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Executive desks are known as one the most luxurious, if not the most luxurious of all of desk options.  And of course their name automatically makes you think of a desk which someone who is “high up,” or extremely successful uses. They also are sometimes called pedestal desks because of the way they are structured.  Normally they have two pedestals made up of multiple drawers with one pedestal being on the left of the user and another on the right. On top of and supported by these pedestals is a large work space.

The Top Reasons To Choose An Executive Office Desk

– Extremely Elegant

For someone looking to add an elegant look to their office an executive desk is the top option.  They are made to portray a lavish look that will add an upscale feel to any space.  And with many unbelievably attractive choices, it’s pretty easy to do so.

Perfect For Professionals

Their beauty and extravagant looks make them perfect for professionals.  Having an executive desk is a status symbol which will make customers, and clients feel confident that they are working with or for someone who is the best at what they do.   These desks portray success.


Executive Desk


Ideal For Anyone Needing A Large Yet Attractive Work Space

Another huge plus of these desks is that they offer a larger work space than conventional choices.  This makes them ideal for anyone who is working with architectural drawings or plans, uses two computer screens, or just likes or wants a bigger work space in general.

-Traditional To Modern In Style

These wonderful desks can actually run from traditional all the way to modern in style.  This makes it easy for anyone looking for an elegant, attractive, large, and professional looking workspace to find something they love.

The Big Question Solid Or Engineered Wood??

When shopping for an executive desk if you want one made from wood you will at some point have to decide whether you are going to purchase one which is solid wood or made from engineered wood.  And that depends on how elegant you want to go!

A Solid Wood Executive Desk

If you’re looking for what an executive desk was originally designed to be, one made from solid wood is it. These are big, heavy desks that are made to be not only highly decorative but also highly functional.  Solid wood executive desks often feature one of a kind wood work that is outstanding so be ready for a ton of compliments.  You’ll be able to find them in the standard rectangular shape as well as oval too, and in a variety of natural looking finishes.  Some are even two toned.


Executive Desk


Keep in mind that while you will be paying much more for one of these, you are paying for sturdy solid wood construction and luxury. You will be buying quality once, and having it for years to come.  This is often not the case with many cheaper materials.  It will actually most likely be the last desk you ever purchase. Online is hands down the best place to find good deals on solid wood desks and much easier and faster than waiting for an executive desk for sale add to come up in your local paper or furniture store.  Many times you can find them for more than 50% off of what they would be in locally and there is often more variety in both style and woodwork to boot!


Executive Desk


Also be sure to take into consideration that a solid wood executive desk can easily be a few hundred pounds, some even more than five hundred. While many come fully assembled some only partially so.  If they are semi-assembled they will typically come in two boxes, one with the two pedestals and the other with the back and top.  And while normally it will only take fifteen to thirty minutes to put one together you will need the help of at least one other person.  These desks can also be very large so make sure you measure the size the door frames you will be bringing it through before purchasing so you can ensure it will be able to get into whatever room you plan to use it with no problem.

Executive DeskSome solid wood executive desks will come with some really convenient features.  Felt lined drawers are one which are fantastic for storing valuables and possessions that could be otherwise be easily scratched.  Similar to desks of the past you can also find desks that have an inset leather panel that can function as a desk pad, and also look very classy as well.  Many executive desks come with a power strip too which is always nice and some even have a book case!


Executive Desk


An Engineered Wood Executive Desk

While a solid wood desk does provide the ultimate in elegance, it is not for everybody and many people prefer an executive desk made from engineered wood.  However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are made up of thin flimsy panels, far from it.  Made up of heavy particle board that is much tougher, thicker and stronger than your average desk, engineered wood has quite a few advantages.

While they are still heavy, desks made from engineered wood are not as heavy as solid wood which makes them still tough yet easier to move or reposition if you need to.  This plus the fact that there is also a huge variety of veneers and laminates that are used on top of engineered wood both made from real wood and other materials such as melamine means that they are available in a much greater variety.


Executive Desk


This is great news if you love the look of an executive desk but are looking for a specific color or wood that is not available in solid wood.  You can easily find many gorgeous looking woods like cherry or oak that can range in color from natural looking finishes to darker ones like espresso. In fact a sleek black executive desk can look quite stunning.  A white executive desk can also be a fantastic looking choice that isn’t normally available with solid wood.


Executive Desk


Engineered wood also allows you to enjoy different styles and shapes of desk as well.  In this category you can find much more modern looking executive desks with clean lines that are simple in design if that’s what you prefer.  For the ultimate in no frills and all function, many of these you can even purchase as shells and add on drawers if you feel like it later. Many people simply place their existing file cabinet, drawers, etc., underneath and are totally satisfied.  L shaped executive desks are yet another option which are most often made from engineered wood.  One of these will allow you to have two work spaces one on the right and on the left which is a necessity for many occupations, and will often fit perfectly in a corner space.


Executive Desk


Probably the most popular feature of this material is that is cheaper in price than solid wood.  For a few hundred dollars you can have the look of a much more expensive desk and with such good looking veneers available today, many people will assume your desk is solid wood anyway.  When buying an engineered wood desk you will have to spend some time putting it together as almost none come fully or semi-assembled so expect a minimum of thirty minutes up to a few hours depending on the model you choose.  There are many good brands to pick from in this category which you can expect to be of excellent quality such as the well-known Sauder executive desks.


Executive Desk


Other Options

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry there are always other options available as well.


Glass is another material that can be used to make some ultra-attractive desks.  Glass is often a great choice for someone looking for a very modern executive desk.   Most are just that, with sleek and minimalist designs which provide a large workspace that are first- class in both looks and quality. They are often so good-looking that they can be used as the centerpiece of the room and some are so simple in design that they can also double as tables.  An extra benefit of using glass is that it can really add a spacious feel to rooms that are a little cramped.


Executive Desk


Custom Made

You shouldn’t give up if you can’t find something you like because you can always get one custom made.  There are plenty of companies which specialize in custom made executive furniture.  By going this route you can use more exotic woods, unique designs, and have you desk built to fit your own individual space.  In fact custom made is the best choice if you need a desk that is smaller or larger than normal.  It will also guarantee that your desk will include all the features you need as it will be made to your specifications.  Doing a quick search online for “custom made executive desks” in your area and even nationwide will usually give you more than enough results to choose from that can be made to order.


Executive Desk Accessories

As with any style other type of desks, executive desks will also look and function at their maximum potential with the proper accessories.  And while not everyone needs the same things there are few that always seem to work extremely well.

A Guest Chair

If you will be dealing with clients or having meetings in your office a guest chair is a must.  Like with all executive desk chairs there is a large variety of materials and styles to choose from.  An easy and always extra handsome choice are traditional tufted leather, vinyl, or faux-leather guest chairs.  These do not have wheels and can really help to make any desk stand out.  Many people often choose two matching chairs to even the space out as opposed to just one.  They are often so good looking in fact that many homeowners will purchase them for their home office just for the added decorative effect.

Executive Desk

A Banker’s Lamp

Whether you already have adequate lighting or not a desk especially one with a large writing area such as an executive desk needs a good one. However, a normal desk lamp would look totally out of place on such a luxurious style desk so you’ll need one which is a little more extravagant looking.  A banker’s lamp is an excellent choice as you can find many which are relatively inexpensive however look much more costly than they really are.  Plus they make for a really appealing touch which can go a very long way.


Executive Desk

An Executive Desk Pad

While a few executive desks may come with an inset desk pad already, most do not.  You’ll need some protection for your desk and also a soft and comfortable writing surface to write on too.  An executive desk pad is made from leather and will give you both of these with the extra benefit of adding yet another distinguished looking touch to your desk.


Executive Desk


Matching Book Cases And File Cabinets

Luckily many companies which manufacture executive office desks also make matching accessories and furniture to go with them such as Sauder and Coaster for example.  One of the problems with executive desks is that many people don’t realize initially just how good looking they are.  This many times leads them to believe that their existing book case or file cabinet will go fine, and sometimes they do.


Executive Desk


However, it’s very common for people to purchase an executive desk and then go back and buy all new accessories so that all of their décor will be on the same upscale level that their desk is.  If you’re going to need a book case or file cabinet it’s always easiest to buy from the same manufacturer and same line if possible.


Executive Desk


Executive Desk Sets

Instead of buying accessories separately you also have the option of purchasing executive desk sets.   Solid wood desk sets are also sometimes also called executive office suites and along with a desk many of these include items such wall units, library walls, and file cabinets, all of which are made to match each other perfectly. Often times if you find a good deal these can be way cheaper than purchasing each one separately as many people end up doing in the long run anyway.  So if you don’t have any accessories yet, and know you will need to buy some in the future, you can definitely save some money up front by purchasing them in a set.

Executive Desk


Engineered wood executive desk sets can also end up being a really good buy.  These will typically include a matching hutch, file cabinet, and of course desk.  As with engineered wood desks, they are cheaper than the solid wood option.  This can be very appealing because it means you can find many sets that will furnish your entire office for cheaper than the price of a solid wood desk alone.

 Executive Desk

Executive Desk Chairs

Every executive office desk needs a good chair.  The very nature of this type of desk and there elegant looks seem to demand a chair which is bigger and better looking than most.  However of course the one you choose should match the style and color of your individual desk.  A favorite choice for owners of solid wood desks are high back tufted leather executive desk chairs and for good reason.  Tufted leather goes hand in hand with luxury and you can easily find them in shades and colors that complement not only your desk but your office as well.  Many of these will feature a rolled headrest, are super comfy, and look phenomenal with traditional decor.


Executive Desk


Leather chairs in general really look great when paired with any type of executive desk.  And there are also many other options to choose from that have any number of fabulous features such as being able to recline, having flip-up arms, and many, many, more.  There are even very modern looking ones which would be perfect for someone with a modern executive desk and are extremely stylish.


Executive Desk


Faux leather and mesh can also make for some quality executive desk chairs.  These are a great way to go if you don’t want to use animal products or just prefer them in general.  An added bonus is that they are generally cheaper as well.  As with leather though, a high-back really goes the best with an executive desk.

Executive Desk

Elegant, extremely professional, and large enough to accommodate even the largest work space requirements, an executive desk is an investment to be enjoyed for years to come.  And no matter what material or style you choose, you will be awed at the elegance that only these desks can offer.  Best of all, you can feel like the boss every time you sit down to work, whether you really are or not.

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