Loft Bed With Desk

A loft bed is a unique style of bed which elevated high above the floor using a special frame.  The fact that they are up in the air allows you to utilize the space under them for other uses.  This makes them perfect for any situation where you need to save space or use it in a smart and efficient way.  However a loft bed with desk underneath is an even better option and one which comes in many varieties guaranteeing you can find one that meets your specific needs and taste.

Who Is A Loft Bed With Desk Underneath Great For?

Children With Small Rooms

Most kids want a desk of their own.  However, it’s not always realistic based on space limitations.  Luckily a loft bed with desk underneath will give your child that opportunity plus they can enjoy the thrill of being able to safely sleep up high every night, just as if they were in their very own tree house.  Children go absolutely crazy for these beds and rightly so.

Kids Sharing A Room

Kids sharing a room can really benefit from these beds too.  Many parents buy two so that it gives them each their own bed, desk to do school work, and space underneath to call their own instead of having to share the entire area room.  And there are even options with two beds if space is really limited.

Loft Bed With Desk

Teens Who Need Their Own Space But Don’t Have Too Much To Spare

Teenagers are notorious for needing their own private space.   By using one of these space saving beds they will be able to have that a place to study and do homework even in a very cramped bedroom.  This will lead to much less friction in any household as any parent knows and that is always a good thing.  Plus they are just cool looking beds.

College Students

University and college students are often stuck in rooms which are way too small for their needs and lack personal space.  This can be especially true if they sharing a room with one or even multiple roommates.  A loft bed with desk underneath will make the most efficient use of the space they do have so that they not only have a place to study, but store extra things, and of course sleep as well.

Anyone Living In A Studio Apartment

Nowadays space is at a premium and nowhere is that more true than in big cities and expensive areas.  If you live in a studio you already know this is true firsthand.  Many people in this situation give up on ever being able to have a full size desk in their apartment; however a loft bed with desk underneath will let them have a bedroom and office in one.


Loft Bed With Desk

Anyone Just Looking To Add More Floor Space

These also really work perfectly for anyone just looking to add some more floor space to wherever they live, whether in a large or small area.  And they also make an ideal option for someone who loves the idea of being as efficient as possible with whatever space they have.


The Basics


With standard size loft beds usually you will find three different desk setups.  The largest option is a desk which is the entire length of the bed.  This will give you a very long work space and many times will come with extra shelves and a keyboard tray depending on the model.  You will commonly see this type advertised as a loft bed with workstation.  Because they give you more space to work they are perfect for students or anyone who needs or prefers a larger area to work and study or who uses multiple monitors (great for gamers).

The opposite way to go is a desk which is the width of the bed. These are smaller but still can offer a really decent size space to work or study.  Their main advantage is that that they offer more space for storage and other furniture.

A less common option is a bed which offers a corner desk.  These will be situated so that they are use the width of the bed and part of the length for the desk space.  This can give you more of an area to work with than if it were to just be the width of the bed but also still a lot of room for other furniture too.

Loft Bed With Desk


Ladders will come in two types.  While some hook on to the top of the frame and can be set at any angle you choose, others are built-in and must be climbed vertically.  Some models will actually come with multiple ladders, either one on each end or one on the end and one on the side.


All loft beds with desk underneath will have guard rails.  This is to protect you or your child from falling out of the bed at all times whether sleeping or not.

Loft Bed With Desk


Depending on the specific model you choose you will find that beds will normally range from 62”-80” with the average usually around 71” or 72”.

Weight Limit

Each bed will have its own unique weight limit.  While some can easily hold up to 800 pounds others might have a limit of about 200, so it would be wise to check out what the weight limit is especially if there is going to be more than one person sleeping in the bed.  If it will be used for a child, then you will need significantly less.

Mattress Size

Normally you will find these beds in sizes that accommodate either a twin or full size mattress. They do not come with a mattress you must purchase one separately.   A twin loft bed with desk underneath is the perfect size for kids and can work for teens too.   Remember that the larger the size of the bed frame the larger the area underneath, so for an even larger study space many people opt for a full size loft bed with desk underneath instead.  These are also great for teens, college students, and adults.  Full size beds are a good choice if you want a bed your child can grow into with room to spare.   These also are great for teens and adults and can easily sleep two.  You will also sometimes see full size models advertised as a double loft bed with desk because of the fact that full and double mattress sizes are the same.  Choosing the right size will ultimately depend on the space you have available, the size of the person using it, and your personal preference.

Loft Bed With Desk


Don’t worry, although these do need to be assembled at home, depending on the model you choose, this should only take 2-3 hours and require no skills.  Beds will come with easy step by step instructions and sometimes only require a screwdriver.

Different Materials


Metal is very popular choice when it comes to this style of bed.   Many people are automatically drawn to the strength and durability that a metal frame provides.  A metal loft bed with desk underneath can also look very modern and stylish.  This is always a plus as it can really complement your room.  Many teens and students love the look of metal as it may seem more “grown up” than wood.  Parents often choose this option if they are planning on having their child use the bed well into the future as it can also portray more of a timeless style that kids won’t grow out of.  An added benefit is that a metal loft bed with desk underneath is sometimes also cheaper than one made from wood, depending on the model and brand of course.   Typically these will be black, white, or silver in color.

Loft Bed With Desk


As with many other types of furniture, a wood loft bed with desk underneath can really make quite an impression.  It is not only a natural way to go but one which can also look incredibly upscale.  Most are made from a combination of solid hardwood and veneers so you know they are very sturdy and will last for years.  They come in many great looking woods and finishes so you can quite easily find something to match your décor and also add to the beauty of your home.

Loft Bed With Desk

Finishes can range from clear so you can really admire the natural look and color of the wood, to darker stains along with ones which are painted for example a white loft bed with desk underneath makes for an easy match and one which can also sometimes look more antique in style.  While wooden options are many times more expensive than metal ones, they really can be an investment which is not only extremely functional and used every day but serve as a really stunning piece of furniture that will be around for years to come.


Other Options That Might Work For You

Other than the standard type there are few other styles that might work better for your needs.  They are:

A Loft Bed With Desk And Storage

While many sets do have ample room to keep your things, a loft bed with desk and storage is an outstanding choice if you really want to use your space to its full potential.  These are set up so that the desk area is the width of the bed.  This allows for all sorts of drawers, cabinets, and shelves to be used while still having a large area under the bed for furniture and other things.  Because a loft bed with desk and storage can keep so many items, owning one means that you won’t have to purchase a dresser or other type of furniture to keep your clothing and the majority of your possessions.  So while they might cost more than options with only a desk and shelves, they will save you money in the long run. This type of bed is always made from wood and not from metal.

Loft Bed With Desk


A Kids Loft Bed With Desk

You will often see beds advertised as for kids.  Really the only difference is that these are almost always twin in size instead of full.  Some but not all, also have designs and motifs that are more appealing to children.  While the vast majority of these are gender-neutral and made from wood, you can also find some that have colors which are more feminine like pink if you are looking for a girls loft bed with desk underneath for example.  Pink bedding sets  used with a white bed can look really cute for girls as well.  Low loft beds are also a fantastic alternative that parents should be sure to check out.  However all loft beds can be used by kids so don’t overlook one just because it’s not advertised as made specifically for them.


Loft Bed With Desk

A Low Loft Bed With Desk

A low loft bed is a bed which is raised off the floor, but not as high as your standard loft bed, usually they are only about 46’’-50” in height.  Many parents like the fact that they are lower to ground.  Like other options they are made from either metal or wood and will have a short ladder along with guard rails for safety.  Because low loft beds are not tall enough to allow you to sit under them and use a desk, the desks that come with them have wheels (casters) and will conveniently slide out.

Loft Bed With Desk


Some low loft beds with desks underneath will also feature multiple shelves and drawers to keep clothes, books, and different items.  Others will have only the desk and a few shelves leaving a space for you store or keep whatever you like under the bed or leave it as a place for the kids to play.  Because they are smaller, these are also cheaper than standard loft beds and can really offer a lot of storage in a compact space making them another great choice for small rooms.  A low loft might also be perfect if you have a room with very low ceilings like in an attic for example.  The Charleston storage loft bed with desk shown below is an excellent example of what to look for.Loft Bed With Desk A Loft Bed With Desk Underneath And An Extra Bed

For children who share a room  a set that also includes a second bed may be the easiest choice.  As opposed to having one bed under the other in a lengthwise position like a bunk bed, sets with two beds will have the bottom bed perpendicular to the top one and placed underneath in the center.  This will leave the width of the bed for the desk space and for storage as well.  Many parents adore these because they save a ton of space and money.  Not only are they perfect for siblings sharing a room but also for a child who has sleepovers as the extra bed can be used for guests.

Loft Bed With Desk

Extra Tips

It is always a smart idea to take into account anything hanging from the ceiling if you are going to be purchasing one of these beds, such as ceiling fans for example.

When assembling your loft bed with desk underneath you will need a second or possibly a third person to help while holding pieces up and together.

Make sure to have a power source like an electrical outlet nearby so you can plug in computers, lamps, and other necessities that would be used with your desk.

Many people choose models with a detachable desk so that they have the option of using the space for extra storage or work, depending on their needs at the time.

College and university students often add Christmas lights under their loft bed to add some extra light by running them through the slats which can always be both functional and fun.

Loft Bed With Desk


A simple curtain or even bed sheet across the front of your loft bed will give you privacy to work at your desk without being distracted if you have roommates.  This can also work to help kids that share a room feel like they have their own personal space.  And it makes cheap and simple fort or club house wall for youngsters to use when playing.

Don’t forget that you can use other tools like fabric storage cubes on shelves and under your desk to help you maximize your space and keep storage neat and orderly.

For kids with sensitive feet you can always cut swim noodles and attach them to the steps of the ladder for a softer feel.

Space saving and fun, a loft bed with desk underneath is always a smart choice.  With a variety of options you’ll be able to have a desk no matter how small the space.  From beds made specifically for children, to handle storage efficiently, or even to accommodate two beds and a desk, there really is an something for every need and preference!

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