you want one made from wood you will at some point have to decide whether you are going to purchase one which is solid wood or made from engineered wood.  And that depends on how elegant you want to go!

A Solid Wood Executive Desk

If you’re looking for what an executive desk was originally designed to be, one made from solid wood is it. These are big, heavy desks that are made to be not only highly decorative but also highly functional.  Solid wood executive desks often feature one of a kind wood work that is outstanding so be ready for a ton of compliments.  You’ll be able to find them in the standard rectangular shape as well as oval too, and in a variety of natural looking finishes.  Some are even two toned.


Executive Desk


Keep in mind that while you will be paying much more for one of these, you are paying for sturdy solid wood construction and luxury. You will be buying quality once, and having it for years to come.  This is often not the case with many cheaper materials.  It will actually most likely be the last desk you ever purchase. Online is hands down the best place to find good deals on solid wood desks and much easier and faster than waiting for an executive desk for sale add to come up in your local paper or furniture store.  Many times you can find them for more than 50% off of what they would be in locally and there is often more variety in both style and woodwork to boot!


Executive Desk


Also be sure to take into consideration that a solid wood executive desk can easily be a few hundred pounds, some even more than five hundred. While many come fully assembled some only partially so.  If they are semi-assembled they will typically come in two boxes, one with the two pedestals and the other with the back and top.  And while normally it will only take fifteen to thirty minutes to put one together you will need the help of at least one other person.  These desks can also be very large so make sure you measure the size the door frames you will be bringing it through before purchasing so you can ensure it will be able to get into whatever room you plan to use it with no problem.

Executive DeskSome solid wood executive desks will come with some really convenient features.  Felt lined drawers are one which are fantastic for storing valuables and possessions that could be otherwise be easily scratched.  Similar to desks of the past you can also find desks that have an inset leather panel that can function as a desk pad, and also look very classy as well.  Many executive desks come with a power strip too which is always nice and some even have a book case!


Executive Desk


An Engineered Wood Executive Desk

While a solid wood desk does provide the ultimate in elegance, it is not for everybody and many people prefer an executive desk made from engineered wood.  However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are made up of thin flimsy panels, far from it.  Made up of heavy particle board that is much tougher, thicker and stronger than your average desk, engineered wood has quite a few advantages.

While they are still heavy, desks made from engineered wood are not as heavy as solid wood which makes them still tough yet easier to move or reposition if you need to.  This plus the fact that there is also a huge variety of veneers and laminates that are used on top of engineered wood both made from real wood and other materials such as melamine means that they are available in a much greater variety.


Executive Desk


This is great news if you love the look of an executive desk but are looking for a specific color or wood that is not available in solid wood.  You can easily find many gorgeous looking woods like cherry or oak that can range in color from natural looking finishes to darker ones like espresso. In fact a sleek black executive desk can look quite stunning.  A white executive desk can also be a fantastic looking choice that isn’t normally available with solid wood.


Executive Desk


Engineered wood also allows you to enjoy different styles and shapes of desk as well.  In this category you can find much more modern looking executive desks with clean lines that are simple in design if that’s what you prefer.  For the ultimate in no frills and all function, many of these you can even purchase as shells and add on drawers if you feel like it later. Many people simply place their existing file cabinet, drawers, etc., underneath and are totally satisfied.  L shaped executive desks are yet another option which are most often made from engineered wood.  One of these will allow you to have two work spaces one on the right and on the left which is a necessity for many occupations, and will often fit perfectly in a corner space.


Executive Desk


Probably the most popular feature of this material is that is cheaper in price than solid wood.  For a few hundred dollars you can have the look of a much more expensive desk and with such good looking veneers available today, many people will assume your desk is solid wood anyway.  When buying an engineered wood desk you will have to spend some time putting it together as almost none come fully or semi-assembled so expect a minimum of thirty minutes up to a few hours depending on the model you choose.  There are many good brands to pick from in this category which you can expect to be of excellent quality such as the well-known Sauder executive desks.


Executive Desk


Other Options

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry there are always other options available as well.


Glass is another material that can be used to make some ultra-attractive desks.  Glass is often a great choice for someone looking for a very modern executive desk.   Most are just that, with sleek and minimalist designs which provide a large workspace that are first- class in both looks and quality. They are often so good-looking that they can be used as the centerpiece of the room and some are so simple in design that they can also double as tables.  An extra benefit of using glass is that it can really add a spacious feel to rooms that are a little cramped.


Executive Desk


Custom Made

You shouldn’t give up if you can’t find something you like because you can always get one custom made.  There are plenty of companies which specialize in custom made executive furniture.  By going this route you can use more exotic woods, unique designs, and have you desk built to fit your own individual space.  In fact custom made is the best choice if you need a desk that is smaller or larger than normal.  It will also guarantee that your desk will include all the features you need as it will be made to your specifications.  Doing a quick search online for “custom made executive desks” in your area and even nationwide will usually give you more than enough results to choose from that can be made to order.


Executive Desk Accessories

As with any style other type of desks, executive desks will also look and function at their maximum potential with the proper accessories.  And while not everyone needs the same things there are few that always seem to work extremely well.

A Guest Chair

If you will be dealing with clients or having meetings in your office a guest chair is a must.  Like with all executive desk chairs there is a large variety of materials and styles to choose from.  An easy and always extra handsome choice are traditional tufted leather, vinyl, or faux-leather guest chairs.  These do not have wheels and can really help to make any desk stand out.  Many people often choose two matching chairs to even the space out as opposed to just one.  They are often so good looking in fact that many homeowners will purchase them for their home office just for the added decorative effect.

Executive Desk

A Banker’s Lamp

Whether you already have adequate lighting or not a desk especially one with a large writing area such as an executive desk needs a good one. However, a normal desk lamp would look totally out of place on such a luxurious style desk so you’ll need one which is a little more extravagant looking.  A banker’s lamp is an excellent choice as you can find many which are relatively inexpensive however look much more costly than they really are.  Plus they make for a really appealing touch which can go a very long way.


Executive Desk

An Executive Desk Pad

While a few executive desks may come with an inset desk pad already, most do not.  You’ll need some protection for your desk and also a soft and comfortable writing surface to write on too.  An executive desk pad is made from leather and will give you both of these with the extra benefit of adding yet another distinguished looking touch to your desk.


Executive Desk


Matching Book Cases And File Cabinets

Luckily many companies which manufacture executive office desks also make matching accessories and furniture to go with them such as Sauder and Coaster for example.  One of the problems with executive desks is that many people don’t realize initially just how good looking they are.  This many times leads them to believe that their existing book case or file cabinet will go fine, and sometimes they do.


Executive Desk


However, it’s very common for people to purchase an executive desk and then go back and buy all new accessories so that all of their décor will be on the same upscale level that their desk is.  If you’re going to need a book case or file cabinet it’s always easiest to buy from the same manufacturer and same line if possible.


Executive Desk


Executive Desk Sets

Instead of buying accessories separately you also have the option of purchasing executive desk sets.   Solid wood desk sets are also sometimes also called executive office suites and along with a desk many of these include items such wall units, library walls, and file cabinets, all of which are made to match each other perfectly. Often times if you find a good deal these can be way cheaper than purchasing each one separately as many people end up doing in the long run anyway.  So if you don’t have any accessories yet, and know you will need to buy some in the future, you can definitely save some money up front by purchasing them in a set.

Executive Desk


Engineered wood executive desk sets can also end up being a really good buy.  These will typically include a matching hutch, file cabinet, and of course desk.  As with engineered wood desks, they are cheaper than the solid wood option.  This can be very appealing because it means you can find many sets that will furnish your entire office for cheaper than the price of a solid wood desk alone.

 Executive Desk

Executive Desk Chairs

Every executive office desk needs a good chair.  The very nature of this type of desk and there elegant looks seem to demand a chair which is bigger and better looking than most.  However of course the one you choose should match the style and color of your individual desk.  A favorite choice for owners of solid wood desks are high back tufted leather executive desk chairs and for good reason.  Tufted leather goes hand in hand with luxury and you can easily find them in shades and colors that complement not only your desk but your office as well.  Many of these will feature a rolled headrest, are super comfy, and look phenomenal with traditional decor.


Executive Desk


Leather chairs in general really look great when paired with any type of executive desk.  And there are also many other options to choose from that have any number of fabulous features such as being able to recline, having flip-up arms, and many, many, more.  There are even very modern looking ones which would be perfect for someone with a modern executive desk and are extremely stylish.


Executive Desk


Faux leather and mesh can also make for some quality executive desk chairs.  These are a great way to go if you don’t want to use animal products or just prefer them in general.  An added bonus is that they are generally cheaper as well.  As with leather though, a high-back really goes the best with an executive desk.

Executive Desk

Elegant, extremely professional, and large enough to accommodate even the largest work space requirements, an executive desk is an investment to be enjoyed for years to come.  And no matter what material or style you choose, you will be awed at the elegance that only these desks can offer.  Best of all, you can feel like the boss every time you sit down to work, whether you really are or not.

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