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How Ergonomic Furniture Inspires Active Learning

As anyone who’s ever spent a long day at the office or at school can tell you, nothing is more disruptive or distracting than sitting uncomfortably throughout the day. As new research and innovations continue to influence collaborative workspace furniture design, we’re seeing a revolution in the way that learning, creativity, and communication are affected by something as seemingly simple as furniture. In schools and offices alike, ergonomic workstations are dramatically transforming the way that people interact, both with each other and with their physical environments. Let’s take a look at how interactive spaces with ergonomic furniture can inspire wellness, productivity, and active learning.

Ergonomic Furniture and Physical Well-Being

When it comes to the effect that furniture design has on physical health and well-being, the science is clear. Essentially, rigidly composed furniture that has been designed without regard for the human body tends to create tension and can lead to lifelong problems with flexibility, alignment, and posture. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, non-ergonomic seating can pose “a major challenge to health and learning of students,” and ergonomic seating solutions have been clearly linked to “providing a better learning environment.” Without delving too deeply into the gritty science, soft seating options, combined with height-adjustable features, correct proportions for a range of body sizes, and flexible seating help to promote good posture, proper breathing, and optimal muscular and skeletal development.

For many years, classroom and office furniture reflected the outdated principle that the body was totally separate from the brain. More recently, research has advocated a more holistic approach. In educational and multipurpose settings, for instance, researchers now understand the importance of flexible furniture for a range of uses. Chairs and desks can be adapted for each individual user and can be adjusted to accommodate the best format for a given activity. Thankfully, the “one size fits all” approach is no longer the norm for students or professionals.


Mind + Body

In keeping with a holistic approach, the freedom allowed by ergonomic furniture has been directly linked not only to physical well-being, but to mental health as well. According to the Assistive Technology Act Program at Georgia Tech, ergonomic furniture “helps with breathing, circulation, attention, concentration, and ultimately learning.” By laying the foundation for a comfortable, active, and flexible physical experience, students and professionals from all walks of life can be more receptive to new information and ideas. Of course, when it comes to fostering creativity (and productivity) in the classroom or a work environment, this concept is absolutely vital.

Rather than devoting themselves to the passive transfer of information, classrooms and workplaces have become more interactive over the years. This means more opportunities for flexibility, innovation, and adaptation. Whether a setting is geared toward education or productivity, active learning and openness to collaboration can play a key role in predicting the success of an institution. Naturally, collective success always comes back to the individual experience, and this is why ergonomic furnishings are essential even at the most basic level.


Why Active Learning Matters

Successful education programs, from K-12 schools to Ivy League postgraduate settings, have come to grasp the significance of promoting active learning, not just for the individual but for entire groups. Of course, the same is true for successful companies, in which innovation and authentic collaboration are always valued highly. Active learning has been shown to create higher levels of information retention, creativity, and adeptness in a range of critical skills, from analyzing data to evaluating ideas to developing effective solutions to problems. On a very practical level, ergonomic workstations and seating solutions tend to prepare the body and mind for the highest level of performance, regardless of the setting.

Looking forward, developments in furniture design promise to create better environments for workers, students, and individuals for whom wellness is a priority. As new innovations continue to unfold, we can expect to see more emphasis on combining research and design to elevate the experience of the individual, ultimately with better results for everyone.

 Author Bio: Andrew Hoffman is a freelance writer and journalist from Los Angeles, CA, who has written on behalf of a range of clients including the Livestrong Network and Demand Media. In addition to writing about a range of topics, he enjoys playing basketball and cooking in his spare time. You can reach out to him over, here.

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How To Feng Shui Your Desk

Feng shui is the Chinese belief of harmonizing the elements of the surrounding environment. This belief has ancient Chinese roots but has recently found its way to the western world. Today everybody wants peace and harmony and even office spaces are not safe from the feng shui master. The great thing about feng shui is that there are basic principles that everybody can follow. These are so easy even those who are uninitiated can do them. Let’s start small. Here are some simple ways to feng shui your desk:

Position Your Desk

The best way to start is by positioning your desk in a strategic location. According to the masters, the best position for your desk is to have a commanding view of the door, a beautiful view out a window and a solid wall behind you. A commanding view of the door gives you authority. If possible place your desk on a diagonal across from the door. If there is a window behind you, place a plant to give you stability. It is also important to have a good view you can look out to. If you don’t have a view, avoid blank walls or a chaotic view. These will contribute negatively to your work. According to the experts a blank wall can lead to lack of ideas or missed opportunities. Chaotic views obviously lead to chaotic thoughts.

Arrange Your Desk A cluttered desk signifies procrastination and mental confusion. De-clutter your desk not only to get thoughts flowing but also to make work flow efficiently. The items found in your desk should be the ones you use every day. If they are not used daily, put them inside drawers and cabinets. It is also best to hide wires and cords.

Many masters suggest the 9-point grid but in order to simplify, focus on these three things. The back left corner of the desk represents wealth and prosperity. This spot should target abundance. Place a plant or something of value like a jar of change or a working computer. The fame portion of the desk is located on the top center. Put your business cards, name plate or motivational images in this area. It’s cliché to have a family picture on your desk but this practice is actually in-line with feng shui principles. The perfect spot for family is on the middle left side.

Desk Size

Your desk size should be proportional to the size of the room. It should not be too big it dwarfs the whole space or too small it becomes insignificant. Choose a small desk for a small room to make reaching for things easier. A  large desk conveys power and productivity but it should not be too big that you can’t easily reach for things you need.

Desk Color

According to feng shui experts, color plays a great role in harmonizing your office space. A white desk can energize the mind. A black desk on the other hand can move energy down and in and encourages introspection. Choosing muted desk colors increases mental focus while bright colors activate the mind.

Using the quick and easy tips above, anyone can add some peace and harmony to a place many of us need it most, our desk and work space. Applying only one or two of these may be all you need to experience tranquility!
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The Ultimate Guide To Reception Desks

Reception Desk

A reception desk is a special type of desk normally in a waiting room, lobby, or in front of an office, that is used for anything from greeting customers, answering the telephone, and scheduling appointments, to dealing with transactions. This makes them one of the most important pieces of furniture in any business. There are plenty of different desk options, styles, materials, and sizes to meet any and all needs required.

An Incredibly Important Investment

A reception desk is unlike other types of desks in that not only is it used for work, but it also is like the face of your company. Depending on where it is situated it is normally the first thing customers and clients see when they walk in the door. And because it is the hub of interaction between employees and those customers and clients, it will make an impression.

And it is up to you what that impression will be. A good looking reception desk conveys professionalism, success, and generally a business or company that people would want to do business with. Therefore it is a wise idea to think of one as an investment, because it really is one.

Reception Desk


Questions To Consider

What Type Of Business Is It For?

The type of business it will be used for will greatly determine the reception desk you choose in style, function, and material. This is because different types of businesses generally have different requirements as for the look and atmosphere they need to create. For example a reception desk in a lawyer’s office probably should look upscale while for a home based business it wouldn’t have to be as high end.

But of course it is always up to the business owner or company and what atmosphere or look they want to ultimately portray. Just like each business requires a different type of atmosphere and look they also each will be using the reception desk in a different way. So it is very important to know exactly what functions the desk will need to perform so that it can do so properly.

This will make things easy for customers and employees alike and save many future headaches. Will it be a place to keep many files, exchange money, have clients sign documents, or simply somewhere for a receptionist to sit and answer the phone? Knowing what it will be used for will help you to quickly decide what features your desk will need.

Reception Desk

What Is The Size Of The Space It Will Be Used In?

As with any type of office or home furniture, the size of the space it will be used in will also be a factor. If you have a tiny office a really large reception desk probably won’t work so well as it will overpower the space. Just like a small reception desk in a very large room might not be very visually appealing either.   The best choice is always to create a balanced look. So make sure you measure your space and purchase accordingly.

What Will Be Its Primary Functions?

Just like each business requires a different type of atmosphere and look they also each will be using the reception desk in a different way. So it is very important to know exactly what functions the desk will need to perform so that it can do so properly. This will make things easy for customers and employees alike and save many future headaches.

Will it be a place to keep many files, exchange money, have clients sign documents, or simply somewhere for a receptionist to sit and answer the phone? Knowing what it will be used for will help you to quickly decide what features your desk will need.

Reception Desk

What Is The Style And Décor Of That Space?

You always want your reception desk to match your décor and the style of your space. If you are planning an office, what will that style be? Will it be modern, classic, or something else?  This will also influence the material and style of desk you choose. If you are adding a desk to a room that has décor already, make sure the desk matches it and the existing style of the room.

A reception desk that works with your room and décor will make both the room as a whole look fantastic and really allow your desk to standout at the same time.

Where To Purchase

When it comes to actually buying a reception desk you have a few options. Because they can often be a major purchase, you are of course best off always looking for a good deal. Looking in the newspaper you can sometimes find an ad for a “Reception Desk for Sale”Sometimes this can mean quite a lot of savings if it is from someone who has gone out of business, especially if they have not had the desk for very long.

These are definitely worth checking out but often can be hard to find. Also you should be wary of buying a used reception desk in an attempt to save money if it doesn’t completely match you décor as you don’t want it to take away from the look of your business.

Reception DeskThere are sometimes deals to be had at furniture stores if the desk is on sale. However the best place to find and purchase a reception desk is without a doubt online. You can literally save thousands of dollars.  Another smart idea is to find the model you like online, then find a local furniture store that has it or one very similar and check it out in person. And if you like it, then buy online.

For very large desks, desks that are of unusual shapes or dimensions, and for desks which require special materials, you probably will have to get one custom made. By searching online you can easily find both local companies and ones nationwide that specialize in custom made reception desks.

Typical Reception Desk Materials


Reception desks with a laminate covering are the most inexpensive choice as laminate is not real wood. It is actually a thin layer normally made of plastic which is glued on to the fiber board beneath. However, it can be made to mimic the look of real wood and even stone.  It is also seen in solid colors too.

Most black reception desks along with white ones are using a plastic laminate covering. There are hundreds of different laminates on the market if not more. Laminate is also very durable, scratch and stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Reception Desk

Wood Veneer

Similar to plastic laminate, a veneer is a thin layer used to cover what is usually fiberboard; however it is made from real wood. Many people prefer a veneer simply because of this fact. And because it is real wood you get the look, feel, and charm of that wood. The best part is other people won’t know it’s not solid wood so you get the look without the price tag.

It is available in many different types of wood from the standards like oak and cherry to the more exotic. Veneers can have a clear finish if you like the natural color of the wood or can also be stained to almost any color.

Solid Wood

A more luxurious option is solid wood.  This is usually a combination of both solid wood and veneers. These are much heavier than ones made with a fiberboard base and much more expensive too. However as with all things in life you do get what you pay for and a solid wood reception desk will make any office look extremely upscale.

Other materials

Many reception desks also use other materials in combination with the more common ones above. Stone, metal, glass, leather, and even cement can all be a very attractive addition to a reception desk. These can be used on the face, sides, or counter.

Reception Desk

Typical Uses

An Office Reception Desk

There is a huge array of office reception desks. They can be literally any size, shape, and dimensions, especially if they are custom made, and from any material. However, the typical office reception desk is made for a small or medium sized office and is around 71”-73” wide. Most are made from fiber board and covered with either laminate or veneer.

These desks normally have a large workspace because of the many daily activities that a receptionist working in an office has, and to accommodate the accessories they must use. A typical reception desk has ample space for a computer, keyboard, phone, and should also have a grommet hole to neatly contain wires and cables. There is also usually enough room for desk accessories like organizers and of course files and papers that are in use too.

Reception Desk

Most office reception desks will also have a counter for transactions. This will allow clients and to fill out paperwork, hand in forms, and complete other tasks easily and close enough to the receptionist that they can ask questions or get feedback while doing so. The front panel which is supporting the counter serves as a privacy screen for the receptionist so that they can keep focused on the task at hand without clients in the reception or waiting area watching them.

Some manufacturers sell these as accessories which can be very useful for adding on to an existing desk and transforming it into a reception desk, however they are usually made for specific models that are made by the same manufacturer. While most people assume that this type of desk comes with storage the typical office reception may come with a set of drawers underneath but most don’t.

This lack of storage under the desk gives the receptionist a lot of leg room which is often actually necessary as they have to swivel and move the position of their chair while answering phones, reaching for files, and dealing with clients.

And of course you can always buy file cabinets and other storage options separately which can fit under, behind, or on the side of the desk if you need to. You can often buy from the same manufacturer as your desk to ensure they will match.

Reception Desk


A Salon Reception Desk

A beauty salon reception desk is a little different than one made for an office. First of all, salons are not nearly as conservative as corporations and private companies in their décor and therefore you’ll often see a really wide choice of desk materials and shapes as their owners are usually not afraid to be stylish and bold. Modern reception desks along with materials like metal, glass, and leather are all very common.

And while there are many circular and even typical office type reception desks used. you’ll also see ones with wavy lines instead of sharp straight edges and a whole array unusual shapes that push style to its limits. While they can really vary in design and material the typical salon reception desk however, does need a few key features.

In a salon, customers will be dealing with the receptionist or stylist who is working at the desk, and that means you will need counter space. The counter doesn’t have to be huge but should provide enough of an area for clients to rest their purse or belongings on while paying cash, writing out a check, or making a new appointment.

Reception Desk

A beauty salon reception desk will also need to have enough room for the employee to sit and schedule new appointments in an appointment book and or a computer. A keyboard tray is also something to look for as it can really free up a decent amount of desk space for you. Space for a phone and a grommet hole for electrical cords is also a must. Room for typical desk accessories and organizers is needed too.

Because customers are making transactions don’t forget a lockable drawer to keep all money, checks, etc. Many salon owners will also insert a till (some of which that also lock) like the one below into the drawer as well to their keep money organized and so that they can make change for their clients quickly and easily. A small lockable storage box might also be a good idea.Reception DeskSome salons also sell hair and beauty products. If that is the case you might want to look for one with a front panel made for product display. A cabinet with shelving inside, or at least a few shelves would also be a great feature to have in order to keep extra products on hand. You might also want to consider a matching wall shelf to display even more products or as a place to do so if your desk does not have the space.

Unlike other types of desks, beauty salon reception desks usually aren’t very big. And that’s because they normally don’t need to be.  Most are very compact, and made for one employee to sit. But there are larger ones available too. As a result of being made specifically for salons the majority will include most of the convenient features above and sometimes even more.

Some salon owners also opt for a reception desk with wheels so that that it is easy to move it and clean underneath. It’s up to you and your specific needs and preferences.

A Spa Reception Desk

Spa reception desks are actually very similar to salon reception desks. That is because a receptionist at a spa normally isn’t doing tons of filing or dealing with the same responsibilities as they would in another business.Reception DeskUsually a spa receptionist is answering the telephone, greeting clients and new customers, scheduling appointments, giving tours, and taking payments. This means that a spa reception desk doesn’t have to be too big at all. And they usually aren’t unless they need to accommodate more than one or two employees. Most easily have the desk space for all of these activities plus a counter for transactions, brochures, and for customers to lean on while filling out forms.

Just like with the ones used in salons they will need a lockable drawer for money but also for items that members or clients forget at the spa. Many spas also sell supplements and other products so a product display panel on the front of the desk might be a feature to look for if this is the case. And of course shelving or a cabinet behind the desk to keep extra inventory would be a plus too.

In fact the because they are so similar in what they are used for, spa reception desks are many times marketed as a “Beauty Salon/Spa Reception Desk,”. Desks used in spas are also usually very stylish and modern. They many times use materials like glass and metal in their designs and on the counter.

Reception Desk

Other Reception Desk Ideas

An L Shaped Reception Desk

Another option and one that offers more space is an l shaped reception desk. These are shaped like a capital letter “L” with two work spaces as opposed to only one, which are set perpendicular to each other. While some have two desk tops that are equal in length, others are made up a longer desk and a shorter desk.

The majority of desks are somewhere between 60″-72″ long however they can often run up to a length of around 92″, it really depends on the model. You can often times convert a standard type office reception desk into one of these by separately purchasing what’s called a, “reception return”. A return is the smaller side of an l shaped desk.

This could be a fantastic choice if you already have purchased a desk and realized you need more space. However, returns are specifically made by manufacturers as accessories for certain model desks so that they accurately match and fit, so it would be smart to buy from the same company that made your desk. Some returns will also include a file cabinet or drawers.

Reception Desk

Most l shaped reception desks come as a set so you don’t have to buy any other pieces. There will be a counter that runs from one end of the”L” to the other for any transactions that need to take place. They also will usually come with at least one set and possibly two sets of drawers for easy storage of files. Just like with other l shaped desks, a common setup is to have the computer and its accessories on one desk area and use the other for a work and writing space.

A Curved Reception Desk/ Round Reception Desk

If you are looking for something a little different a curved reception desk might just be the answer. Also sometimes called a round reception desk, they can really make a fantastic first impression. These desks are curved outwards and can look incredibly modern. They are very popular in salons, spas, offices, lobbies, and really anywhere that a reception desk could be used.

Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook these thinking that they will be too expensive because of their curved features. Luckily despite how costly some may look, many can be quite reasonable in price and even cheaper than standard type office reception desks, depending on the material and size.

Reception Desk

Curved desks usually come in a few different sizes. A single unit is made for one receptionist and makes for a small reception desk that is anywhere from 43”- 65” wide. A double unit is larger and normally somewhere around 120”- 135” wide depending on the model and can accommodate two receptionists. Three are even five unit desks which are really large and almost complete a full circle.

All  desks regardless of size will have a curved transaction counter that runs along the top of the desk. Because they can be so attractive, a curved or round reception desk is often the top choice of many businesses and offices as it really makes them look like they are very design and trend conscious. They can also add to a more laid back atmosphere and feel as opposed to a more traditional one which is something that you may be going for.

Yet another extra benefit is that they work tremendously well in corner spaces and can transform a boring square space into the focal point of the room. Many employees actually prefer to work at a curved desk because they find them much easier and more comfortable to maneuver around at as opposed to desks that are l or u shaped. A popular idea is to choose a curved desk with a wood veneer as it provides a modern design yet the classic feel of wood.

 Reception Desk

A U Shaped Reception Desk

A u shaped reception desk gets its name because it is in the shape of the letter “U”. Why is the “U” shape a good idea? Because, unlike most desks which provide one work space, or even maybe two, a u shaped reception desk provides three. This means lots of room. Most desks are anywhere from 88”- 128” wide depending on the brand.

But of course custom made ones can be even wider. This makes them ideal for a business with a large waiting room or reception area. However because they are physically larger than other types they are also generally more expensive. But like all reception desks the price will largely depend on the materials used. And they are available in all types of materials.

Most often a u shaped reception desk is set up so the base or bottom of the “U” is facing out towards the center of the room.  This looks very professional and allows the receptionist for maximum privacy. However some u shaped reception desks are designed or set up so that one side of the “U” is facing towards the center of the room and the other is behind the receptionist.Reception DeskMany times people will arrange their desks so that each of the three work areas has its own function. Usually this means one is for the computer and its accessories, another for a general workspace, answering the telephone and helping clients or customers, and the last one for files, and folders. But of course it is up to the individual needs and functions of the business.

The amount of storage can really depend on the specific model you choose. Many u shaped reception desks don’t offer any storage at all; this means you must purchase it separately. Others may include one or two sets of drawers, some shelves, and even a hutch. It depends.

All u shaped reception desks will have at least one counter. Most will have a counter that runs the entire length of the desk on all sides of the “U” shape. Some will have two counters while a few will have three individual ones. Like other reception desks the extension or panels on the front of the desk helps to give the receptionist privacy but with these they do so on three sides.

Reception Desk


A Modern Reception Desk

Modern reception desks are often the choice of salons, spas, and business that want to portray a stylish look. Known for sleek lines and simple function a modern desk can make a big first impression and really influence the style of the room along with its feel.

While many modern reception desks are curved they can also be l shaped, u shaped, or shaped just like typical office desk but with a more modern take. High gloss finishes are very common as is the use of glass panels and counters of all colors along with the use of many other materials like metal and sometimes wood.  Some desks even have glass have panels that are lit from the inside.

There are many companies which actually only focus on manufacturing modern contemporary reception desks. And while there is a ton of variety most often you will see desks of this style in white or black color, and sometimes both.

Reception Desk


A White Reception Desk

Luckily for anyone who likes the look of a white desk, reception desks have a lot to choose from. This is because of the fact that most other desks (office desks not reception desks) are really limited to only a few materials. But with these desks you have many more white options. The most common use a white laminate or a wood veneer that has been painted white.

Painted solid wood is another choice too. A high gloss white finish on any of these can look super modern. There are even desks made with white leather and even tufted white leather. Frosted glass happens to pair perfectly with a white reception desk whether used as a decorative panel, on displaying shelving, or as a counter top. Normal transparent glass looks great too and metal can also really complement a white desk.Reception Desk

A secret many interior designers use to really make a white reception desk stand out and a focal point which the eye is immediately drawn to, is to simply to use it with its contrasting color: black. When used with contrasting black floor tiles, black flooring, black walls, or office furniture a white desk will always be the center of attention.

And of course white goes with all white office décor too. It’s a neutral color which means it really looks great with just about any color and this makes a white reception desk an easy choice.

A Black Reception Desk

Just like with white, a black reception desk offers many stylish opportunities and in all shapes and sizes.  Black laminate is an easy to clean and inexpensive option. A wood veneer or solid wood with a black finish like espresso can be really handsome as it allows you to have a black desk but you can also see the grain of the wood too.

Reception Desk

Leather is also choice and some very high end desks will even use stone like granite or marble which are extremely luxurious. A black reception desk often can be used to its full potential by contrasting it with white. White tiles whether on the floor or wall, along with white décor will make a black desk really attract attention.

You can also use the effect of the contrast of black and white to highlight your company logo by placing it in white writing or on a white panel using the black reception desk as a background. Many desks will also incorporate white in their design as well. Black desks can look phenomenal when combined with metal accents, natural looking wood, and glass.

The proper reception desk for your space and needs will make a lasting impression that will have customers and clients feeling like they are in the right place. So be sure to keep in mind the “questions to consider,” above and choose accordingly. With such an abundance of enticing shapes, sizes, materials, and styles you’ll be sure to enjoy the process.

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Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

Desk Accessories

Desk accessories come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and functions.  They can be anything from tape dispensers to letter trays but they all have one thing in common, they are made to make your life easier.  We compiled a list of the most commonly searched for categories of desk accessories to help give you some ideas and hopefully find what you are looking for. But first be sure to read the tips below before checking out these outstanding products.

5 Quick Tips To Help You Find The Right Accessories Fast

Keeping the following 5 tips in mind will help you to narrow down your search very quickly by weeding out the desk accessories which don’t work for you.

Think About Function

Probably the most important factor is function. What job do you need it to do? Maybe it’s just to make you smile on a stressful day, for some serious storage, or both. Decide first on what you need the accessory to do for you and choosing will be much easier.

Think About Your Décor

Certain colors, materials, and styles obviously go best with others.  Accessories can actually really go a long way in making your work space more attractive. So look around you and think about what would go well with your desk and work area or office.

Think About Size

Not everyone’s desk is the same size and neither is every desk accessory.  Honesty look at your space and decide what size accessories your desk can handle given what you’ve got.  You might need something to keep your things organized but that can only take up a very small amount of space or you might just prefer or need larger desk accessories. While most are made to be pretty compact anyway, being realistic about how much space you have will save time in shopping and having to return an accessory which is too big.

Desk Accessories

Think About Yourself

Take a few minutes and think about what you like.  Your desk is a place you will most like spend at least a few hours a day if not more.  Why not choose accessories that make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired.  Do you like fashionable accessories, ones that remind you of nature, or ones that are your favorite color? Everyone is different.  Thinking about what you like or what you know works for you as an individual and choosing accordingly can make you way more productive and also happier in general.

Don’t Think Too Much

Don’t be paralyzed by thinking too much about what to buy.  The majority of desk accessories, even the most expensive ones are relatively cheap. It’s not like buying a car. So don’t be afraid to make a mistake.  Make a decision and if it doesn’t work on your desk then at least it will help you to narrow down what you’re looking for even further. Plus, you could always give it to someone else in the office!

So here are the top desk accessories we found for the categories most people are looking for:

Office Desk Accessories

A Mesh Oval Supply Caddy

Every desk needs a place to keep pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, paper clips, and other small tools that are used daily.  A sturdy metal caddy makes this a cinch with multiple divided compartments that are mesh so they are easy to see through and also very attractive.  Having a spot on top of your desk which is always at arm’s length where all your necessary supplies are kept, means you’ll save time and frustration.  Another great feature is that they are so compact that they leave such a small footprint on your desk (take up so little space) which can be very important especially as the work day progresses and your desk gets even more crowded.  Very inexpensive especially for the daily value and use they provide they also are perfect for students.

Desk Accessories


A Mesh Desk Organizer

To keep your desk clear of files, papers, folders, notebooks, binders, and books which would all take up a large amount of space on your desk top a mesh desk organizer is an easy solution. Not only will it free up space but keep these items organized too.  By using a combination of both vertical file organizers and horizontal letter storage you get the benefit of being super space efficient.  And metal mesh is sturdy enough to hold even heavy textbooks and binders.  They also can be used to store your tablet and make one of the best desk accessories for teachers who need to keep class papers separate and in order.


Desk Accessories


Cool Desk Accessories

Quirky Cordies

Not having your cables organized can lead to annoying tangles and even damaged cables which means having to waste money purchasing new ones.  These not only keep your cables separate and damage free with their rubber grip but are also heavy enough to prevent them from falling to the floor when unplugged, which as anyone who uses any type of cables with their desk knows can be a problem they deal with daily.  The best part is you can use them with any type cables like:  power cords, USB cords, audio cables, phone chargers, internet cables, and more. You can also choose from quite a few cool looking colors too!

Desk Accessories


A Mug Warmer

Having a hot cup of coffee or tea always on hand can be a lifesaver especially for the sleep deprived.   Not having to get up and go to the microwave or make a new cup will add up to a lot of saved time especially over the course of a few months.  This gives you more time to stay focused and on task all with an added caffeine boost of course!  All you have to do is place your mug on the warmer and it will stay just as hot or warm as when you poured it, and all day long.  A mug warmer is one of the coolest desk accessories despite the warmth it creates because it is so functional that it will be sure to get used every day. After having one many people feel like they can’t get by without it and it’s actually quite common to purchase more than one for the office and home.

Desk Accessories


Cute Desk Accessories

A Cat Post-It Dispenser

Anyone who uses a lot of Post-It notes knows that they need a good dispenser, so why not make it a cute one?  An adorable cat like the one shown below makes for a great gift for anyone who loves cats, uses a desk daily, just appreciates cute desk accessories, or all three.  Heavy enough to stay in place when pulling out a single note, it can also double as a paperweight.  The cat will automatically hold out the top note for you to use at all times, just remember though that for it to work it requires Pop-Up Post-Its which are connected like an accordion as opposed to the traditional variety.


Desk Accessories



A Gogroove Pet Penguin Speaker

So cute and so functional, these are also available in other delightful little creatures like koalas, owls, pandas, tigers, and polar bears.  You can use them with your computer, smart phone, tablet, mp3 player and more by simply plugging them into the headphone port.  They can be powered by USB or three AAA batteries and their LED base lets them function as a night light as well.  This means that not only are they a great desk accessory for adults but for kids also.  In fact if you do purchase one for yourself you’ll most likely end up purchasing one or more for your children as soon when they see how cute it is.  Their small size also makes them really portable and very handy for trips.


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Desk Accessories For Women

A Purse Post-It Dispenser

Any woman who loves fashion or purses will go crazy for this one.  With a crocodile print this 3” x 3” durable hard plastic dispenser is sure to please and makes an easy “go to” gift for co-workers, friends, wives, and of course yourself, if you are female.   It really looks like the real thing. Using accordion style Pop-Up Post-Its, this little dispenser will have a note conveniently ready to be used at all times and is heavy enough that it won’t move when you pull out a note and can definitely works as a paperweight if you need it to.

Desk Accessories



A High-Heel Shoe Tape Dispenser

Available in quite a few colors and styles, this makes the perfect pair for the purse dispenser above.  It also is a gift any woman with a desk will appreciate for sure, particularly if they are a shoe fanatic.  Kids and teens also really enjoy these.  Very inexpensive, there is no reason to go for a traditional tape dispenser if you love fashion and are looking to instantly add some stylish décor to your work space.  Because they are manufactured by 3M you know they are excellent quality and will last for at least a few years. When it comes to desk accessories for women this one is hard to beat and sure to receive a ton of compliments!

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Desk Accessories For Men

The NFL Riddell Mini Speed Helmet

This 5” tall mini helmet complete with interior padding and chin strap, will make any football fan proud to show his team pride in the office.   Not to worry as they are available for all teams in the NFL.  These would work perfectly on a desk but also for office shelves, and of course the man cave at home.  And don’t forget the kids or grand kids if they are football fans.  This mini helmet is actually manufactured by Riddell who makes the full-sized helmets for the NFL which guarantees you are getting a fantastic replica in one of these.  Simply choose your team and enjoy.

Desk Accessories



A Stress Buster Desk Top Punching Bag

Sometimes work can be extremely stressful and it feels like you just need to hit something, and now you can.  You can relieve your stress instantly with a few blows to this mini desk top punching bag.  Suction cupped to the desk it will bounce back when you hit it, so you can keep on going if you need to.  A desk top punching bag is a fun and possibly necessary desk accessory for a high stress office environment and will probably mean co-workers will be visiting you so they can have a whack also.  While typically it’s been one of the top desk accessories for men; women can enjoy this one too.  Don’t let bad meetings, obnoxious customers, or impossible deadlines ruin your day, simply release your stress on this and get back to work.

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Fun Desk Accessories

A Hand Cell Phone Holder

Losing your cell phone amongst the items on your desk is annoying! Having a cell phone holder eliminates this problem and when it uses two hands to do so it’s also fun.  These hands will hold your phone when charging or just to keep it safe. And because your phone is up off the desk and in your field of vision you will be able to clearly see who’s calling.  It can also hold any other hand held device or even business cards.  This holder can work for both men and women, kids and teens, and is heavy enough to work double duty as a paperweight too.

Desk Accessories


A Mini Trash And Recycle Can Set

When normal organizers seem a little boring you can always opt for fun desk accessories like these.  Able to hold all your pens, pencils, and small items you use daily, these cute cans even have lids and wheels.  Whether for adults or kids they are a fun option and a nice change from the ordinary.  Many people even use them to throw away small items and scraps or they could be used with kids doll houses and garbage truck toys as well.  Regardless of what you choose to use them for they will always be a conversation starter because they are just so fun and useful.

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Modern Desk Accessories

A Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

This #1 best-selling lamp looks amazingly sleek and modern.  At the same time it uses 75% less energy than an incandescent lamp which equals savings in electricity, and the bulb’s lifespan is 25 years.    With 5 levels of brightness and 4 lighting modes: reading, study, relax, and sleep, it is engineered to provide the perfect amount and type of light for each activity. It even has an auto-timer and USB charging port so you can charge other devices. The compact foldable body has a wide range of motion and will take up very little desk space which enables you to use it even in tight spots.  All of these features also make it a very popular bedside lamp as well and an overall excellent buy.

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A Rolodex Laptop Stand

Modern desk accessories are often simple in design and so is this one.   It works without a fan to keep your laptop cool with its ventilated fine gauge metal mesh platform.  Because you can adjust it to many different angles it can help prevent neck fatigue and allow you to see your keyboard much more clearly.  This also means you can adjust it to a setting that is much more comfortable for you when typing as opposed to having your laptop flat on the table which many times can cause wrist pain,  while also keeping your laptop much cooler in the process. Rolodex always makes fantastic quality products that are made to last and this no exception.

Desk AccessoriesAcrylic Desk Accessories

A Clear Acrylic Desk Top Organizer

Clear acrylic can make for some remarkably lovely organizers if they are heavy duty and thick like the one shown below.  Being clear really makes them appealing because it’s possible to instantly see the items inside and know where they are, no looking around and shuffling things about is needed.  For this reason acrylic makeup storage containers are unbelievably popular, and this organizer can be used for makeup too!  While most often it is used on the desk to keep tablets, phones, books, magazines, papers, pens, pencils, and phones many people use it in the kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom to store any number of things such as remotes, makeup, eyeglasses, and unpaid bills. This one also saves quite a decent amount of space wherever it is used because the storage is vertical.


Desk Accessories


An Acrylic Double Letter Tray

Another acrylic option is a double letter tray.  Why use one? Because it can match any décor, looks very high end and functions to keep your paperwork in order.  The one shown below manufactured by Kantek is thick and tough. It also has non-skid feet to keep it firmly in place and can be both stacked and used as two separate trays for whatever your individual needs require. Like all acrylic desk accessories it provides the looks but in a simple way.

Desk Accessories

Unique Desk Accessories

A Desk Top Aquarium

You won’t need to leave your desk anymore to relax with a desk top aquarium.  Instead your work space will be transformed into a place of natural beauty.  Not only will the sounds of the water soothe you but you can work in view of your underwater pets at all times.  The Tetra Crescent Aquarium kit shown below comes in both three and five gallon sizes.  It includes everything you need to get started like 16 LED lights and a Micro Whisper Filter.  With a curved front you’ll have a panoramic view of your underwater world all day long.


Desk Accessories


A Fanimation Retro Desk Fan

While standard desk fans are hardly unique desk accessories, retro ones are.  And really high quality ones like the model made by Fanimation are even more so.  This fan is not only a work of art for your desk, office space, or home but a very high quality machine that will keep you cool for years to come. Because the craftsmanship is so outstanding and it so closely exemplifies Art Deco style you will be asked many times if it is actually from the 1940’s.  Available in both bronze or matte white it has 3 speeds, oscillates, and can be wall mounted for further convenience.

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Pink Desk Accessories

A Pink Calculator

Everything is cuter in pink and that means calculators too.  It’s actually pretty remarkable how the color of any ordinary desk accessory can change its appeal,  and the pink calculator below is a perfect example.  It’s adorable and really works to add a girly feel or a much needed dash of color to any space.  Kids and teens particularly love these and they always look amazing when used in children’s bedrooms that also have pink bedding or other pink decor.  You can’t go wrong with big keys, a bold color, and a display that is easy to read.

Desk Accessories


A Pink Plastic Storage Clipboard

Some jobs require the use of a clipboard, so why not make it a pink one?  One with storage will open up to give you a place to keep extra papers, writing tools, tablets, and can definitely hold a lot despite their slim profile.  Purchasing a pink model also means you won’t have to worry about your clipboard being confused with someone else’s.  It will save time, keep your documents items safe, clean, and of course organized.   From young children using them to draw and keep colored pencils and crayons to professionals using them daily in a work setting pink plastic storage clipboards are a winner.

Desk Accessories

Gold Desk Accessories

A Set Of 6 Kate Spade Gold Dot File Folders

Talk about stylish.  There is no other color that exudes class as does gold and these folders look extra luxurious.  Why not have your files and papers look great and stay organized at the same time.  These Kate Spade folders will really add a sense of elegance to your desk and that makes them a superb gift idea for anyone who appreciates fancy looking desk accessories.  But they are not all looks as they are very durable too.  If you prefer another design Kate Spade also makes these folders with gold stripes instead of dots.


Desk Accessories


A Kate Spade Acrylic Gold Letter/Paper Tray

Kate Spade makes some really attractive looking gold desk accessories and this is another one.  Heavy cast acrylic makes for an extra durable product and when mixed with a little gold color it really looks fabulous.  It has non-skid feet to keep it firmly in place on your desk top while adding an elegant touch that no other standard tray can match.  To go along with this tray and the folders above Kate Spade also offers a gold: stapler, tape dispenser, paper clips, and pencil cup.

Desk Accessories


Purple Desk Accessories

A Purple Gel Mouse Pad With A Wrist Rest

There is nothing worse than dealing with the wrist pain from using your mouse and knowing you still have tons of work on the computer to do.  Using a mouse pad with a wrist rest will help prevent the problem before it starts, and is much more comfortable too.  Whether you work on the computer all day or just occasionally, you might as well do so with your hand in a relaxing position, and you definitely need to if you already are suffering from wrist pain.  An added benefit is the mouse pad is made from gel which means you won’t have to worry about peeling fabric and it’s a cinch to  clean because it is both water and stain resistant.  And the fact that it’s purple is not only visually appealing but will add a splash of color and style to your work area.

Desk Accessories

A Purple Stand Up Stapler

The top purple desk accessories are functional along with attractive and this one certainly is both.  Not only does it stand upright using less space on your desk but it is also 70% easier to use than a traditional stapler which equals less stress on the hands if you are doing a lot of stapling.   It can staple up to 15 sheets with one easy squeeze yet it is small enough that it can fit into any size hand.  You can also choose from green, blue, or black and gray.  This light yet powerful stapler really makes stapling effortless because it is spring powered.

Desk Accessories

Executive Desk Accessories

A Mahogany Desk Organizer

Executive desks are all about being top of the line and remarkably elegant which means that the desk accessories that go with them need to be as well.  If you have a mahogany executive desk this is for you.  A high end desk demands an organizer which can complement its beauty and this will do so, adding to the look of your desk and office while keeping your pens, pencils, papers, and other small items neatly contained and close by for easy access.  A wooden organizer like this one portrays a look of professionalism and class.


Desk Accessories

A Bonded Leather 6 Piece Desk Set  

Virtually everyone who owns an executive desk will also use a desk pad to protect it and make writing more comfortable.  This usually means purchasing one made from leather, as leather desk accessories always go particularly well with the luxurious look of these desks.  However instead of purchasing one individually you will often find sets available which not only include a leather desk pad but every item you need to keep you organized as well.  Sets are often the smartest option when it comes to use with an executive desk as if you were to mix and match different desk accessories from different brands and materials you would most likely take away from the look of the desk. You are far better off with a leather set as opposed to purchasing individually as you will be confident that each piece will match each other and be sure to go with your desk as well.  A bonded leather 6 piece set like the one shown below will include such executive desk accessories as: a desk pad, pencil cup, memo holder, letter tray, business card holder, and letter opener all made with leather.   

Desk AccessoriesFunny Desk Accessories

The Butt Station

Funny desk accessories always make great gifts for friends and co-workers.  The Butt Station is the perfect way to keep your desk top in order while making you smile.  The sculpted person is sitting on a toilet seat which is funny by itself but what makes it even more so is how he keeps your desk accessories for you.  As he uses his mouth to bite down and hold your pen, his hands are holding a roll of tape (his toilet paper) and his feet serve as the tape cutter.  His butt is actually magnetic and in the toilet bowl itself is a space to keep paperclips, which will automatically stick to his bottom for easy grabbing when you lift him up.  And, the back of the toilet keeps extra pens and a notepad handy.  If that’s not a funny yet yet functional desk accessory I don’t know what is!

Desk Accessories


A Prescription Coffee Mug

Many people would actually consider their coffee mug their most important desk accessory of all.  This mug is shaped like a prescription bottle.  And what do you think the prescription is for? Coffee of course, and it even includes the dosage you need to take and all the other important details.  Microwave and dishwasher safe this cup holds a full twelve ounces of black gold and is guaranteed to make any coffee drinker happy. As you could imagine these are always a big hit with anyone who works in a pharmacy or doctor’s office as well and can be used to hold pens and pencils too.

Desk Accessories


Personalized Desk Accessories

A Rosewood Personalized Desk Name Plate

Rosewood is known worldwide for its handsome dark color and highly grained look.  That makes it an impeccable choice for luxurious looking wood products and perfect for use on a desk name plate like this one.  There is no better way to make your desk unique than with your own name. And of course it makes you and your desk look really professional.  A name plate like this one would also really work with an executive desk.   If you need to buy a gift for someone who is hard to shop for here is your answer.

Desk Accessories



A Laser Cut Acrylic Personalized Desk Name Plate

Another option as opposed to a more traditional wooden name plate is an acrylic one.  Precision cut with a laser these can portray a very clean modern look.  Because they are clear they also work with any desk material and style office.  And acrylic makes for a tough material that won’t shatter like glass and looks just as upscale.  One of these could work just as well for a younger person right out of college as it could for the CEO of the company, as its simplicity adds to its appeal making it gorgeous yet not over the top.

Desk Accessories


As you can see there is a huge variety when it comes to the many types, styles, and colors of desk accessories. Whether it’s to help you relax, for some serious organizing, or because it’s your favorite color, there are accessories for every need.  A little shopping around and keeping the 5 tips mentioned earlier in mind can go a long way to making your desk a fun and neat place to work or study every day!

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The L Shaped Desk Quick Guide

L Shaped Desk

An l shaped desk is a desk made up of two rectangular pieces that forms a shape similar to the letter “L”.  And it is this unique shape which gives them a wide array of advantages when it comes to creating a large work area.  With a host of different options, styles, and materials, l shaped desks can help anyone to have the space they need while being convenient to use, and looking great.

The Top Reasons People Choose An L Shaped Desk

Make Fantastic Use Of Corners

As a result of the “L” shape forming a ninety degree angle it makes them a really smart choice for use in a corner.  This means that you will be able to use your space much more efficiently and also allowing you to free up some floor space you would not have been able to otherwise using a standard desk.  These desks work so well in this application that they are often referred to as large corner desks or simply just corner desks although there is a smaller triangular shaped desk that goes by this name as well.

Double The Work space

L shaped desks can often times give you double the space of other desks or more.  This is because of the fact that you have two long surfaces to work on, one on either side, both left and right.  Extra space is often a necessity for certain professions and also for different areas of study.  Anyone who needs to use more than one computer monitor at a time is dealing with large plans, projects, or drawings should consider one of these.  Sometimes it’s also just nice to have a bigger area to work with regardless of what it is used for.

Extra Room For Computers and Accessories

Not only can you use an l shaped desk for multiple monitors, but also for all your computer accessories.  There are even l shaped computer desks that are made specifically to do so with extra convenient features.

More Storage

Many desks also provide much more storage than you would be able to find with other choices.  Depending on the model you choose this can include drawers, cabinets, shelves, and more.

L Shaped Desk

An Excellent Option When Sharing

While many l shaped desks are big enough that two people can use them at the same time, they are often an easy choice for families or couples that need to share a desk at different times.  The extra space allows for more than one computer and the storage lets more than one person keep their own personal work and supplies accessible too.

Their Attractive Appearance

With many different materials and styles there are a large number of really nice options to choose from which can significantly add to the look, feel, and beauty of your home or office.  From composite wood with appealing veneers or laminate, to more modern glass desks, or even high end l shaped executive desks made from solid wood, beauty abounds.


Typical Sizes

L shaped office desks can vary in size.  Just like the letter, “L” they may have one side which is shorter, and one side that is longer. It really depends on the specific model.  Lengths typically range anywhere from 60”-72” for the longer side and anywhere from 48”-58” for the shorter.   Some have two sides which are equal in length, if this is the case often times that means both sides are 60” in length although again it depends on the model.   If you are looking for a small l shaped desk there are ones that are more compact and usually below 55” in length.   An l shaped computer desk is always another option as well as some are pretty compact too. Just remember that if you are going to be using your desk in a corner it is always a smart idea to measure the dimensions of the space you have available first so as not to purchase a desk which is too large or small.

L Shaped Desk

Common Materials


The most common desks are made from composite or engineered wood with a laminate or veneer surface.  This could be the best choice if you are looking for a cheap l shaped desk however prices can really vary. While a very inexpensive one may be around $150 they often run up to a few hundred dollars depending on the model, brand, and how much storage they include.  They are much lighter and easier to move than desks made from solid wood and many are very attractive looking.  Most solid wood options fall into the executive desk category.

With all sorts of natural wood finishes from light to dark finding one that adds to the look of your space is not difficult at all. Finishes like oak, alder, cherry, cappuccino, and espresso can easily match any existing wood décor you already have or just make a statement by themselves.    Some are even a combination two different finishes.

L Shaped Desk

Black l shaped desks are always an extremely handsome option and are probably the most commonly purchased color desk for the home office because of this reason.  Many times you can also find composite wood desks that are a combination of black and a more natural looking wood finish as this can be strikingly good looking and also the contrast of the black can really work to bring out the color of the wood.

A white l shaped desk is also a very stylish option.  These can easily match most home décor and offer a nice change from other more natural looking wood colors.  They also make a top choice for any modern themed home or office.

 L Shaped Desk



Another fantastic alternative if you are looking for a modern l shaped desk is glass. Their simple yet functional design can look incredibly stylish and also very upscale.  Glass l shaped desks don’t have the storage that other choices normally do, but that is what modern style is all about, being sleek and uncomplicated.   They also tend to be lighter in weight than wood making them easier to move.

L Shaped DeskDon’t think that glass desks are only clear, because you can also choose from frosted and even black glass.  Most will have a metal frame and legs, usually powder coated steel which is normally silver, black, or white.  However some desk may use plastic or wood and quite a few glass l shaped desks even have a metal frame and wooden legs which can be a very good looking combination.

Extra features like beveled edges can also really add to the beauty of the desk.  Some desks are also made from tempered safety glass which makes them an even stronger option and much safer if they were to break.

L Shaped Desk

Extra Storage

While some desks may provide enough storage for your needs others may not.  A simple solution is often an l shaped desk with hutchA hutch is a storage solution that is placed on top of the desk to give you an extra space to store things but also easy access to them. They are perfect for office supplies, books, picture frames, and knick-knacks of all sorts. Hutches can really range in size and what they offer. Some are small and have a few shelves and cubbie holes while others are much larger and will provide much more storage including cabinets (many with gorgeous glass panels), multiple bookshelves, cubbie holes, and more which means room to keep a lot of supplies.

L Shaped Desk

Hutches are made from solid or compressed wood and will come as part of a set that is made to match.  Or you can purchase them separately but make sure you do so from the same company as your desk and preferably and model which is specifically made to go with it for the best result and look.  An l shaped desk with hutch is often a great way to go because it is usually a much cheaper option than purchasing other types of separate storage.  It is also offers a smart and efficient way to save space by providing storage vertically on top of your desk as opposed to taking up extra floor space in the room as a file cabinet or set of drawers would.


Other Options

An L Shaped Computer Desk

All l shaped desks can be used with computers.  But, some are designed specifically for them and their accessories.  Desks of this type will be advertised as l shaped computer desks or l shaped desks with workstations.  They can be made from all the same materials as other l shaped desks and they don’t need too many options to qualify as one either.  Typically if an l shaped desk has at least a keyboard tray it can be called a computer desk.  This is because of the fact that these desks have so much space they can easily accommodate printers, speakers, and multiple monitors without a problem so they don’t need to provide too many extras because they have so much space already.

L Shaped Desk

This is especially true of modern looking glass desks which will at most have a key board tray, maybe a raised monitor shelf for easy viewing, and sometimes a CPU stand so you don’t have to keep your CPU directly on the floor. Many wooden ones will have a storage cabinet for your CPU along with a keyboard tray and raised shelf but it depends on the model.  An l shaped computer desk with hutch is a great choice if you need extra storage. But, these are only available for models made from wood and not glass.

L Shaped Desk


Yet another choice is an expandable l shaped computer desk.  Ideal for someone who likes the shape of these desks but doesn’t have the space for a larger one, they make for an excellent small l shaped desk that can be used in many convenient ways and in places where a full sized one would not fit.  Despite their compact nature they really have a decent size space for your computer and its accessories and usually also have a large bottom shelf too.

L Shaped Desk


An L Shaped Executive Desk

Probably the most luxurious looking of all the l shaped options is an l shaped executive desk.  These are also one of the most expensive as they are usually made from solid wood, are very heavy, and extremely attractive.   Many have ornate carvings and are perfect for professionals as they portray a look of high class and authority along with a very large work space. There are also many made from heavy duty engineered wood which are also very handsome. While executive desks made from engineered wood are not as lavish as solid wood they are less expensive and much lighter in weight which can be very handy such as the Sauder l shaped desk shown below.

L Shaped Desk

 An L Shaped Reception Desk

Because of their configuration l shaped desks make for excellent reception desks as well.  There are quite a few alternatives depending on what your specific needs are.  Many people choose to go with a standard glass l shaped office desk as they can look so modern.  An executive l shaped desk could also easily work as a reception desk because they are so impressive.

L Shaped Desk

While these can function as reception desk you also have the choice of purchasing one which is made specifically for the job. L shaped reception desks will normally feature a riser which adds to the height of the front of the desk.  Some will also have a transaction counter on top of the riser and many will also come with a set of drawers.

L Shaped DeskL shaped reception desks are usually longer in length than standard l shaped ones, usually around 71  inches and sometimes much more. Quite a few are big enough for two people to use at the same time. Depending on the size and the material they can cost anywhere from five or six hundred dollars on the low end to well into the thousands and can help a lasting impression on your clients, customers, and guests.

If you are in need of a large work area, want to use a corner to it’s full potential, need more space for accessories or storage, or just love the look and feel of having a desk surface on either side of you, an l shaped desk is an unbelievable choice.  And with special types made specifically for computers and even reception areas they really are incredibly versatile too. An l shaped desk always makes for an attractive and intelligent use of space regardless of where they are used.

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A Loft Bed With Desk Underneath: The Perfect Space Saving Solution

Loft Bed With Desk

A loft bed is a unique style of bed which elevated high above the floor using a special frame.  The fact that they are up in the air allows you to utilize the space under them for other uses.  This makes them perfect for any situation where you need to save space or use it in a smart and efficient way.  However a loft bed with desk underneath is an even better option and one which comes in many varieties guaranteeing you can find one that meets your specific needs and taste.

Who Is A Loft Bed With Desk Underneath Great For?

Children With Small Rooms

Most kids want a desk of their own.  However, it’s not always realistic based on space limitations.  Luckily a loft bed with desk underneath will give your child that opportunity plus they can enjoy the thrill of being able to safely sleep up high every night, just as if they were in their very own tree house.  Children go absolutely crazy for these beds and rightly so.

Kids Sharing A Room

Kids sharing a room can really benefit from these beds too.  Many parents buy two so that it gives them each their own bed, desk to do school work, and space underneath to call their own instead of having to share the entire area room.  And there are even options with two beds if space is really limited.

Loft Bed With Desk

Teens Who Need Their Own Space But Don’t Have Too Much To Spare

Teenagers are notorious for needing their own private space.   By using one of these space saving beds they will be able to have that a place to study and do homework even in a very cramped bedroom.  This will lead to much less friction in any household as any parent knows and that is always a good thing.  Plus they are just cool looking beds.

College Students

University and college students are often stuck in rooms which are way too small for their needs and lack personal space.  This can be especially true if they sharing a room with one or even multiple roommates.  A loft bed with desk underneath will make the most efficient use of the space they do have so that they not only have a place to study, but store extra things, and of course sleep as well.

Anyone Living In A Studio Apartment

Nowadays space is at a premium and nowhere is that more true than in big cities and expensive areas.  If you live in a studio you already know this is true firsthand.  Many people in this situation give up on ever being able to have a full size desk in their apartment; however a loft bed with desk underneath will let them have a bedroom and office in one.


Loft Bed With Desk

Anyone Just Looking To Add More Floor Space

These also really work perfectly for anyone just looking to add some more floor space to wherever they live, whether in a large or small area.  And they also make an ideal option for someone who loves the idea of being as efficient as possible with whatever space they have.


The Basics


With standard size loft beds usually you will find three different desk setups.  The largest option is a desk which is the entire length of the bed.  This will give you a very long work space and many times will come with extra shelves and a keyboard tray depending on the model.  You will commonly see this type advertised as a loft bed with workstation.  Because they give you more space to work they are perfect for students or anyone who needs or prefers a larger area to work and study or who uses multiple monitors (great for gamers).

The opposite way to go is a desk which is the width of the bed. These are smaller but still can offer a really decent size space to work or study.  Their main advantage is that that they offer more space for storage and other furniture.

A less common option is a bed which offers a corner desk.  These will be situated so that they are use the width of the bed and part of the length for the desk space.  This can give you more of an area to work with than if it were to just be the width of the bed but also still a lot of room for other furniture too.

Loft Bed With Desk


Ladders will come in two types.  While some hook on to the top of the frame and can be set at any angle you choose, others are built-in and must be climbed vertically.  Some models will actually come with multiple ladders, either one on each end or one on the end and one on the side.


All loft beds with desk underneath will have guard rails.  This is to protect you or your child from falling out of the bed at all times whether sleeping or not.

Loft Bed With Desk


Depending on the specific model you choose you will find that beds will normally range from 62”-80” with the average usually around 71” or 72”.

Weight Limit

Each bed will have its own unique weight limit.  While some can easily hold up to 800 pounds others might have a limit of about 200, so it would be wise to check out what the weight limit is especially if there is going to be more than one person sleeping in the bed.  If it will be used for a child, then you will need significantly less.

Mattress Size

Normally you will find these beds in sizes that accommodate either a twin or full size mattress. They do not come with a mattress you must purchase one separately.   A twin loft bed with desk underneath is the perfect size for kids and can work for teens too.   Remember that the larger the size of the bed frame the larger the area underneath, so for an even larger study space many people opt for a full size loft bed with desk underneath instead.  These are also great for teens, college students, and adults.  Full size beds are a good choice if you want a bed your child can grow into with room to spare.   These also are great for teens and adults and can easily sleep two.  You will also sometimes see full size models advertised as a double loft bed with desk because of the fact that full and double mattress sizes are the same.  Choosing the right size will ultimately depend on the space you have available, the size of the person using it, and your personal preference.

Loft Bed With Desk


Don’t worry, although these do need to be assembled at home, depending on the model you choose, this should only take 2-3 hours and require no skills.  Beds will come with easy step by step instructions and sometimes only require a screwdriver.

Different Materials


Metal is very popular choice when it comes to this style of bed.   Many people are automatically drawn to the strength and durability that a metal frame provides.  A metal loft bed with desk underneath can also look very modern and stylish.  This is always a plus as it can really complement your room.  Many teens and students love the look of metal as it may seem more “grown up” than wood.  Parents often choose this option if they are planning on having their child use the bed well into the future as it can also portray more of a timeless style that kids won’t grow out of.  An added benefit is that a metal loft bed with desk underneath is sometimes also cheaper than one made from wood, depending on the model and brand of course.   Typically these will be black, white, or silver in color.

Loft Bed With Desk


As with many other types of furniture, a wood loft bed with desk underneath can really make quite an impression.  It is not only a natural way to go but one which can also look incredibly upscale.  Most are made from a combination of solid hardwood and veneers so you know they are very sturdy and will last for years.  They come in many great looking woods and finishes so you can quite easily find something to match your décor and also add to the beauty of your home.

Loft Bed With Desk

Finishes can range from clear so you can really admire the natural look and color of the wood, to darker stains along with ones which are painted for example a white loft bed with desk underneath makes for an easy match and one which can also sometimes look more antique in style.  While wooden options are many times more expensive than metal ones, they really can be an investment which is not only extremely functional and used every day but serve as a really stunning piece of furniture that will be around for years to come.


Other Options That Might Work For You

Other than the standard type there are few other styles that might work better for your needs.  They are:

A Loft Bed With Desk And Storage

While many sets do have ample room to keep your things, a loft bed with desk and storage is an outstanding choice if you really want to use your space to its full potential.  These are set up so that the desk area is the width of the bed.  This allows for all sorts of drawers, cabinets, and shelves to be used while still having a large area under the bed for furniture and other things.  Because a loft bed with desk and storage can keep so many items, owning one means that you won’t have to purchase a dresser or other type of furniture to keep your clothing and the majority of your possessions.  So while they might cost more than options with only a desk and shelves, they will save you money in the long run. This type of bed is always made from wood and not from metal.

Loft Bed With Desk


A Kids Loft Bed With Desk

You will often see beds advertised as for kids.  Really the only difference is that these are almost always twin in size instead of full.  Some but not all, also have designs and motifs that are more appealing to children.  While the vast majority of these are gender-neutral and made from wood, you can also find some that have colors which are more feminine like pink if you are looking for a girls loft bed with desk underneath for example.  Pink bedding sets  used with a white bed can look really cute for girls as well.  Low loft beds are also a fantastic alternative that parents should be sure to check out.  However all loft beds can be used by kids so don’t overlook one just because it’s not advertised as made specifically for them.


Loft Bed With Desk

A Low Loft Bed With Desk

A low loft bed is a bed which is raised off the floor, but not as high as your standard loft bed, usually they are only about 46’’-50” in height.  Many parents like the fact that they are lower to ground.  Like other options they are made from either metal or wood and will have a short ladder along with guard rails for safety.  Because low loft beds are not tall enough to allow you to sit under them and use a desk, the desks that come with them have wheels (casters) and will conveniently slide out.

Loft Bed With Desk


Some low loft beds with desks underneath will also feature multiple shelves and drawers to keep clothes, books, and different items.  Others will have only the desk and a few shelves leaving a space for you store or keep whatever you like under the bed or leave it as a place for the kids to play.  Because they are smaller, these are also cheaper than standard loft beds and can really offer a lot of storage in a compact space making them another great choice for small rooms.  A low loft might also be perfect if you have a room with very low ceilings like in an attic for example.  The Charleston storage loft bed with desk shown below is an excellent example of what to look for.Loft Bed With Desk A Loft Bed With Desk Underneath And An Extra Bed

For children who share a room  a set that also includes a second bed may be the easiest choice.  As opposed to having one bed under the other in a lengthwise position like a bunk bed, sets with two beds will have the bottom bed perpendicular to the top one and placed underneath in the center.  This will leave the width of the bed for the desk space and for storage as well.  Many parents adore these because they save a ton of space and money.  Not only are they perfect for siblings sharing a room but also for a child who has sleepovers as the extra bed can be used for guests.

Loft Bed With Desk

Extra Tips

It is always a smart idea to take into account anything hanging from the ceiling if you are going to be purchasing one of these beds, such as ceiling fans for example.

When assembling your loft bed with desk underneath you will need a second or possibly a third person to help while holding pieces up and together.

Make sure to have a power source like an electrical outlet nearby so you can plug in computers, lamps, and other necessities that would be used with your desk.

Many people choose models with a detachable desk so that they have the option of using the space for extra storage or work, depending on their needs at the time.

College and university students often add Christmas lights under their loft bed to add some extra light by running them through the slats which can always be both functional and fun.

Loft Bed With Desk


A simple curtain or even bed sheet across the front of your loft bed will give you privacy to work at your desk without being distracted if you have roommates.  This can also work to help kids that share a room feel like they have their own personal space.  And it makes cheap and simple fort or club house wall for youngsters to use when playing.

Don’t forget that you can use other tools like fabric storage cubes on shelves and under your desk to help you maximize your space and keep storage neat and orderly.

For kids with sensitive feet you can always cut swim noodles and attach them to the steps of the ladder for a softer feel.

Space saving and fun, a loft bed with desk underneath is always a smart choice.  With a variety of options you’ll be able to have a desk no matter how small the space.  From beds made specifically for children, to handle storage efficiently, or even to accommodate two beds and a desk, there really is an something for every need and preference!

Click Here Now to start shopping for loft beds with desks underneath!

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Your Complete Corner Desk Guide

Corner Desk

Just like their name suggests corner desks are desks which made to fit nicely into the corner of a room.  Why would you want to put your desk in the corner?  To save space!  Corner desks allow you to use a part of your room that is normally overlooked.  They can be a lifesaver, especially for students in dorms or anyone else dealing with space restraints. Some people just prefer the coziness of working in a corner! Whatever your reason a corner desk is a great way to go.

Some Other Reasons To Choose A Corner Desk

Handsome Good Looks

Corner desks can be really gorgeous. They can easily match and complement your existing décor and can really work in any room of the house whether it’s the home office, kitchen, den, or bedroom.  Anywhere there’s a corner they can function to bring beauty into your home.

Corner Desk

So Convenient

Whether used for your laptop, full sized computer, writing, homework, studying, reading, or gaming, corner desks work unbelievably well.  They can also double as a great looking accent piece and work double duty as a vanity, end table, or just a convenient place to put some picture frames and work as a desk if you need it to or not.

They’re Very Affordable

Because they are smaller than other types of desks they are also much cheaper.   For this reason corner desks are a favorite for parents purchasing a study desk for kids and teens along with anyone just looking for good value.  It’s easy to find top of the line desks which are fantastic quality for way less than standard models of other types which is always a bargain.

Corner Desk

The Many Faces Of The Corner Desk

Whether you are looking for something just for writing or to be used as a computer desk, there are quite a lot of options to choose from.  Unlike other desk type of desks, corner desks are unique in the fact that they are conveniently built in a triangular shape so that they can fit directly into any corner.  They are also often times marketed or described as small corner desks because they are smaller in size than many other varieties of desks including l shaped desks which are also sometimes used in corners.   Regardless of what you call it however a corner desk is the best choice if you don’t have too much space as they provide a very compact work area that won’t get in the way and are available in many of materials, styles, colors, and types. For example:

A Wood Corner Desk

As with most other desks, wood is always a popular choice.  However, there are many different wood options.  The cheapest corner desks are made from particle board with a plastic laminate on top that looks like wood however for a little more money you can find some gorgeous looking desks that are very durable.  Most of these will have sturdy solid wood legs and a desk surface made from heavy duty particle board with an attractive wood veneer.  Some are so good looking that you can’t tell the difference between them and ones which are all solid wood and can really make for a fantastic looking piece of furniture.

Corner Desk


There are many different woods and finishes to match any décor and every personal preference.  Oak corner desks with their clear finish for example, can really portray a sense of natural beauty.  There are even desks made from bamboo!  Finishes like cherry and espresso are also very common.  Black corner desks are also extremely popular as they can look very upscale.   And for someone who likes more of an antique style, a white corner desk could be the perfect addition to any room of the house.

Corner Desk

A Glass Corner Desk

For those looking for a modern corner desk, glass is a fantastic choice.  These are normally very simple in design and look both sleek and high-end. The majority will have aluminum or metal legs which can also really add to their good looks but when combined with a thick glass desk top makes them really sturdy.  While most are clear, you can also find frosted and even black glass if that’s what you prefer. Even though glass corner desks don’t usually offer as much storage as wooden ones that is part of their simplistic modern appeal.  Some glass desks even have unique looking curved designs.

Corner Desk

Corner Desk Storage Options

Other than material, how much storage you need will also determine what desk you purchase.  Many modern versions like ones made from glass may have only a writing surface with no storage. However most will have at least a single shelf underneath to store books and office supplies. Many of these are ideal for someone who does not need too much storage and will be using their desk to write, pay bills, or use with a laptop. The Ikea corner desk shown below has more storage than average.

Corner Desk

A corner desk with drawers is another option and one which can help to keep your things organized.  Many drawers can hold your keyboard inside and even have a drop down top to make typing easy. Some desks have a front section with legs on wheels that roll out and allow you to place your keyboard on top of the front drawer as opposed to inside of it.

Corner Desk

If you need more storage and want to maximize your workspace to its full potential a corner desk with hutch could be the answer for you.  A hutch can be placed right on top of the desk surface and will give you extra compartments for your things and can often be used as a base or stand for a computer monitor as well.

A Corner Computer Desk

While many corner desks can accommodate a computer, a computer corner desk is designed to handle not only a computer monitor but all of the accessories that go along with it. At the very least they will have a sturdy shelf underneath to safely hold the CPU tower and a keyboard tray. Others have space for a printer, speakers, wires, and much more.

Corner Desk

Because they are meant to be used in the corner this means that their storage will be vertical as opposed to horizontal which is both below and above the writing surface of the desk.  For this reason they are also sometimes called tower computer desks.   Sometimes they are also advertised as small computer desks as they are not as large as l shaped desks which are also sometimes used in corners. While they might be small when compared to the width of other desks many are up to six feet high which can equal a surprising amount of storage space.  Corner computer desks can also have quite a decent sized surface area to do work on even when already using one computer monitor and sometimes two!

Corner Desk

A  corner computer desk is not only a superb idea for a home office, small apartment, or bedroom but also for dorm rooms where students don’t have too much space and will need to be using their computer.  And they can be used for writing, gaming, studying, or as a work desk.  They are also available in the same materials as standard corner desks, so there is quite a variety to choose from.

A Kids Corner Desk

If you are looking for a kids corner desk you will find that the vast majority are actually corner computer desks.  These really make fantastic functional gifts for children and grandchildren that will be used daily for homework and will keep their computer and its accessories all in an organized manner many with room to spare for books, picture frames, toys, and knickknacks.  Of course their compact size is also a great solution for children with smaller rooms that could not fit a larger size desk too.   One of the best features of kids corner desks is that they are also often available in many different colors which kids love, even pink.

Corner Desk

A  Large Corner Desk Might Be What You Need

Sometimes a larger desk and workspace is needed.  If this is the case you might need what’s called an l shaped desk.  Like their name suggests they are shaped like the letter “L” as opposed to a triangle and are made up of two rectangular pieces.  Because they also fit very well into corners and are large enough to be used for office work they are also sometimes called corner office desks.  This type of desk allows you to utilize your space in an efficient way yet have a work area which is very big.

A large corner desk will actually provide multiple areas to work on depending how they are designed and set up. Some people choose to use one side for their computer and its accessories while the other is used for writing and other tasks.  Another option is to place your computer in the center thus giving you both the left and right side spaces for other things.

Corner Desk

As with small corner desks there are different materials to choose from. The cheapest option being composite wood while the most expensive and luxurious are l shaped executive desks made from solid wood which can be unbelievably stunning.  Glass is also a popular choice and always makes for a very modern corner desk.   And you can choose from all types of different storage options as well from ones with almost none to ones with shelves, file cabinets, and tons of extras.

Large corner desks can be an excellent choice for someone who needs or prefers more space to work or uses multiple computer monitors at the same time for their job.  They are also a smart way to utilize one space for use as a desk for the whole family especially with multiple computers and there are many models that are made specifically as computer desks making them extremely convenient for both your computer and all its accessories.  For this reason they are very popular with gamers as well. But, because they are larger, they are also typically more expensive than normal corner desks.

Corner Desk


By choosing to go with a corner desk you will finally be able to make the most out of any space.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a cramped studio apartment, child’s bedroom, or dorm room these desks are designed to work in any corner. Incredibly convenient and unbelievably inexpensive you can’t go wrong with a space saver like this!

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An Executive Desk Is The Ultimate In Elegance

Executive Desk

Executive desks are known as one the most luxurious, if not the most luxurious of all of desk options.  And of course their name automatically makes you think of a desk which someone who is “high up,” or extremely successful uses. They also are sometimes called pedestal desks because of the way they are structured.  Normally they have two pedestals made up of multiple drawers with one pedestal being on the left of the user and another on the right. On top of and supported by these pedestals is a large work space.

The Top Reasons To Choose An Executive Office Desk

– Extremely Elegant

For someone looking to add an elegant look to their office an executive desk is the top option.  They are made to portray a lavish look that will add an upscale feel to any space.  And with many unbelievably attractive choices, it’s pretty easy to do so.

Perfect For Professionals

Their beauty and extravagant looks make them perfect for professionals.  Having an executive desk is a status symbol which will make customers, and clients feel confident that they are working with or for someone who is the best at what they do.   These desks portray success.


Executive Desk


Ideal For Anyone Needing A Large Yet Attractive Work Space

Another huge plus of these desks is that they offer a larger work space than conventional choices.  This makes them ideal for anyone who is working with architectural drawings or plans, uses two computer screens, or just likes or wants a bigger work space in general.

-Traditional To Modern In Style

These wonderful desks can actually run from traditional all the way to modern in style.  This makes it easy for anyone looking for an elegant, attractive, large, and professional looking workspace to find something they love.

The Big Question Solid Or Engineered Wood??

When shopping for an executive desk if you want one made from wood you will at some point have to decide whether you are going to purchase one which is solid wood or made from engineered wood.  And that depends on how elegant you want to go!

A Solid Wood Executive Desk

If you’re looking for what an executive desk was originally designed to be, one made from solid wood is it. These are big, heavy desks that are made to be not only highly decorative but also highly functional.  Solid wood executive desks often feature one of a kind wood work that is outstanding so be ready for a ton of compliments.  You’ll be able to find them in the standard rectangular shape as well as oval too, and in a variety of natural looking finishes.  Some are even two toned.


Executive Desk


Keep in mind that while you will be paying much more for one of these, you are paying for sturdy solid wood construction and luxury. You will be buying quality once, and having it for years to come.  This is often not the case with many cheaper materials.  It will actually most likely be the last desk you ever purchase. Online is hands down the best place to find good deals on solid wood desks and much easier and faster than waiting for an executive desk for sale add to come up in your local paper or furniture store.  Many times you can find them for more than 50% off of what they would be in locally and there is often more variety in both style and woodwork to boot!


Executive Desk


Also be sure to take into consideration that a solid wood executive desk can easily be a few hundred pounds, some even more than five hundred. While many come fully assembled some only partially so.  If they are semi-assembled they will typically come in two boxes, one with the two pedestals and the other with the back and top.  And while normally it will only take fifteen to thirty minutes to put one together you will need the help of at least one other person.  These desks can also be very large so make sure you measure the size the door frames you will be bringing it through before purchasing so you can ensure it will be able to get into whatever room you plan to use it with no problem.

Executive DeskSome solid wood executive desks will come with some really convenient features.  Felt lined drawers are one which are fantastic for storing valuables and possessions that could be otherwise be easily scratched.  Similar to desks of the past you can also find desks that have an inset leather panel that can function as a desk pad, and also look very classy as well.  Many executive desks come with a power strip too which is always nice and some even have a book case!


Executive Desk


An Engineered Wood Executive Desk

While a solid wood desk does provide the ultimate in elegance, it is not for everybody and many people prefer an executive desk made from engineered wood.  However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are made up of thin flimsy panels, far from it.  Made up of heavy particle board that is much tougher, thicker and stronger than your average desk, engineered wood has quite a few advantages.

While they are still heavy, desks made from engineered wood are not as heavy as solid wood which makes them still tough yet easier to move or reposition if you need to.  This plus the fact that there is also a huge variety of veneers and laminates that are used on top of engineered wood both made from real wood and other materials such as melamine means that they are available in a much greater variety.


Executive Desk


This is great news if you love the look of an executive desk but are looking for a specific color or wood that is not available in solid wood.  You can easily find many gorgeous looking woods like cherry or oak that can range in color from natural looking finishes to darker ones like espresso. In fact a sleek black executive desk can look quite stunning.  A white executive desk can also be a fantastic looking choice that isn’t normally available with solid wood.


Executive Desk


Engineered wood also allows you to enjoy different styles and shapes of desk as well.  In this category you can find much more modern looking executive desks with clean lines that are simple in design if that’s what you prefer.  For the ultimate in no frills and all function, many of these you can even purchase as shells and add on drawers if you feel like it later. Many people simply place their existing file cabinet, drawers, etc., underneath and are totally satisfied.  L shaped executive desks are yet another option which are most often made from engineered wood.  One of these will allow you to have two work spaces one on the right and on the left which is a necessity for many occupations, and will often fit perfectly in a corner space.


Executive Desk


Probably the most popular feature of this material is that is cheaper in price than solid wood.  For a few hundred dollars you can have the look of a much more expensive desk and with such good looking veneers available today, many people will assume your desk is solid wood anyway.  When buying an engineered wood desk you will have to spend some time putting it together as almost none come fully or semi-assembled so expect a minimum of thirty minutes up to a few hours depending on the model you choose.  There are many good brands to pick from in this category which you can expect to be of excellent quality such as the well-known Sauder executive desks.


Executive Desk


Other Options

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry there are always other options available as well.


Glass is another material that can be used to make some ultra-attractive desks.  Glass is often a great choice for someone looking for a very modern executive desk.   Most are just that, with sleek and minimalist designs which provide a large workspace that are first- class in both looks and quality. They are often so good-looking that they can be used as the centerpiece of the room and some are so simple in design that they can also double as tables.  An extra benefit of using glass is that it can really add a spacious feel to rooms that are a little cramped.


Executive Desk


Custom Made

You shouldn’t give up if you can’t find something you like because you can always get one custom made.  There are plenty of companies which specialize in custom made executive furniture.  By going this route you can use more exotic woods, unique designs, and have you desk built to fit your own individual space.  In fact custom made is the best choice if you need a desk that is smaller or larger than normal.  It will also guarantee that your desk will include all the features you need as it will be made to your specifications.  Doing a quick search online for “custom made executive desks” in your area and even nationwide will usually give you more than enough results to choose from that can be made to order.


Executive Desk Accessories

As with any style other type of desks, executive desks will also look and function at their maximum potential with the proper accessories.  And while not everyone needs the same things there are few that always seem to work extremely well.

A Guest Chair

If you will be dealing with clients or having meetings in your office a guest chair is a must.  Like with all executive desk chairs there is a large variety of materials and styles to choose from.  An easy and always extra handsome choice are traditional tufted leather, vinyl, or faux-leather guest chairs.  These do not have wheels and can really help to make any desk stand out.  Many people often choose two matching chairs to even the space out as opposed to just one.  They are often so good looking in fact that many homeowners will purchase them for their home office just for the added decorative effect.

Executive Desk

A Banker’s Lamp

Whether you already have adequate lighting or not a desk especially one with a large writing area such as an executive desk needs a good one. However, a normal desk lamp would look totally out of place on such a luxurious style desk so you’ll need one which is a little more extravagant looking.  A banker’s lamp is an excellent choice as you can find many which are relatively inexpensive however look much more costly than they really are.  Plus they make for a really appealing touch which can go a very long way.


Executive Desk

An Executive Desk Pad

While a few executive desks may come with an inset desk pad already, most do not.  You’ll need some protection for your desk and also a soft and comfortable writing surface to write on too.  An executive desk pad is made from leather and will give you both of these with the extra benefit of adding yet another distinguished looking touch to your desk.


Executive Desk


Matching Book Cases And File Cabinets

Luckily many companies which manufacture executive office desks also make matching accessories and furniture to go with them such as Sauder and Coaster for example.  One of the problems with executive desks is that many people don’t realize initially just how good looking they are.  This many times leads them to believe that their existing book case or file cabinet will go fine, and sometimes they do.


Executive Desk


However, it’s very common for people to purchase an executive desk and then go back and buy all new accessories so that all of their décor will be on the same upscale level that their desk is.  If you’re going to need a book case or file cabinet it’s always easiest to buy from the same manufacturer and same line if possible.


Executive Desk


Executive Desk Sets

Instead of buying accessories separately you also have the option of purchasing executive desk sets.   Solid wood desk sets are also sometimes also called executive office suites and along with a desk many of these include items such wall units, library walls, and file cabinets, all of which are made to match each other perfectly. Often times if you find a good deal these can be way cheaper than purchasing each one separately as many people end up doing in the long run anyway.  So if you don’t have any accessories yet, and know you will need to buy some in the future, you can definitely save some money up front by purchasing them in a set.

Executive Desk


Engineered wood executive desk sets can also end up being a really good buy.  These will typically include a matching hutch, file cabinet, and of course desk.  As with engineered wood desks, they are cheaper than the solid wood option.  This can be very appealing because it means you can find many sets that will furnish your entire office for cheaper than the price of a solid wood desk alone.

 Executive Desk

Executive Desk Chairs

Every executive office desk needs a good chair.  The very nature of this type of desk and there elegant looks seem to demand a chair which is bigger and better looking than most.  However of course the one you choose should match the style and color of your individual desk.  A favorite choice for owners of solid wood desks are high back tufted leather executive desk chairs and for good reason.  Tufted leather goes hand in hand with luxury and you can easily find them in shades and colors that complement not only your desk but your office as well.  Many of these will feature a rolled headrest, are super comfy, and look phenomenal with traditional decor.


Executive Desk


Leather chairs in general really look great when paired with any type of executive desk.  And there are also many other options to choose from that have any number of fabulous features such as being able to recline, having flip-up arms, and many, many, more.  There are even very modern looking ones which would be perfect for someone with a modern executive desk and are extremely stylish.


Executive Desk


Faux leather and mesh can also make for some quality executive desk chairs.  These are a great way to go if you don’t want to use animal products or just prefer them in general.  An added bonus is that they are generally cheaper as well.  As with leather though, a high-back really goes the best with an executive desk.

Executive Desk

Elegant, extremely professional, and large enough to accommodate even the largest work space requirements, an executive desk is an investment to be enjoyed for years to come.  And no matter what material or style you choose, you will be awed at the elegance that only these desks can offer.  Best of all, you can feel like the boss every time you sit down to work, whether you really are or not.

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The Desk Fan Resource Guide

Desk Fan

Desk fans are normally fans that are small and portable.  These two features allow them to fit on top of a desk without causing too much clutter and at the same time make them easy to move and put away if needed.  They are ideal for both office and home use during the summer months.  Not only can they help to keep your electric bill down when working or relaxing at home, but will make sure you’re cool and comfortable when in the office regardless of if there is air conditioning or not.  If you are hot and sweaty there is no way you can be your most productive. The many desk fan options available can help you deal with that problem and at a temperature which is just right for you.

Questions To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Desk Fan

What Are You Going To Use It For?

Each type of desk fan has its own advantages and functions for which it really shines.  Deciding first what purpose your desk fan will serve will help you to quickly eliminate options that don’t fit what you need.  Are you looking for something to cool down an entire room? Just you at your desk? Keep your electronics from getting too hot?  Are you going to travel with it?  Do you want a fan that will add to your home décor?  Thinking about what you want your fan to do first will save you from wasting money on a fan that doesn’t fit your needs.

How Much Space Do You Have?

While all desk fans are considered small, some are much smaller than others.  Realistically look at the space you will be using it and decide on a desk fan that will fit.  A 12” desk fan might be perfect for your nightstand but be too big for your cramped workspace for example.  So when you know what you want your fan to accomplish then look at your space and you will be able to further narrow down your choices.

Desk Fan


How Much Sound Do You Want It To Make?

Do you prefer a silent desk fan?  A quiet desk fan?  Or something in-between?  Many people purchase a desk fan obviously to keep cool, but also to help them concentrate.  A fan which can produce enough sound to block out the noise of voices, footsteps, etc. might really help you to be able to do so.   Many people find that the constant, monotonous, sound of the fan blades themselves also really improve their focus.  Yet, there are others who may find this distracting and also don’t want to bother their coworkers if they are working in close quarters.  There are many ultra quiet choices for you if this is the case so don’t worry.    Another way to go could be to purchase a desk fan which makes a moderate amount of sound, which is not enough to be distracting but also helps to block out background noise as well.  Or the sound it makes might not be a consideration for you, you might not care at all, but it’s a good thing to ask yourself.

Desk Fan

2 of the Best Desk Fan Features to Look For

With a ton of choices in size, style, and functions there are two features in particular which are almost always helpful.  Being light in weight will make a desk fan easy to deal with.  This means easy to carry, reposition, transport, and less damage done (hopefully) if it should happen to fall.  A longer cord can also be very convenient as you won’t have to worry about purchasing a fan only to realize your desk is too far away from the plug.  What happens if you move your desk?  An extension cord is not always an option and can sometimes be a safety hazard.   A longer cord can save a ton of frustration. While both are not a necessity by any means, they do make things a lot easier when purchasing a desk fan.

The Best Desk Fan Options

Whether you are looking for something more traditional, modern, big or small, there is a desk fan for every space and function.  Here are the top choices:

A Desk Fan / Table Fan

A standard type desk fan looks similar to a pedestal fan but shorter, smaller, and will normally have blades which can range in size from 6”-12” inches in diameter that are made from metal or plastic.  They almost always use a standard electrical cord as they require more power than smaller desk options.  Sometimes they are referred to as table fans and will typically have at least three speeds and some have more.   Fans in this group oscillate so they can keep quite a decent sized area cool.

Desk Fan

Unlike desk fans in the past today many have features such as a remote, LED lights, and can tilt to a wide range of angles.   Desk fans can be used in any room of the house and on any flat surface, table, or desk.  In fact many people purchase them for their bedrooms not only to keep them cool at night but to help block out noise.   Some models can really move quite a bit of air which means you won’t have to use your air conditioning as much if you are in a smaller room.

A High Velocity Desk Fan / Air Circulator

A more powerful option is a high velocity desk fan.  These are also sometimes advertised as air circulators because they can function very well to circulate air throughout a room.  Many can also be adjusted to distribute air at virtually any angle even straight up and even more than sixty feet away.  A high velocity desk fan can also really cool down an entire room on a hot day or be used in conjunction with air conditioning to circulate the cool air which can make a surprising impact. While some are a little too large to be used on small desks, they are extremely popular with people willing to pay a little more than the cost of standard type fans for the extra power and cooling effect.  If you work in an office environment that is hot, humid, or needs circulation one of these is the best answer.

Desk Fan

Your work mates will thank you as they are definitely powerful enough to cool down a much larger area than other fan types and are very quiet despite their strength.  On the higher speeds some can help to produce some white noise if you need it to concentrate or many people even use one on a night stand, table, or desk near their bed to help them sleep.  Top models will often have up to four speeds, a remote, and timer.  The most well-known and trusted brands in this category are Ozeri, Vornado, and Honeywell.  Ozeri high velocity desk fans are considered outstanding and are famous for their ability to oscillate while moving vertically at the same time (dual oscillation).

Desk Fan


A Personal Air Circulator is another way to go if you are looking for power in an even smaller package.  Buying one of these will really make sure you’re comfy and many like the one shown below can actually cool down a small room by themselves.  They are cheaper, smaller, and depending on your situation, often more than enough fan for a desk, cubicle, or small office space that will easily fit even in a tight spot.

 Desk Fan

A Tower Desk Fan

If you have a limited amount of space but really need to stay cool a tower desk fan can be a lifesaver. These get their name from their vertical body that is similar in shape to a tower.  They are actually also sometimes referred to as mini tower fans as they really are a smaller version of full size tower fans that are used to stand on the floor.  Normally they are anywhere between 11”-14” tall. The main advantage of this type of fan is their slim design which will take up only a very small amount of desk space.

Desk Fan


This can be particularly convenient when oscillating because unlike standard type desk fans with a round face they don’t need to take up any more room to do so.  While some will twist on their base, others have a pivoting top nodule also called a twist top.  Some even have two pivoting nodules which can distribute air in opposite directions at the same time.  Tower desk fans are also more efficient in when it comes to air flow than many other types of fans and are very quiet.   Some models are even silent.   Another reason many consumers choose one of these over other varieties is their sleek design which can come off as much more luxurious looking which many also find more visually appealing in an office or professional environment.  A typical model will have at least two speeds and many come with extras such as a timer, easy to carry handle, and even a remote.


 Desk Fan

A Retro Desk Fan / Vintage Desk Fan

A different option and one that is often unfortunately overlooked by many people is a retro desk fan or sometimes called a vintage desk fan, whichever you prefer.  These can be a fantastic choice for someone looking to add vintage style or just a classy looking and extremely functional desk accessory to their work space. The best part is you get the retro look but all the technology of today.  Many of these are actually made by companies who have been manufacturing fans for more than a century!

Desk Fan


And of course they have a guard that does not allow fingers (especially those of young children) to get through to the metal blade, as many fans in the past did not,  which makes them very safe to use as well.  Unlike other types of desk fans these are heavier, usually around nine or ten pounds as they are meant to be sturdy, strong, and reliable.  And while you will pay more money for a retro desk fan, don’t forget that they are meant to be like a work of art, adding to the style of your office or home work space. Luckily there are quite a few different styles and finishes to choose from.  Most are made from all metal construction and many are available in bronze, nickel, and chrome finishes.  But many companies offer a variety of other color options to match your existing decor also.  There are even a few really small inexpensive plastic retro desk fans that use a USB.

Desk Fan

A Bladeless Desk Fan

The most hi-tech way to go is a bladeless desk fan.  Instead of using normal fan blades these draw air in, and then accelerate it through an aperture.  This acceleration works to cool the air which is then dispersed into the room much more smoothly and quietly than using a fan with blades.  Bladeless fans can be very attractive as they really portray a modern look and even one that is futuristic.  They also are perfect for someone who does not want the inconvenience of having to have to clean their fan blades, as these don’t have any, and are looking for something extremely energy efficient.

Desk Fan

An added plus is that a bladeless desk fan will always also be a guaranteed conversation piece.   While there are quite a few very small and very cheap options, the vast majority of these are not worth it. You are much better off going with a good brand.  Dyson is the most well-known and trusted as they have some top-notch options particularly in their Air Multiplier line. But, you will have to pay for that quality.  Not too worry if you don’t want to shell out too much cash, brands like Airso can be found for about half the price and are very well-rated.


A Mini Desk Fan 

Many times a small desk fan is all you need, or you just don’t have room for a larger one.  If that is the case a mini desk fan is ideal.  With the average size being 6” and smaller, you will be able to fit one even in a very tight space.  Mini desk fans are cheap, small, and don’t require much power to run.  They are meant to keep you cool when placed close to you on a desk or table top however they are not fans which are meant to keep an entire small office space or room cool.  This is why they are also called personal fans.  If you are sitting within a few feet and have it aimed at you, expect a nice cool breeze.

Desk Fan

Don’t expect one to oscillate or have many speeds; most just have one or two.  A mini desk fan is small so that means portable and easy to take with you on trips or set up in all types of places.  While some use an electric cord, others use a USB, and some are battery powered.  Most of the time they are constructed from all metal, plastic, or a combination of both.  There are also many shapes and styles to choose from, even ones that have clip on bases and some even have cloth blades like the one pictured below. Mini desk fans are also a cheap and easy way to keep electronics cool and by doing so prolong their life.

Desk Fan

A USB Desk Fan

No longer are the days when you need to plug your fan into the wall or power strip. Now there are many desk fan options that plug right into any USB port instead.  This makes it possible for your fan to be powered by your computer or laptop and will allow you to use it wherever you use them such as in a coffee shop, library, virtually anywhere.  Some even come with additional USB ports so you can charge other devices too. These fans are generally smaller and it is their smaller size which allows them to use less power. Many are what are called mini desk fans and they come in all types, even bladeless.

Desk Fan

Because they are smaller and require less power many are silent as well.  Just remember if you are going to be plugging yours into the back of a computer which is below your desk as opposed to a laptop or tablet make sure you buy one with a long cord.   While you can find many super cheap fans of this type for only a few dollars you are much better off spending a few bucks more and purchasing one from a reputable brand which won’t cost that much more at all, and will save you from having to buy another one when you realize how inferior it really is. The Arctic Freeze fan shown below can often be found for under $20, is very reliable, and an all-around fantastic buy.


A Clip On Desk Fan                                                                                                                           

Unlike other fans which use a base to stand, a clip on desk fan uses a clip to firmly attach to your desk. The main advantages of choosing one of these are that they are inexpensive, compact, and extremely versatile.  You can find top quality brands that will last for years for under thirty dollars and sometimes even fewer than twenty.  It’s worth the extra few dollars purchasing from a reputable manufacturer not only to get a good machine but also for the strong clip.

For the most part, the majority of clip on desk fans have fan blades of around 5”- 6” in diameter.  Most do not oscillate (rotate) but you can definitely find some models that do if that is what you need.  While some have only one speed the better brands will have two.    You will also have a choice of power sources as well.  Most use electric cords but there are also USB and battery powered models.

Desk Fan

Tower style clip on desk fans are yet another choice.  They provide a slimmer design than traditional round-shaped fans andmany people also find them more attractive and sleek-looking too!  A tower style clip on fan usually is more efficient than other styles and you can adjust it to work vertically, horizontally, or somewhere in-between for whatever your unique desk space requirements are.

One extremely popular option in this category are clip on fans with adjustable necks and foam blades.  Their flexible necks allow for even greater versatility in terms of adjusting them and where you can clip them. The soft foam blades don’t need to be enclosed as they are totally safe. In fact they are so safe that many moms choose to use them with their babies and they can even attach to strollers.  Typically these are cheaper and more portable than your standard clip on desk fan but usually only have one speed setting and don’t oscillate.  It just depends what you are looking for.

Desk Fan

Their small size and ability to clip-on a variety of objects not only your desk, really makes a clip on desk fan regardless of the style, an excellent choice especially for someone who does not have a lot of space available.  A clip on desk fan can also be attached to shelving and cabinets above your desk or even chairs to save even more room.   Some people even like to put one under their desk and even a nail in a wall can often be enough of a platform to clip one onto if your have nowhere else to do so.

Other than at the desk these versatile little fans really can work just about anywhere.  They are often used to keep electronics cool, circulate air, keep small areas like bathrooms and closets at a comfortable temperature, on treadmills, in dorm rooms, cubicles, and are fantastic on boats where a fan with a base would have major problems.

Clip on desk fans can also really help to prevent arguments between roommates and couples over temperature because they can easily be used near the bed for someone who likes it cooler than others. Some people even use them to circulate air for plants like orchids. And because they are so light-weight and portable they can also be brought outside for use on patio tables, porches, and outdoor bars.   Really the options are only limited by your own creativity!Desk Fan

A very helpful feature to look for is rubber teeth on the clip which will give it extra gripping power and protect your desk at the same time.  Another convenient one which isn’t necessary but nice to have is a removable base. This allows your desk fan be clipped on or used with a base instead depending your situation.

There so many options that there really is no excuse to stay cool while at your desk. Decide on what you will use it for, how much space you have, and how much sound you want it to make, and you will be well on your way to being more comfortable and more productive.  Best of all you’ll finally be able to do so at a temperature that is to your own choosing.

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Mirrored Desks Made Easy

Mirrored Desk

We all know that mirrors reflect, however this trait is only one of many which makes them one of the most unique and visually stunning materials to work with inside the home.  This is particularly true when used on furniture.  Many homeowners don’t even realize this is an option and overlook one of the most attractive and functional choices of all, a mirrored desk.

Why A Mirrored Desk?

There are many reasons to choose mirrored desk furniture over other styles and types. The best of which are:

-It’s Luxurious

A mirrored desk is one luxurious looking piece of furniture.  No matter in what room it is placed, or what function it is given, it will serve to add a sense of elegance and class to any space.

-It Often Looks Much More Expensive Than It Is

Like with any type of furniture, prices can vary.  However, one of the best things about a mirrored desk is that no matter what you paid for it, it will almost certainly look as if it cost much more.  And in many cases, much, much, more.

-It’s Incredibly Versatile

Whether you are looking to portray Hollywood glam style, something more classic, modern, or something in-between, it doesn’t matter.  A mirrored desk will go fabulously well with any style room or décor.  It also goes with any and every color scheme, and is gender neutral so it could work just as well for a man’s desk or a woman’s vanity.

Mirrored Desk

-It’s Timeless

You won’t have to ever worry about your mirrored desk going out of style because that is impossible.  It’s a timeless piece of furniture that will be just as chic today as in countless future years, no matter what styles are popular.

– It Can Add Light To Any Space

A mirrored desk can add light to any space unlike any other type of furniture can.  That’s because it actually can be used to reflect light into the room.  Many people choose one just for this reason alone.  There are many dramatic ways you can use this feature by the placement of your desk to increase the light in the room, how sparkly your desk looks, etc.

-It Can Be Used To Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Their ability to reflect and thus bring light into a room is a simple way to help create the feeling of more space, and doesn’t require knocking down any walls to do so. A mirrored desk can help to open up an otherwise cramped space or room as a whole by the light it brings in and also by the reflection you see when you look directly at it. This reflection of your flooring or whatever is opposite the desk, can trick your eyes into thinking you are looking into a much deeper space than is obviously there.   Don’t worry this won’t make a large room look enormous, but will definitely help a much smaller or narrower one feel larger.

Mirrored Desk

-It’s a Great Conversation Piece

Because they look so stunning, mirrored desks are always an instant conversation piece.  That plus the fact that they are just not seen as often as other types of furniture, means your guests will be instantly drawn to admire your elegant and light reflecting desk!  Prepare for many compliments.

 Types Of Mirrored Desk Furniture

Unlike with other types of desks there is not a huge range of styles when it comes to mirrored desks.  While the majority of desks are mirrored on all of their surfaces even the legs, some are only partly mirrored and incorporate other materials such as wood trim or an antique silver finish, it depends on the model.  Tinted mirrors and beveled edges are also options too.  The one thing to watch out for is the fact that even though a mirrored desk may be marketed, labeled, or advertised as serving one function such as a vanity desk for example, most can be used for other functions too.  Mirrored desks are also commonly described as mirrored consoles, mirrored console tables, and mirrored accent tables.  So be sure not to overlook one you like if it is not described as exactly what you are looking for. What’s being sold as a mirror accent table could almost always be used as a writing desk or vanity too.  Think about what you need, and if the product can work and the dimensions fit, go for it!

Mirrored Desk


A Mirrored Vanity Desk

Probably the most popular of all uses for this type of furniture is as a mirrored vanity desk or sometimes called a mirrored desk vanity.  Most often they are used in the bedroom or many times even a walk-in closet.  They make an absolutely perfect choice for anyone who wants a gorgeous looking desk to use when applying makeup and keep their cosmetics stored in a neat and organized manner.  Some of the best mirrored vanity desks like the best-selling one shown below are advertised as mirrored consoles.  A good one will have at least two large drawers below the desk top for you to keep a ton of makeup, jewelry, and odds and ends.

Mirrored Desk

There are also many which have more; normally this will be two narrower ones on each side of the desk and one wide drawer in the center for a total of five.   Although not as common sometimes you can find a mirrored desk vanity with drawers on top of the desk as well. Many drawers are actually velvet lined which makes them ideal for storing valuables and delicate items that need protection from being scratched or damaged.

Purchasing one of these is a smart idea if you already have a vanity mirror.  This is usually the cheapest way to go.  Or of course you could always buy your mirrored desk first and then get a matching mirror later, it’s up to you.

If you don’t already have a mirror yet, another option is to go for a 3 piece vanity set which includes a vanity, mirror, and bench.  While there aren’t many with surfaces that are mirrored as much as a mirrored vanity desk you can still find some really sensational looking sets that have mirror panel insets on the counter top of the vanity.

Mirrored Desk


A Mirrored Writing Desk

A mirrored writing desk can be phenomenal looking addition to any home office, bedroom, or really any room of the house.  And one which is not just for show but functional just like a normal desk would be, only much more attractive and lavish looking.  Just like with a vanity, depending on whether you need a little or lot of storage, there are desks which start with two drawers and up.  Some mirrored writing desks can even portray a very traditional style.  The one in the picture below uses antique silver scratch-resistant mirrored panels along with gold and silver leafing and graceful cabriole legs to create desk which is royal in appearance.

Mirrored Desk


Again, just because it’s not described as mirrored writing desk doesn’t mean you can’t use it as one.  All consoles can be used as desk and should have more than enough room for you to fit your lamp, computer, and more.


A Mirrored Desk Makes For A Glamorous Accent Table

Another really smart way to use a mirrored desk is as an accent table. You will actually see when shopping around for a mirrored desk, that most models will have photos of the desk being used in this way.  Why? Because it looks fantastic!  Because they can help to really open up a space, any entryway or foyer can make the ideal spot for one, especially if they are in need of some light.   Hallways as well can benefit immensely from using a mirrored desk particularly ones that are narrow or where other furniture pieces could not fit.  The living and even dining room can work extraordinarily well too!  Using one to complement other mirrored furniture always works too, and they make a unique bedside table which can always be used as desk if need be.   You can also place flowers, books, pictures, candles, sculptures, decorative bowls, antiques, or any number of accessories on top to display, it’s up to you.

The Top 3 Accessories To Go With Your Mirrored Desk

A Ghost Chair

Anything clear goes incredibly well with all mirrored furniture and a ghost chair is just that. Whether you choose a mirrored vanity desk or writing desk you will need a chair, and clear is one of the most attractive ways to go.  Because you can see right through it, it will not block your view of your desk as other types of chairs would, and won’t block the light it reflects either.   It’s really a win-win solution.  It provides sturdy seating, adds to the beauty of your desk and other decor, and doesn’t block its light or reflection in the process.  They are also just incredibly stylish looking!

Mirrored Desk

An Acrylic Makeup Storage Organizer

This is another clear option that won’t take away from your mirrored vanity desk, but add to it.  And of course it is a super functional and easy way to store your makeup and even jewelry.  The fact that you can instantly see where everything is will save you a ton of time whenever you sit down at your vanity to put on your makeup.

Mirrored Desk

Other Mirrored Furniture Of Course!

Mirrored desks obviously go great when paired with other mirrored furniture.  There are all types of mirrored drawers, cabinets, and tables for you to choose from.  Not only that but you can also use furniture that is partially mirrored,has mirror accent panels, or use mirror tiles to match your desk.

Mirrored Desk

Regardless of what you use your mirrored desk for, you’ll be sure to be amazed with the look, light, and reflections that only mirrors can bring.  Elegance, function, and stunning good looks along with the many other features of this special type of furniture will no longer just be words but what you experience on a daily basis.

3 Extra Mirrored Desk Furniture Tips

-Always be sure when screwing in knobs and drawer handles that you don’t do so too tightly as this is the most common way to crack the glass on the drawer panels.

-Another thing you need to remember if you are putting your desk together at home, is to always protect the face of your desk when adding the legs.  Putting it face down on the floor even on carpet without using a soft blanket or sheet as protection, can sometimes lead to scratches and scuffs. This never feels good especially if it could have been easily avoided.

Mirrored Desk

-Don’t forget to use its biggest asset: its reflectiveness, to your advantage.  Be sure to try your desk in different spots in the room to see how you can play on the different reflections created, you will often times be very pleasantly surprised with the end result!

Able to complement any style room a mirrored desk will add an unmatched sense of elegance wherever it is used. Timeless and versatile it will even add light to your space or make the room look even bigger if that’s what you need.  There really is no other  type of desk as unique,reflective, and glamorous.  Best of all with looks and functions like these you’ll always be guaranteed to get more than you pay for.

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Folding Desks: A 5 Minute Crash Course

Folding Desk

Realistically it is not always convenient or practical to have a large heavy desk.  In fact more often than not, a desk which can save space and is easy to move is much more desirable.  A folding desk can makes work, studying, and play much more convenient, comfortable, and affordable.

The Top Reasons To Choose A Folding Desk

-Make Anywhere Your Office

The fact that the majority of  folding desks are portable can be a huge advantage over other types of desks, tables, and other work surfaces. It allows you the option of being able to work anywhere you like and make any room in the house your office.  You are no longer limited to a single space, which many times does not have the best view or feel to help you become inspired and more productive. For example you could enjoy the morning view of your garden but then maybe in the afternoon switch it up to a different spot.  It’s up to you!  You can even use one when on the move, as they are also the “go to,” choice of many RV owners, vacationers, and business people who travel.

Folding Desk

-The Best Gift For University Students and Young Professionals

Every student and young professional needs a place to work, study, and use their computer when at home.  However, the vast majority of young people will end up moving quite a few times which can be incredibly be not only costly if you have a heavy desk or work table, but can risky to deal with on your own as you could not only damage your desk but even worse hurt yourself trying to move it.  A folding desk makes things simple, just fold and go!

-The Look Of More Permanent Furniture Without The Price Tag

Luckily many folding desks are so attractive they allow you to be able to own furniture which look and feels like much more expensive than permanent options.  Many models, especially ones made from wood, can look very luxurious and really work to accent or complement any space.  This means you can enjoy both their function and their beauty.

Folding Desk

-Perfect Answer For Vacation Homes

If you own a vacation home, cottage, or condos a folding desk could be your perfect furniture solution.  The fact that many are portable and of course foldable means you can easily store them away when leaving for the season and open them up again when you come back.  This along with the fact that you can really find some good looking pieces that look much more expensive than they are means you won’t have to drop a ton of cash to furnish your second home.

-Sizes and Types For All Needs

There really folding desks to fit every need whether you are a working professional, student, young child, or anyone else.  And also in many materials to match your décor, style, and preference.  From folding laptop desks to ones mounted on the wall you are sure to find one that not only fits your needs but that you love.


Folding Desk

-Easy Storage Means Less Clutter

While some people don’t have the space to deal with a full size desk, others just don’t want to deal with the clutter they know will be sure to accumulate on it if it is left out.  These problems are both easily solved because folding desks can be kept under the sofa, bed, in the closet, or even under an existing table or desk.

-Not just For Work

Folding desks are not only for working, they can be actually ideal for many other activities and uses as well.  Many models make an excellent choice for use as a table for eating dinner while watching your favorite TV or a movie with the family.  A folding desk also can be used for gaming consoles and even as a TV stand.

Folding Desk

Folding Desk Options:

A Folding Office Desk  / Folding Writing Desk

While the term folding desk can encompass really any type of desk that has the ability to fold usually it is used to describe a folding office desk or folding writing desk as they considered to be the same thing.    Almost all of these are made from wood.  There are many very attractive 100% solid wood options like beechwood  for example.  You can also find a variety of finishes from the natural color of the wood itself to warm brown, espresso, and even darker depending on your taste.  A great feature of many of these is that they come fully assembled so you won’t have to waste any time on your hands and knees putting them together.   And of course the most important thing is that they can quickly and effortlessly be stored away usually by flipping the top of the desk back and folding the legs inward.   When folded desks are normally only a few inches wide which is ultra-convenient for storage. Some even have lockable wheels to make storage even easier.

Folding Desk


A Folding Computer Desk

To be considered a folding computer desk there are no strict requirements which means that many of the desks that are advertised as a “folding desk with a pullout tray” could really be considered to be a computer desk too.  So if you are searching for a folding computer desk don’t overlook one which is not advertised as such, as many folding writing or office desks might be just what you’re looking for.  Many folding office desks even have extra shelves underneath that would easily fit a computer tower or any other equipment.


Folding Desk


Folding computer desks are usually made from wood or wood with a steel frame, but also sometimes other synthetic materials too.  The main advantage of purchasing one is that it is specifically designed to provide space for your speakers, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and more.  Many allow you to use your mouse right on the desk without any pad.   While some folding computer desks don’t have as much room for writing as a folding office or writing desk, many can be even lighter in weight and more portable than other varieties.   Just like other types of folding desks, a folding computer desk often will come pre-assembled so you can start using it, or store it away right out of the box no tools needed.  While some desks require the top to be taken off to be folded (which is very easy) others don’t it just depends on the brand and model.


Folding Desk


A Folding Laptop Desk

A smaller way to go especially if you are going to be using a laptop or tablet is a folding laptop desk.  Most of these are also made from very handsome looking woods and have lockable hinges to keep the desk legs secure.  These are a very popular option for many other uses besides work, such as a tray for eating while watching TV because they are not only bigger than other TV tray options  but are more stable and classier looking. They are also fantastic for kids who like to draw or do homework while sitting on the couch and are made to fold up very slim so they can slide right under your sofa or bed.   Many people use them for all of these things.  Portable and functional is always convenient whether in the home, on a trip, or somewhere with limited space.

Folding Desk


A Folding Lap Desk

Folding lap desks are the most portable and inexpensive folding option and that also makes them the most popular.  You can use them in your bed, the car, while sitting on the couch, floor, or even outdoors.  A folding lap desk can also make an excellent standing desk when placed on top of another table or desk top.  They are also ideal for placing on top of low coffee tables or desk surfaces which you would normally have to bend down to work which can saving you a ton of back pain.   Folding lap desks are also always a smart backup desk for when you are stuck sick in bed but don’t want to lose out on a day’s work.

Folding Desk


There are many different types, colors, styles, and materials to choose from as this group has the widest selection.  While some desks have legs that fold under others have ones which fold up on either side of the desk surface, it all depends on what you prefer.

Some are made specifically for laptops and tablets and will have ventilation holes to keep them cool. A few even have built in fans to do so. This type of folding lap desk is perfect for reading books and travelling and the majority are made from aluminum alloy.  The best are lockable in many different angles and heights to allow you to work comfortably and safely wherever you choose to do so.  If you need more room to use a mouse, there are also detachable mouse pads you can purchase as well.

Folding Desk

A storage folding lap desk lets kids enjoy the perks of having a portable surface to write, draw, and play on too. Because they are usually made from plastic they are lightweight and easy to clean. The top can open for safe storage of all kinds of items including papers, notebooks, pencils, crayons, and more while the legs fold under for easy storage.  And course young students or anyone else can use a small folding desk like one of these too for any number of school, work, or fun tasks.

Folding Desk



A  folding bed tray can also work exceptionally well as a lap desk.  This is because quality ones are sturdy and easy to clean.  They also can just be gorgeous!  And you will always have the option of using it  for it intended job which is to allow you to eat a meal comfortable in bed.


A Wall Mounted Folding Desk

A wall mounted folding desk also called a folding wall desk is yet another brilliant choice for anyone who needs a desk but has limited space. Like the name suggests they are mounted to the wall so they aren’t portable like other types of folding desks, but you won’t have to store them away anywhere either. There are some really stylish and functional desks to choose from particularly what are called fold-out convertible desks.  This type is usually made from wood and fold out to reveal a desk top sometimes with legs, and some models even include handy items like shelves, bill organizers, drawers, and even corkboards to post photos and important reminders. When you are finished the desk simply folds up into a chic looking wooden storage box on the wall.

Folding Desk


There are also many wall-mounted desks that are even simpler in design with just a desk or table top that folds up or down depending on the brand or model. They come in many different materials even polished stainless steel.  Some are marketed as both desks and tables because they can function as both while others are called drop-leaf folding tables. The Ikea folding desk below is a good example.

Folding Desk


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a something small to travel with, a more permanent desk, or a surface which could double as a table, folding desks are the answer.  So get ready to save some space, reduce your clutter, and stay comfy, because having a desk doesn’t have to mean big, bulky, expensive, or stationary.  A folding desk is your solution for freedom.

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Desk Pads For Comfort And Protection

Desk Pads

In the past people realized that writing on a hard desk surface especially when using fountain pens, was not the best way to go.  The desk pad was invented to provide the flat smooth surface needed to write on, and also a barrier from the ink which could spill and soak into the desk itself.  Desk pads could soak up this ink and were very comfortable to write on. For these reasons they are sometimes still referred to as a desk writing pad or a desk blotter pad.  They worked so well that when we started using ball point pens and even computers, desk pads were not abandoned and still are the best option for your desk top today.

Why Should You Use A Desk Pad?

Protect Your Desk

Whether you have an expensive desk or not you need to protect it from the hazards of daily work.  Scratches, stains, and heat damage from computers can ruin a gorgeous desk and instantly turn it from a place of inspiration into an eyesore.  You are much better off playing it safe with a desk pad.  This can be particularly true if there are young children using it.

Desk Pads-A Comfortable Writing Surface

The best spaces for in regard to both productivity and creativity are ones which are comfortable.  A desk pad will provide a writing surface which is flat and comfy.  This can reduce fatigue, common writing annoyances which will equal better work and results when at your desk.

-Stylish Colors and Materials To Complement Any Desk Space

Regardless of the style of office or desk you have you will be sure to find a pad which will look fantastic with it and even add possibly accent it as well.  There are many materials and styles to choose from each in their own colors and with their own advantages to make sure your desk space looks its best while being protected and being comfortable to use.

Desk Pads

-Sizes For Every Desk

There is a large range of sizes available to fit every desk.  Pads are rectangular in shape and can range from about 12” x 17” all the way up to 35” x 71” for a very large desk pad.  Pads that are 19” x 24” are probably the most common, but sizes really are determined by the brand and that means there are a ton of them.

The Many Types Of Desk Pads

There are quite a few different types of pads to choose from all made to perform a specific job:

Standard Type Desk Pad

While there are many varieties to choose from, what most people consider to be a standard desk pad is one made from synthetic materials . These are the most popular option as they are inexpensive and their simplicity can be very attractive.  The majority of desk pads in this group are black in color but some manufacturers also offer quite a few others colors to choose from, even pink.  They will have an anti-slip backing such as felt or an anti-skid micro-foam, to keep the pad from shifting or sliding when in use, which is also soft so that it will not damage the desk underneath. One of the biggest benefits of this type of pad is that it is easy to clean, only needing a quick wipe down with a cloth and household cleaner like Windex.  This can be very important especially if you eat or drink coffee at your desk.

Desk PadsThis type of pad is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of things. They do provide a comfy and soft writing surface, but many people also choose to use them to protect their desks and tables not only from being scratched when writing but from computers as well (from the heat and being scratched).  Smaller desk pads can be used under a keyboard and as a mouse pad, while larger ones can be used under laptops and computer monitors their keyboards and still provide space for writing as well.

Desk Pads

The best desk pads will have a non-glare surface, like ones with a dull matte finish so that light will not be reflected from desk lamps or other lights which can be incredibly distracting and annoying when trying to work.  They will also self-heal so that there are no writing imprints or nicks left on the pad after using it. Another feature of many of the better brands which has become quite popular is the use of antimicrobial properties such as Microbran which will protect your desk pad from bacteria, mold, and mildew which in turn prevents odors, deterioration, staining, and keeps it cleaner.  Synthetic or faux- leather desk pad can be an upscale looking choice that is cheaper than real leather and easier to clean.

Clear desk pad/transparent desk pad

If you are looking for a pad but do not want one which is opaque or solid-colored a clear desk pad also called a transparent desk pad is perfect for the job.  Most people decide on one of these if they want to place photos, cards, or pictures that they can see under their pad while working.  They also are an option for someone who has a really attractive desk or table that they want to protect yet still be able to see or have a pad which does not interfere with other colors in the office.

Desk Pads

Clear desk pads should have a non-glare surface and will have a non-slip back as well. This type of pad is usually made from polycarbonate, PVC, or recycled PET.  When purchasing a transparent desk pad if you want one that is 100% see- through make sure it says that it is advertised as crystal-clear or you at least see a picture of the product because some are actually translucent not transparent.  Some people like translucent pads, it’s up to your own taste, and both can look amazing.

Desk Pads


Curved Desk Pad

Yet another take on this wonderful desk accessory is the curved desk pad.  As opposed to having four straight edges like other pads, these will have one which is curved. That curve is formed by a pencil ledge often made from wood that can hold pens, pencils, or other writing or drawing tools.  This curve, especially when made from wood can add a sense of style, and work to accent your desk or other décor in the room.  It’s just another good-looking option.

Desk Pads

Leather desk pad/ desk pad leather

Perhaps the most attractive and luxurious looking choice is a leather desk pad.  These may also be called or marketed as an executive desk pad.  You can usually find these in gorgeous browns and blacks that are ideal for any formal looking desk or anyone who just loved the look and feel that only quality top-grain leather can bring.  A leather desk pad is a simple yet very functional way to add sense elegance to any office space. The vast majority will have a felt backing and side rails which allow for blotter paper, a calendar, or just used to store something like business cards.  Some even have side rails made from attractive woods like walnut.  Like other pads they can be used under computer monitors, laptops, for writing and more.

 Desk Pads


Custom desk pad

For those looking for a pad that is a little different there are always custom desk pads as well.  This type of pad is normally made from rubber and functions like a typical desk pad but has is designed with custom images.  Many times this means popular cartoons, along with game and anime characters, and scenes.  Custom desk pads can be quite thick which is good news for someone who wants to add some personal flavor to their works space but also like to rest their wrists very comfortably.  Some of the colors on the top-end pads are really stunning.

Desk Pads


Desk pad calendar/desk calendar pad/desk pad calendars/weekly desk pad

A little different than the other types available a desk calendar pad is a large calendar which functions as a pad.  Using one means protecting your desk and keeping organized at the same time.  You can take notes, schedule in appointments or plans, and of course use it as a pad under whatever else you need to write one.  A desk pad calendar will show each month on its own page and typically the upcoming months for the rest of the year much smaller on the bottom.  The better brands will allow you to tuck the pages in so that they are protected.  Unlike other desk pads these don’t have an anti-slip backing and because they are paper you must be careful with your beverages, food, and of course sauce when eating near your desk as they will be sure to leave stains. If you write with too much force it will also probably leave an impression in the calendar underneath.  That being said desk pad calendars are super convenient.

Desk Pads

There’s no reason to own a desk if your not going to be comfortable writing on it.  A desk pad will give you the comfort you need which can mean less fatigue and higher productivity. It will also protect your desk while doing so. With stylish colors and sizes to fit every work space, desk pads make life easy.

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